Chapter one

It was a sunny morning and a very good start to a new day to school but not for Yumi who is standing at the gate of Lillian Girls Academy while hesitating whether if she would enter or not the school premises. Lillian Girls Academy was a prestigious school for girls in Japan and a place where any man wasn't allowed to enter except of course for the relatives of the students who had businesses with the school but in Yumi's case it was different because starting that day she will be attending that school weather she like it or not. As she continues to hesitate she remembered the beginning of everything why she needs to attend Lillian.

Yuuki was having tea in the garden while reading a book when he saw Yumi his twin sister approaching him and based on the scowl on Yumi's face something happened to his twin sister "what's wrong?" he asked.

"Mother wants to talk to both of us" Yumi answered who stops in front of him.

"Why?" Yuuki asked with a frown but Yumi just shrugged her shoulders and looked inside the house.

"Mother is waiting in her office" Yumi said ignoring Yuuki's question.

"Alright" Yuuki replied and stood up from his chair and walks with Yumi back inside the house and to their mother's office where Mrs. Fukuzawa Miyuki, the young CEO of the Fukuzawa Enterprises and a very beautiful woman. To whom the siblings got their features; which are angelic face, brown hair and brown eyes sitting in the single seater sofa waiting for them and next to her was Margaret Collins, their mother's secretary. Who was standing tall and full of confidence. When Yumi and Yuuki entered the room they both sitted themselves in the two seaters sofa in front of their mothers which is across the center table that was place between them "Yumi said you want to talk to us?" Yuuki asked.

"I do" Mrs. Fukuzawa answered and focused her eyes on Yuuki "it's regarding your twin sister here" Mrs. Fukuzawa said and glance at Yumi before looking back at Yuuki "the problem is your sister here"

"What's the problem with Yumi?" Yuuki asked and looks at his twins.

"I hit one of the sons of mother's business partner" Yumi answered proudly at Yuuki which made Yuuki grin.

"Who was it?" Yuuki asked excitedly.

"Philipp Andrews" Yumi answered and Yuuki whistled in awe then laugh but their mother shuts him up.

"It's not a laughing matter" Mrs. Fukuzawa said seriously and Yuuki looks back at their mother "Yumi's hatred of men is becoming more and more troublesome" Mrs. Fukuzawa said with a sigh and Yuuki glance at Yumi who is quiet, Yumi hates men and treats them as an enemy and every time a man tried to touch her by accident or on purpose they all end up being hit or beaten up by her. Yumi's hatred of men started with their father who left them when they were still seven years old and live with his mistress but Yuuki was an exception to all of the violence that Yumi does to the other men, not because they were siblings. It's because Yuuki respects Yumi's feelings and protects her from any harm and their mother was silently supporting them too and tried to understand Yumi's reasoning patiently but this time their mother lost her patience "I have to correct it as early as possible" Mrs. Fukuzawa added.

"What are you planning to do to correct Yumi's hatred of men?" Yuuki asked.

"That's simple. I will be sending her back to Japan and she will be attending an all girls' school. I'm sure that the two of you have heard about the school named Lillian Girls Academy" the twins nodded.

"That school was famous in Japan" Yuuki said.

"Indeed they are and most of its students came from middle class to the richest family all over the country and I've heard that they were very strict when it comes to correcting ones behaviour. And our precious Yumi here will be attending that school and she will be living alone. No servants to rely on and I will set her up to a arrange marriage"

"What? You can't do that" Yumi protested standing from the sofa, she could handle living alone without a servant to rely on but an arrange marriage there's no way that she would agree on that but Mrs. Fukuzawa just smirked.

"Yes I can, Yumi"

Yumi was about to argued back when Yuuki silenced her "let's make a deal" Yuuki proposed to Mrs. Fukuzawa before glancing up to Yumi and signalled his twin sister to sit down. Yumi obeyed but with a scowl on her face.

"Alright, what's the deal?" Mrs. Fukuzawa asked.

"If Yumi was able to overcome her hatred for men before she graduates from high school then you will leave her alone and let her do whatever she wants in her life" Yuuki started which made their mother think while Yumi's brow furrowed in displeasure.

"Hey, don't make deals that involves my freedom" Yumi whispered.

"Just shut up and listen, will you" Yuuki said looking at her then back at their mother who was now nodding "but if Yumi fails to do so, then she will be accepting that arrange marriage"

Yumi was shocked at Yuuki's last statement and looked at her brother in disbelief "you can't be serious?"

"Yes I am, Yumi" Yuuki answered facing Yumi.


"It's alright Yumi, take your time. You still have three years in high school to overcome that hatred of men"


"No more buts" Yuuki said firmly and looks back at their mother "do you accept, mother?"

Fukuzawa Miyuki looks at her son's eyes and saw that the boy was serious "I do accept" she answered.

"You'll be late for your class if you just stand there" a soft yet cold voice of a girl said from behind which made Yumi's mind go back to the present and looked at the beautiful and tall girl who was now standing next to her while looking at her with her serious blue eyes, her long black straight hair was slightly move by the wind and her cheeks that has been touch by the morning sun light was now a little bit reddish which made her more beautiful. Yumi gazed at the girl one eyebrow raised.

