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A/N: This story is the result of how I think Petunia would react on finding Harry.

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There was a bitter chill to the air the morning of November 1st that year. There was an aged man taking a leisurely stroll down Privet Drive who paid no mind to the cold as he searched for his destination. None of the residents of the neighborhood woke at such early hours, it being more night then day, but if they would have glimpsed outside they would have witnessed a peculiar man abandoning an infant swathed in only a blanket on number 4.

No one had seen the man though, so it was the entire neighborhood that slowly trickled out of their homes to see what the commotion was after Petunia Dursley let out a scream that had many stirring earlier than normal. They were appalled to realize that someone had just placed a child on a doorstep with nothing save for a blanket, not even a note, and in the coldest weather they had seen all year.

Petunia didn't know who would have deserted a baby on her front step, but that didn't prevent her from identifying the little boy the instant she looked into the infant's eyes. Only her sister possessed eyes that looked like emeralds, and it seemed now her son did as well. The significance of what it indicated that her younger sister's only child was almost literally stumbled upon in front of her house was something that she didn't want to give consideration to.

She had promised herself years before that Lily was not going to be part of her life, something she did not regret at all. Not even now with her nephew lying in her arms.

The neighbors naturally all wanted to know who the boy was. Petunia, not wanting her neighbors to be aware that the little one was her nephew, declared she had no idea who the baby could be. It didn't prevent them from assuming though that she would keep the child, the other alternative didn't even enter their minds, because who wouldn't desire such an adorable little baby that was obviously an orphan.

Having no other choice, lest she gave the impression of being merciless, Petunia kept her nephew but vowed that the most she would ever feel for the boy would be indifference. She didn't need to go through what ensued after Lily turned eleven all over again.

And there was no doubt in her mind that the boy was going to turn out to be just like his mother.