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This deals with the episode where Stefan is trapped in the tomb with Katherine.

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Chapter one

Rape © Ivycat 2009

On the drive back to Mystic Falls from Richmond Elena leaned her head back against the seat of the car watching as the scenery blurred by. Damon was traveling fast, much to fast as a matter of fact, but then he always did. She gave a discrete tug at her seatbelt to make sure it was still fastened securely.

She stifled a sigh. The last few days had been hard, filled with adrenaline and danger and Elena could feel exhaustion trying to push its way to the front of her mind. She resolutely pushed it back. She was fine, she could take this. After all, she was strong enough to try and sacrifice herself to save her family and friends. She took a breath, exhaling slowly, hoping to relieve the migraine that was starting to form. She wished that she could ask for some aspirin, but Damon was still in a fury over her stunt in Richmond and she knew if he detected the slightest weakness in her he would use that as an excuse to torment her further. He would most assuredly see a headache as weakness. He was especially vicious with his digging comments if he was angry, and he was beyond angry right now, she had seen that when she tried to slap him. She took a quick look out of the corner of her eye at his stony profile. There was no change in his posture, the only thing that actually had moved since the start of the drive was his hands on the wheel. She was not even sure if he had blinked.

She would have rather not have had to ride back with him, but since Rose had fled she was short a ride, and the taxi fare would have been a year's allowance for her.

For a fleeting moment she thought about breaking the tense silence, but then tightened her lips and turned towards the window and stared at the countryside rolling by. He had offended her by calling her out on her hysterics and overly dramatic reaction to finding out about Klaus. How dare he call her stupid, treat her as a child that was behaving recklessly? Why was she not allowed to decide her own fate?

They continued their mutual 'ignore each other' understanding, at least till they reached Elena's house. As Elena went up the stairs to the door she gave a deflated sigh,

"Damon, thank you for giving me a ride home."

He looked sour and shrugged, "Well, your ride left you. I did not want to leave you stranded."

"She was just scared; she didn't mean to run." Elena defended.

"Yes she did." His voice was like a splash of icy water on her. "She has been running for five hundred years." His eyes were hard, angry, but he was also telling the truth, she knew that, and at that moment it only served to fuel her irritation with him.

Then, stopping a good quarrel in the making, Jeremy cracked the door open and looked at the pair of them squaring off on the door step. He was feeling incredibly guilty. The monumentalness of his stupidity in creating the situation that had ended in trapping Stefan in the cave with Katherine was washing over him in waves. He knew it was his fault, and he knew that soon Elena would start to blame him for it.

He took a breath, looking over at Elena. "It's Stefan…"

Elena's heart beat as if it were trying to escape her chest and distance herself from the pain she was in. She knew she had lost it in the tomb with Damon, she could see that now. But it was impossible, heart rending, infuriating. It was a completely convoluted situation. How cruel was the universe? First she fell in love with a vampire, as if that was not enough of an obstacle, she found she was adopted, a Doppelganger, and somehow, a psycho- vampire magnet. Then her family was endangered because of her, and when she decided to end the threat in the most direct, head on way she could, that failed, and while she was there Stefan got thrown into the tomb and would be there for the foreseeable future. Bile rose in her throat, she thought she would gag. She coughed and retched, leaning against a tree for support.

She just couldn't take it anymore. Hence her melt-down. Though, come to think of it, her entire past forty-eight hours had been a series of melt-downs. I mean, really, who decided to go willingly into being a ritual sacrifice? There was nothing remotely logical about that. She bit her lip and looked at her feet No wonder Damon was in such a rage there was obviously no room for any one else's instabilities in his life other than his own.

She took a deep breath, looking around the forest; there was no sign of Damon, for all she knew he had left her after he had talked to Stefan. Although she knew, given his past pattern of behavior that wasn't a likely scenario, on the other side of that, he was so erratic and unstable that she had no idea just WHAT he might be doing.

She straightened up and rolled her neck. She was stiff and uncomfortable; sitting in a fury for a four hour drive was not good for the muscles, it produced a lot of tension.

She started to turn towards the car, but then hesitated and decided to walk; she needed time to clear her head. In a moment of rationality she knew she needed to let Damon know what she was going to do. She called out,


There was no answer in the still deepness of the forest. She had been right, he had left her, well, it was a long walk, but then who knew, maybe that was just what she needed. It would be refreshing after her long drive. Refreshing, just what she needed…

She had walked for about twenty minutes till she grew more and more fatigued with every step, then, she paused thinking it all over, if Damon was not there at the tomb then why could she not go back and persuade Stefan to see her and talk to her? Without a second thought she turned on her heel and retraced her steps.