"Thank you for reminding me" Yumi replied and bowed slightly "excuse me" she said and left "that girl was something" she thought and stopped in front of the statue of Maria sama and watched the other students as they stopped in front of the statue and offered prayers "do I really have to do that?" she asked herself.

"Yes you do, that's part of the school's tradition" the voice of the girl from earlier said again "you're a new student here, aren't you?" the girl asked coldly.

"Yes, was that a problem?" Yumi asked and looked at the girl's eyes unwavering.

"No but I suggest that you read the school's manual first before you entered this school" the girl answered and left her standing there baffled.


Yumi was reading the school's manual in the school's library that afternoon after class when she felt someone standing in front of her and when she looks up, she saw a girl with shoulder length black hair wearing eye glasses staring down at her.

"I knew I'll find you here" the girl said.

"What?" Yumi asked.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" the girl asked instead of answering her.

"What is it that you want to talk about?" Yumi asked frowning.

"I'm sorry it looks like you don't know me" the girl said and took the seat in front of her "I'm Takeshima Tsutako but you can call me Tsutako. I'm one of the members of the photography club and I'm one of your classmates" the girl said and Yumi just stared at her and didn't say anything "I'll say it straight, okay?" Takeshima Tsutako said and Yumi nodded "well, according to the rumors I've heard this morning, is that you had an argument with Rosa Chinensis en Bouton in front of the statue of Maria sama, is it true?"

"Rosa Chinensis... what?" Yumi asked confused.

"Rosa Chinensis en Bouton. Ogasawara Sachiko sama" Takeshima Tsutako answered.

"I don't know whom you are talking about, besides this is my first day in this school" Yumi answered.

"Oh! Right. I forgot about that" Tsutako replied with apologetic smile and pulled out a photo of a beautiful girl and showed it to Yumi. It was the girl Yumi met that morning "her name was Ogasawara Sachiko sama also known as Rosa Chinensis en Bouton, she's a second year student and she's the petite soeur of Mizuno Youko sama aka Rosa Chinensis, she's the one I'm asking you about" Tsutako explained and Yumi shook her head.

"Why do you want to know if I had an argument with her?" Yumi asked while looking at Tsutako blankly.

"Let me explain that" another voice of a girl said behind her and a girl with short black hair took the chair next to her.

"And you are?" Yumi asked.

"I'm Yamaguchi Mami just call me Mami, one of the members of Lillian's Kawabaran" the girl answered and opened the laptop she's carrying "Ogasawara Sachiko sama was the star of Lillian and one of the most famous students in this school and not only her but all the members of the Yamayurika"


"Yamayurikai was the term used in this school for the student council" Tsutako answered.

"So, basically they are like celebrities with their own fans club and what happened this morning between the two of you was a big issue for them" Mami explained.

"For the fans club members?" Mami nodded "why is that?"

"Well, you're the very first person who argued back with Sachiko sama with no fear and it was in front of everyone and it looks like that Sachiko sama wasn't annoyed by your actions"

"I doubt that" Yumi replied and looked at Tsutako when she heard the sound of the camera "you know, taking pictures inside the library was forbidden" she said but the girl just shrugged her shoulders.


Yumi was walking slowly towards the school's gate when her mobile phone rings, she took it out from her uniform's pocket but before she answered it she checked the screen first if whose the caller and saw Yuuki's name "what do you want?" she asked after pressing the answer button and heard a chuckle from the other end of line.

"So, how's your first day on your new school?" Yuuki asked.

"It's great!" Yumi answered exasperatedly which made Yuuki laughs.

"Tell me what happened?"

"Like I've said my first day was great. When I arrived this morning I met a girl who loves to correct others and..." Yumi stopped talking when Ogasawara Sachiko walks next to her.

"Yumi, are you still there?" Yuuki asked.

"Yes" Yumi answered and gazed at Sachiko who was now walking ahead of her, she stopped on her tracks and watch Sachiko left the school premises and gets in with a waiting black Mercedes "that girl was really something" she thought and press the end button without saying goodbye to Yuuki.


The next day...

"According to the school's manual, I have to walked slowly around the school's premises and act like a lady all the time, speak with your most polite tone especially when you are talking to your seniors or the teachers" Yumi thought reminding herself as she walked slowly towards the statue of Maria sama and offered a short prayer and about to leave when someone spoke up from behind and there's no need for her to looked behind to see if who it was.

"Wait!" Ogasawara Sachiko said.

Yumi let out a sighed and turned around to face the girl and waited as the girl approach her "what is it this time?" she asked frowning but Ogasawara Sachiko didn't answer.

"Hold this" Ogasawara Sachiko said and held the bag in front of Yumi. Yumi took the bag from Ogasawara Sachiko's hand and looked at the girl quizzically "you should wear your uniform properly" the girl said and fixed her tie for her. Yumi watch Ogasawara Sachiko in disbelief until the girl was done and took the bag she's holding "gonkigenyo" Ogasawara Sachiko said and left her baffled for the second time.

Takeshima Tsutako smiled after she had taken the photo of Ogasawara Sachiko fixing Fukuzawa Yumi's tie in front of the statue of Maria sama and hurried to the photography club's room to develop the film.

To be continued...