At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, a giant slept. Dust and seaweed entrapped the behemoth, as if to prevent his escape.

But when this thing woke up, nothing would be able to stop it.

The massive beast had slept here for 16 years regenerating and resting. After he destroyed the titanic tentacled monster known as Irys, the threat of the giant swarm of Hyper Gyaos still loomed. It had cost him his left hand, pools of blood and nearly his life, but he defeated the horrendous reptiles. Devoid of energy, he crashed into the ocean off of Japan and sank to the bottom, sleeping since then.

But now, a new evil had threatened the world. And it would be his duty to search it out and destroy it.

The trapped behemoth's eye opened, seeing only gloomy darkness all around. Opening his mouth framed by 2 tusks, he tugged his arms and snapped his bindings. Dust shifting off of his thick, arched back, he slowly stood up to his full height of 80 meters. Throwing his head back, the beast let out a mighty roar that came out as little more than bubbles. Wherever evil was, it would be him who neutralized it.

Because he was Gamera, Guardian of the Universe.

Gamera wasn't the only beast ready for a rampage. A ripple of water appeared off of the coast of Tokyo, swelling up as it grew closer to Tokyo Bay. Merely a few hundred meters from the abandoned docks, the well exploded in a massive eruption of water. What emerged from the turmoil was a reptilian behemoth. It gave a titanic roar, with jagged pink spines coming out of his back and mighty tail that slapped the water behind him.

Godzilla had arrived.

He waded through the bay, stomping his way onto solid ground. As he surveyed the city, something caught his eye. He grunted in surprise and stepped backward at seeing all the massive crystals. His surprise soon turned into rage.

Something had dared to challenge him for control of his territory!

Godzilla roared in defiance and anger, charging towards the nearest crystal as fast as his gigantic body allowed. Seconds before impact, a sudden bolt of red lightning flashed from the crystal and washed across Godzilla's face.

The beast roared at the sudden attack and backpedaled from the crystal. Godzilla paused for a few seconds, and then spun around quickly. His tail flew through the air an easily shattered the crystal into dust.

He grunted in surprise at how fragile these things were.

And to think they thought they could overcome Godzilla!

Lumbering towards the next nearest crystal, Godzilla clawed at it, and it too fell into dust. Many more soon fell as he slashed and slammed and pummeled his way through them.

But even when he had been rampaging for 40 minutes, hundreds of crystals still stood.

Infuriated, Godzilla bellowed out an ear shattering roar that shook the ground.

Jagged spines across his back slowly came to life with a low humming noise. Soon an energetic crackling filled the air, his spines glowing more intensely by the second. Godzilla stared at all the crystals, orange radioactive fog slowly seeping out of his slender mouth. When his spines glowed so intensely they rivaled the sun, Godzilla suddenly lunged forward and opened his mouth. Outward blasted a massive orange beam of radioactive fury! Godzilla slowly swept his mouth from left to right, the beam following suit. Any and all crystals in its destructive path were obliterated, as were any structures nearby. Godzilla slowly spun in a circle before the beam started too thin and eventually burned out. No crystals remained.

Godzilla shrieked an earth-quaking roar that shook the ground.

Godzilla began to slowly march forward to reach his well-deserved nuclear feast. As he approached the tall power plant, no screams or cries emerged from inside. Everybody had been evacuated hours earlier, as Godzilla's landing was well-anticipated by the government program 'Godzilla Prediction Network.' Godzilla tore open the building with rubble falling everywhere, and reached inside, feeling for the main nuclear reactors. Grasping a reactor firmly in his scaly hand, Godzilla ripped the structure out of the collapsed building, and tore a long gash in it. Pressing the metal structure close to him, Godzilla absorbed the intense radiation. Spines flickering from the radiation intake, Godzilla soon discarded the "eaten" reactor and tore a second one out of the mountain of stone. For over an hour Godzilla "ate" his only source of food, recharging his energy. Finally using up the plant's entire radiation, Godzilla began to head back into the ocean. His long tail swishing behind him, Godzilla splashed into the ocean and dove under the waves, disappearing from view.

What Godzilla didn't notice was that a tall tower had an equally tall tower melted into it, showing through at some parts. It wasn't just a crystal, but actually acted as a giant power transmitter for some massive tyrant. A huge shadow fell on the tower, and the tyrant descended, shrieking, from the sky…