It was getting harder and harder to make every step, but Elena doggedly persevered. It was getting darker and blacker every passing second but Elena was able to retrace her way to the tomb by sheer instinct aided by the memory of her years playing in the area. She felt her way down the stairs. The air was cool and damp, filled with a sour musty smell that reminded her of crushed dreams. She bit her lip in a moment of uncertainty.


Her voice echoed and bounced around the room giving it a disembodied tone. It was eerie, spooky, suddenly she was filled with a sense of doom. Something awful was about to happen, she just knew it. Suddenly she was filled with fear. She, who had not been afraid all day, was now afraid over… nothing. Her feet scuffing the leaves sounded unnaturally loud in the stillness. She strained her eyes into the darkness, as if she could will her eyes to pierce the gloom.

"Stefan, I know you can hear me…" There was not a sound except for the ragged sound of her breaths.

"Stefan, why won't you talk to me? What have I done? Stefan? Please, please, Stefan, please, just speak to me." Her voice quavered and she felt as if she would cry. She refused to permit herself the weakness.

"Stefan! Dammit! Just come out and talk to me, please!" Her voice rose to a higher pitch the more frantic she became.

There was a theatrical sigh from the dark recess of the cave.

"Oh, for the love of God, Stefan, go over there and get her to shut up, I am trying to get some sleep!"

There was nothing.

"Stefan!" Elena took a tentative step towards the invisible barrier that separated them.

"GO AWAY!" Katherine was losing the modicum of patience she possessed.

For a moment Elena thought of threatening to go in the entrance, of forcing him to see her, but then, she had the feeling that she had pushed her luck enough for one day. Besides, he was only doing this for her good, right? This would not be the first time he had tried to cut himself off from her to protect her.

That was it, right?

"Fine then, I cannot force you to see me, but I know you are there and you have to hear me. Stefan. I am going to work with Bonnie; we will find a way to get you out of this. I know it is hard I, I will be fine, I love you Stefan."

There was a gagging sound from back as Katherine expressed her displeasure.

" Stefan?"

Silence. She willed him to come speak to her with all her might, but the tomb was still.

"Okay, Fine then. Good night, Stefan."

She paused, holding her breath, counting seconds under her breath, when she got to twenty she exhaled; she was not going to get anything out of him tonight.

She turned and ascended the stairs stumbling over the uneven stones, it was late, or early, and she was tired, so tired, if the ground had not been wet from last night's rain and if it had not been quite as cold, she might have considered sleeping in entrance to the tomb. Not that that was morbid or anything, she thought to herself sarcastically. Sleeping in a tomb, normal right? Others did that… If they were seriously disturbed or something, or, if their boyfriend was trapped inside of one by a witches curse.

Then a moment of weariness overcoming her distaste of the damp ground she sank down on the top step of the entrance. What did all of this accomplish, why the running and elaborate ruses? She was tired of running, all the elaborate games of strategy that Damon kept coming up with.

That was all this was to him, wasn't it? A diversion, something to pass the time that weighed so heavily on him. A thrilling game of epic proportions, only it was her life that was the pawn, being pushed back and forwards, this way and that.

She pulled her knees up to her chin and hugged them tightly. She was tired; she could feel her energy level decreasing.

She was not ready to face the long cold walk back to her home. In fact she did not want to be there at all for that meant dealing with her brother.

She wished that she had her diary with her. It always helped her to calm down her thoughts on paper. Sometimes she could feel a need to capture things that she saw and put them in writing, a color, or a word, maybe a thought, would inspire her and she had to put it down, develop it into a idea and then she had the need to write it, had to write it.

She closed her eyes, pretending that she was going to compose an entry into her diary.

Dear diary, today has been terrible, my idea didn't work out well at all. Instead of being my ally, Rose betrayed me to Damon after I had reached out to Klaus. He came to take me back; I have never seen him in such a rage, not even when he killed Jeremy. I refused and I thought for a moment he might kill me… which would've been ironic you know, since he had come to try and keep me safe from Klaus.

Then Elijah came I was certain I was dead, but then, just like that, he vanished… He saw me, but just ignored me.

I had to ride back with Damon. Long and tense, let's just leave it at that.

Then when I got home, I got the news. I had forced a chain of events by my actions that lead to Stefan being trapped in the tomb with Katherine. All to save my silly, stupid, brave brother from her.

But now he is lost to me, maybe forever.

I fought Damon when he tried to stop me from seeing Stefan, and now Stefan refuses to speak to me, which brings me to why I am here, composing this in my imaginary diary, on the entry steps to the tomb.

I feel completely lost, alone. I'm furious with Jeremy right now; I don't even think that I can stand to see him.

What am I to do? Where do I go? Stefan? Where is Stefan? I need him. Why won't he just come out and talk to me instead of hiding from me?

