Disclaimer: Even less of this than usual is mine.

A/N: Got the idea for the Mini Fic based on a meme from Blue Foxtrot A Samba's. I am using the same one as she did- with her permission of course. And, I assure you, while our characters are mostly the same, that is purely because most of them are my favorites. Guess great minds think alike.

1 Write down the names of 10 characters.

2 Write a fic of fifteen words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.


1. Wanda

2. Kurt

3. Storm

4. Pyro

5. Logan

6. Remy

7. Bobby

8. Kitty

9. Jubilee

10. Rogue

First Time- 4 and 6

"Let's be best mates!"

"Wha- why.. who?" the Cajun sputtered at the grinning little Aussie.

Angst- 7

Why does everyone just assume that he doesn't feel the cold? He'd still like a blanket.

AU- 1 and 8

They eyed each other.



Hurt/Comfort- 5 and 10

It's not always her who needs a shoulder to cry on. Not that he'll ever admit it.

Crack fic- 1

By the time Wanda had all the sugar out of her system, the Brotherhood already had some footage that she had to destroy.

Horror- 10

She started in horror when she felt him go limp. Her eyes were black and red.

Baby fic- 5 and 9

"Oh my gosh! He's totally adorable!"

Dark- 2 and 8

He's more comfortable in the dark. So she's learned to adapt.

Death fic- 2 and 3

"Put in a good vord for me, ja? Demons und heaven, don't really get along."