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Shane Clarke- Arachnophobia: Fear of Spiders

He was scared.

That was a normal human reaction, but for him it was not just a small fear. He was absolutely terrified of the little monster in front of him. Being red ranger, he was supposed to be fearless and he was. Except for one itty bitty thing that stopped him dead in his tracks.

It really hadn't noticed him, but he had.

He had been cleaning Kelly's shop with the others, his job had been dusting. He thought that Dustin should have been given the job, Dustin dusting was a pretty good rhyme. But no, he was given the dainty job of banishing dust. Hunter had suggested that he wear a maid outfit and he had glared. Walking over to where he was now frozen, he had come face to face with it.

Its microscopic fangs seemed to grow and eight beady little eyes promptly ignored him. The tiny animal continued to weave its web, as it had been doing for days. His blood ran cold, his usually rational brain ignoring the facts. Like the fact that he was much bigger than the thing and that he could easily smash it to death. But did he thing of that? No.

"Maid, why are you not dusting?"

He hardly registered the insult, still locked in horror.


This time he recognized Hunter's voice, as well as footsteps surrounding him.

"Move" Someone had pushed their way to the front of their group "Shane, what's wrong?"

He managed to tilt his head a small bit to see Tori looking at him with concern.

"S-spider" The pitiful word was stuttered, he dared not look back to the little monstrosity, instead locking eyes with the blond.

"Shit" From just beyond his vision, Dustin winced

With his one worded response, his best female friend tore their gaze to look at the little thing. This time the spider reacted, the two gazed at each other for a moment. Then Tori did something that shocked four of the six group members.

Taking the cleaning solution bottle that she had been using, the water ninja proceeded to slam it carefully and forcefully onto of the black animal that had terrorized him. That was not what had shocked them, what had made their jaws drop was that she had yelled like a kamikaze pilot the entire time, one word over and over.


Cue hit from the Windex.


Cue another hit.


You get the picture of what lasted for about a minute. Then the panting blue ranger lowered her weapon, which was now covered in spider guts, and turned back to Shane.

"Thanks" He smiled, thankful that the threat had been neutralized

"Glad to protect you from the spider a second time" She smirked, playfully bumping into him before the others recovered from their spider smashing shock.

"What the hell was that?" Hunter asked wide eyed

"Tori's version of whack a spider" Shane replied with no trace that he had ever been rooted to the spot

"Who knew she was so violent?" Blake muttered, remembering to never piss Tori off while she held a cleaning product

"What do you mean again?" All eyes turned to Cam

"Again what?" Tori wasn't sure what he meant

"You said that you were glad to smash the spider a second time, when was the first time?" Then all eyes turned to the red and blues, the question now echoing all their minds

"I've never seen you do that, when have you?" Dustin had never seen Tori smash a spider for Shane's sake all the time that he had been friends with the two, he wanted to know as bad as the others.

"Let's just say that Shane here was as big of an idiot in the past as he is now" The red ranger proceeded to glare, Tori just smiled

"Tell us!" Hunter pounced, always wanted to hear a humiliating story, especially if it was about the ranger that he fought and teased with constantly.

She shrugged in the darker male's direction "It's not my story to tell"

"Will you tell us Shane?"

He had never shared the story about the night that he had had the fear imposed on him by unfortunate circumstances. These were his friends, his teammates. Why should he hide it from them? Oh right, because it was humiliating. They would laugh at it, even if he did not find it funny.

"You should tell them, you know they won't stop till you do" She was right, he wasn't sure if he could deal with the pestering of four rangers. He could hardly deal with Hunter, but with Dustin, Blake, and Cam? He was doomed.

"Fine, but one condition"

They all waited for his one law for the telling of the tale.

"If you laugh, you have to dust"

They all nodded, at least in his misery he wouldn't have to work.

The double trio of rangers journeyed to the relax room of the shop, after telling Kelly that they were taking their break. Taking a seat, he breathed deeply. They waited; there was no going back now.

"When I was ten, my parents sent me to summer camp…"

He was bummed.

Seriously down in the dumps, for multiple reasons.

He was at summer camp instead of at home skateboarding. Having been forced here by his paternal units, he had hoped to at least bring his personal favorite way of transportation. But no, there was no skateboarding on the grounds, instead the camp promised "Safe and educational fun!" God; he hated this place and he had already been there…five minutes, great.

