Elena walked towards Bonnie's car, they had decided to go back to Elena's house to try and figure things out. As Bonnie fumbled in her purse for her keys Elena gave her head a slight shake, the left side of her head was throbbing brutally. She rolled her neck and heard it popping.

"Elena.." She jolted out of her thoughts; Bonnie was staring at her… "I asked if you were still sure you wanted to do this."

"Do what?"

Bonnie looked at her in concern, "Go back to your house, come up with a game plan, find a way to release Stefan. Are you still up to it?"

"Yes, come on." Elena jerked the door handle and slid inside. She was furious, furious with Bonnie, Damon, Jeremy, everyone involved with this sordid affair.

When they got home Damon was already there flipping through a book, he looked up as they entered, he pointedly did not make eye contact with Elena, but she still flinched as she entered the room. It was very hard to define what she felt, it more of what she was not feeling, she did not feel discomforted about by being in close proximity to people who knew her darkest moment, and she did not feel… at all… her breath caught as she had a flash of memory. "…You can turn the emotions off if you do not want to feel, you just flip the switch…"

She walked up to Damon. "Is this what it is like? The empty blankness?"

He pursed his lips and did not meet her eyes, he made a show of studying the book he was holding, there was a growing pressure in her head, she winced and fell back a step from the pressure, he was trying to push her out, she knew as clearly as if he had said it, though he did not need to, because he had thought it it was now in her mind as is he had shouted it at her.

How dare he? How dare he do this? Rage flooded her, in a second it seemed as if she snapped, she fought against the pressure in her head and lunged towards him as if there were not a table between them.

"How dare you!" She was shrieking at him, pounding her fists on the table, "Look at me damn it, look me in the eyes you coward!"

He jerked his eyes up towards hers in a flash of anger that only added to her rage.

"How could you do this? Was it worth it? What makes you different from the rapist that used me, how are you different? You entered my mind with no compunction, no regard as to the consequences, you violated me just as surely as he did, you bastard!"

He opened his eyes wide in shock at her comparison, fury blazed for a second, then smoothed away leaving him looking like a statue as he attempted to watch the crumbling girl before him with dispassion.

He closed his eyes in a silent attempt to regain control of the situation, he recognized that his own anger was fueling her, that she was being overwhelmed by emotions that the young human had no way to cope with.

There was a squeak of alarm from the witch that almost caused him to open his eyes, but he retained his composure. BAM! There was a slight shudder from his frame as all one hundred and ten pounds of Elena hit him in the stomach. Instinctively he threw up his hands to ward off his assailant, too late he caught himself, his defenses down, feeling full emotion he made contact with both hands on her shoulders. She stopped as if jerked back by a unseen force. She looked up at him for a full second before the shaking started, Damon called for Bonnie, but knew that she could not reach them in time, he caught Elena in his arms as she fell, then stood back watching helpless as she shook and shuddered on the floor like a person in a seizure.

He heard Bonnie screaming at him to call 911 as if she were far away, he reached in his pocket and pressed the keys… it seemed mere seconds later that a gurney was rolled away bearing the girl he loved and was killing.