A/N: Okay so this isn't an actual chapter (I'll be replacing this one when I post the new one) but I thought I needed to clear some things up.

First of all. I have gotten a lot of reviews asking if I just copied and pasted the chapters without adding anything, and here is the answer: NO! I would never do that, it seems pointless.

Second. I have a reason for posting that much of the story included. The main one is so that the reader can understand that while Harry is the same, he is also different. I also needed Harry and Hermione's friendship to already be there before he saves her but by saving her, it strengthens. I also wanted to show that Harry is not as close as a friend to Ron in this story.

Third. Another main reason I posted it like this, because in the past I have skipped parts of the story, alluded to things that have happened that aren't canon, made Harry have entirely different things happen to him. Yet, when I do this, I always get reviews from readers saying they are confused. I thought by doing it this way, it would allow less confusion.

Fourth. The entire story is not going to be like this. The next chapter is going to be a lot of new stuff, with a mixture of the old. Each chapter is going to become more and more original as they progress, because Harry is changing from the same little boy from canon.

Fifth. Since most asked if/where I had changed the story, I'm going to tell you what changes I have made. 1. Harry goes to the library, a lot. He has a sort of friendship with Hermione from sharing a table with her, but they still haven't talked very much. Because of this Ron whines, not understanding why Harry would want to go to the library or be around Hermione. 2. Harry has a list of things he wants to learn about. So far on his list he has ghosts, dark arts, and things he has added after class. 3. Harry decides that History of Magic and Defense Against the Dark Arts have worthless teachers and that he will need to study them on his own.

There are more, but these are the main ones. Like I said, I did it like this so the readers won't be blindsided by Harry suddenly being studious, Hermione's best friend, and not so much Ron's.

If there are still concerns you are having about this, then please review or message me. I don't like thinking that someone had stopped reading right before it gets good.