Elena's eye's fluttered as the day took its toll on her. Her thoughts grew fuzzy and she struggled to keep awake.

Her entire body was achy, her head heavy.

She leaned her head against the cold stone of the side of the crumbling wall. It smelled heavily of decay, old moss and rotting wood. There was a light zephyr of stale air eddying up from the cavern below. Not a pleasant place to sleep at all, but Elena wanted to stay as close to Stefan as she could, and she was too exhausted to walk back to the house.

She dozed.

She woke to being prodded none too gently by a boot.

"Wakey, wakey!" She squinted around the darkness.

"Who?" her voice was rough, throat sore from the cold air.

"Come on, get up." Damon's voice was flat. He held out his hand to her, offering to assist her to her feet.

She ignored it and proceeded to pull herself up on her own. Damon shrugged.

"What are you doing here?"

"Why are you sleeping at the entrance of a church cellar?" he countered.

"I'm not in the mood for games tonight Damon." Elena said wearily, "Just tell me what you want."

"I'm here to pick you up and take you home, I was giving you time to finish sulking and get yourself together. Come on, let's go."

Elena narrowed her eyes, resenting the presumption in his tone.

"And what? If I don't are you going to throw me over your shoulder like some hairy Neanderthal?"

He narrowed his eyes back at her, "If necessary, yes, that is a definite option."

"I think I'd rather stay here for a while."

"Well, I think you should come home with me, so that's what you are going to do."

"Always so sure of yourself, I'm not going Damon, not right now you need to accept that I am not always your pawn to be moved about with no regard. Now go on back and leave me alone."

There was a moments pause, if it had been anyone other than Damon she would have thought the person trying to keep their temper.

"Elena, I know you think your little world is coming apart and you are the only one in the world that is having problems, but believe me, others are affected too. How bad do you think you are making my brother feel by sitting vigil out here? Now come on, you look like a Smurf, so unless you think Stefan would like blue girl friend you need to get warmed up."

"I'm not cold!" muttered Elena stubbornly.

"Oh, that's good Elena," Damon snickered with false amusement.

"Seriously, my brother is a better liar than you. And he sucks."

"Is this funny to you, Damon? Is all this just a joke, more fuel for your sarcasm and one liners?"

"A. My brother being trapped with Katherine isn't a joke. And B. I don't need fuel for my devastating wit; it's a natural talent. Now, get up and come on. I'm not going to stand here arguing with you all night."

Elena gave in and started walking towards the car, not because Damon had bullied her into it, but because she suddenly felt worn and thin, like a frayed rubber band that was about to snap. But Damon was not aware of her reason; he just assumed that his arguments had won her over. He walked beside her, a bounce in his step, his mercurial attitude restored. He thought about starting a conversation, but then decided against it. Elena did not exactly look like a stimulating sparring partner at the moment.

They traveled the whole way back to her house in silence. When Damon parked he got out and walked around to her side of the door to escort her to the door, again he offered his hand but Elena again ignored it. She had a slightly petulant look on her face, but she did not object as he opened the door to her house. He turned his head inquiringly as she passed, taking a quick whiff of her sent, it was wrong, soured almost, he involuntarily wrinkled his nose as she went by. Elena noticed the change of expression on his face

She glared at him, "I'm sorry I have been in a sweaty car all day, I'm going to take a shower when I get upstairs. Not all of us can go all day and never break a sweat." She said acidly.

"Hey, I never said anything." He paused, it was not sweat, it was something else, "Are you feeling alright?"

"Oh yes, never better" Her tone was glacial.

Damon took a breath displaying an unwonted amount of self-control.

"I will be watching outside tonight. Get some sleep."

His voice was light but his tone warned her against trying to sneak past him to visit Stefan. She knew that, and they both knew that she knew.

She nodded and shut the door.

As she was at the top step Jeremy opened his door, he had been waiting up.

"Elena… I am SO sorry…"

Elena looked at her brother, "Jeremy, just… don't, Okay? Not tonight."

He nodded dejectedly and stepped back in his room. Elena went into her room, then the bathroom. She turned on the faucet and ran a very warm bath, then slipped off her dirty creased clothes and into the water. Involuntarily, her eyes teared up, the bath salts she had always used used were the ones Stefan made her, the smell of vervain made it impossible not to think of him. She picked a bubble bath instead watching as they filled the tub, then with a sigh she removed her locket, staring at it dangling from her fingers swinging back and forth. Then she set it on the side of the tub and sank up to her neck in the water.

But making it all worse was the certainty that as bad as things were now, despite all that had happened to her, there was a storm on the horizon that was waiting to consume her, and it would make her present suffering inconsequential by comparison.