Afraid to Lose


"Real loss only occurs when you lose something that you love more than yourself." –Unknown

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It took many months for her to break. The fall, and the fight, had been a long and bitter one that had left her almost destroyed in the end. She had given in after caving in to her utter despair that had cruelly tormented her. There had been no one for her. She had struggled and fought completely alone. Her father was dead, murdered by the very man who desired her kingdom and even her. Yet even through the horror of what had laid before her, and her father's death, there had been that hope that he would come. He would save her, and vanquish the man, no…monster, that had destroyed her life.

Months had passed. She had struggled, but still held strong in her defense, though barely. Then….then the monster had told her that he had married another. She could not believe it, refused to believe! It had been a lie, she thought, to try to make her fall. Yet, the monster, in his patience and planning, took her there so that she may see with her own eyes. They had both been under one his spells, invisible and unheard by those present. Then she had seen him, walking down the steps inside his palace, a place that she knew as well as her own home…

There had been a crown on his head, gold and glistening in the light, and beside him, with another crown….

Another woman. Young, and beautiful.

It was then and there, what little strength she had had left, fled as her heart was destroyed. She had not wanted to believe it….and yet; she could not hate him for what he had done. He assumed her dead! If only, if only, she could have found a way to reach him…to let him know that she was alive. The only way to now break the curse she was under was to give in to the monster…

There was nothing but a shell left of whom she had been, and she had nothing left to live for. Perhaps she should have cared more about her people, the very fate of her kingdom. Yet love has a way of destroying people, as much of a curse as a blessing….

….That was when she fell….

He had searched for months, and months. Everyone had told him it was hopeless after the official searches had ended for her. She was dead, they had told him, you must move on. He had refused to believe that. The last words of her father… "It's not what it seems," haunted him. Everywhere he looked, and researched everything he could find based off of those words. Yet he never found anything. Nothing. His mother, always trying to help him in her own way, had constantly pressured him to marry another. She threw balls, and brought many "friends" over, who also happened to have young, marriageable daughters.

Eventually, he gave in to their words and pleas to move on. Yet deep down, he knew that she was still alive. Somewhere, she was alive…and he had failed her. She was the one woman he would ever love so completely. They had known each other for as long as they could remember. He married another, a beautiful woman who deserved a man who could love her entirely. It was no fault of hers, but she knew that far off look in his eyes was for another woman. With time, he started to believe what everyone had agreed with, that she had to be dead.

Then there came the day, when a messenger, frantic and shocked had come to him. Princess Odette had reappeared seemingly out of nowhere in her kingdom, but not alone. A man, known as Rothbart the spell-weaver, had been with her. A man they said, whom had been an enemy of King William, her father. Rothbart had tried and failed to take over her kingdom when she was just a baby with the dark arts. King William had kindly and foolishly been merciful, by only banishing the man. Now, almost nineteen years later, the man had returned with the princess….

Claiming to be the one who had saved her from a horrible monster….and that they had married one another….

He could not believe it. Had she forgotten him, did she love this man? He did not know what to believe or feel. A great joy that she was alive, but another heavy and horrible ripping of his heart out. There was nothing he could do, even if he had wanted too. She was married to another, just as he was. He had a kingdom to rule.

A/N: This story is not going to be about Odette and Derek, but their children. I thought to myself, what if Derek had never saved her? What if he had married another, and she had given to Rothbart? Then that is where this story came to my head! And I thought, what would their be children be like, and what if...they met? What could happen? So I give to you, Afraid to Lose, and hope you will enjoy it! Please read and review.