It would have been bearable if Dustin was there, but no his best friend was going to a motocross camp. He hated being places where he knew no one, especially if there was no one to back him up when he said that he had not pushed this one rude kid. Dustin would have supported him, but the racer was not there. That's right, he had been given a demerit already, five minutes in!

"You got a demerit after five minutes?"

He rolled his eyes at Cam "The kid was mean, kind of reminds me of Hunter"


The day passed so slowly, finally it was time to sleep. Turned out that not only did the activities, which included macaroni art, suck; so did the food. By dinner, he had seriously considered calling his parents and begging them to come get him. But he hadn't and so he was now in a room with three others guys. One was the brainy type that enjoyed the crap that they had been forced to do, another was mellow with the whole situation, and the third was the guy he had pushed down earlier.

"Also known as Cam, Blake, and Hunter"

Tori snickered, the three mentioned rolled their eyes.

So he was in hell with the meanest of the lot sharing a bunk with him, he wondered if it could get any worse. Trying to fall asleep, snores came through the darkness. He groaned, it had just gotten worse.

"Bet it was Blake" Dustin said

"I don't snore" The navy ranger replied defensively

"Right" Hunter chuckled

He was awoken to the sensation of something poking him. Opening his eyes he looked into the dark room, the only light was moonlight through the blinds. He thought it was his imagination, about to turn back in when he felt it again. Determined to yell at the person on the top bunk, he grabbed his flash light.

"Hey idio…" The sentence died as he turned on the light to shine it down at the bottom of his bunk

It looked like it had just crawled out of a monster movie, he tried to move out of the bed; but before he could, it moved closer. Eight long haired legs stretched slowly to propel it closer to him. He froze, looking at the two sets of four eyes focused solely on him and him alone. Everything about it was big, especially the fangs.

"Sounds like a tarantula" Cam mused

The others glared

"Scientific mumbo jumbo later; let him finish!"

Cam rolled his eyes.

It grew closer; he couldn't do anything to stop it.

He was doomed.

And then the door opened, drawing his attention for a spilt second. Moonlight spilled around the figure, golden hair seeming to glow. Locking eyes with the stranger, he let out a silent plead for help. The person, who was carrying a book in hand, came to the bed and with a quick attack; the spider flew from his lap to the floor.

The figure moved swiftly to the place the stunned animal laid. Bring the book down; there was no more threat, no more terror. The weapon of choice was set on the floor next to the remains and his knight in moonlit armor turned to leave.

But not before slapping his bunkmate, who had been watching the entire thing with delight.

"He set it up?" Blake asked

"The genius kid had snuck it in and the idiot thought it would be a good way to get back at me" Shane replied

"Hunter" Dustin waved his finger at the crimson ranger

"Shut up" The dirty blond muttered

Then the figure turned to leave, turning only to look back at him as the stranger was about to close the door.

"Thanks" He whispered

"You're welcome" Was the response, before it was dark once more

He wrapped himself in the blanket, trying to forget the terror.

One thing he knew was that he was never going near another spider again.


"Who was the guy?" Dustin asked; who had saved Shane?

"Who says it was a guy?" Shane motioned towards the grinning blond

"It was you?" Hunter gasped

Tori nodded "My parents had also shipped me off, I had borrowed a book from the brainy kid and I thought the best time to return it was at night. Then I walked in on Shane here being attacked by a spider and I did the right thing."

"Thing was that I wanted to ask her why she did it, but I didn't see her after that" The red ranger added

"But then I come back and Dustin wanted to introduce me to someone" The water ninja smirked "Any guesses who it was?"

"So that's why you two couldn't stop grinning that day" Dustin said, have finally figured it out

"So why did you smash the creature?" Cam asked

" Cus Hunter, I mean the other guy, was taking it too far. For me, it was the equivalent of…" She ran off, stopping herself before she shared too much

"What would have scared you that badly?" Dustin worded the sentence wisely knowing that if he probed too much, she would have his head.


She quickly stood and walked away, which sent them after her in a question driven frenzy.

"Tell us!"

"Come on!"

"What is it?"

"Please tell us!"


Walking away, the chores were forgotten and so were the remains of a nameless spider….

…which Shane was glad was dead.

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