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Over at the Yamanaka house Ino was helping Sakura to cook some food for Sakura's date with naruto. Sakura was cooking the ramen, which she decided to make about 5 pounds of miso ramen for

naruto and Some vegetable ramen for herself and she sealed it all in a scroll which she then packed in the basket. While Ino started on the Yakitori. While they were cooking neither noticed Sakura's

mom sneak in andReplace the water with sake (He he what could this do-uh oh bad author no Jiraiya moments...yet). As Sakura finished packing the food, Ino was thinking about her current

relationship status or rather...the enormous lack thereof as she started to sink farther and farther into a depressive funk, " I must be getting fat and ugly even Sakura has a boyfriend and no one seems

interested in me and the last boy I wanted to ask out Ended up being obsessed with dicks (Sai in case anyone doesn't get the reference to his well apparent interest in naruto's dick)." she continued on this self

destructive streak until all of the sudden- smaaaack- Sakura Slapped her upside the head. "Get out of your Mood Ino and tell me what's wrong with you."

Sighing to herself she looked at Sakura before she said "I was just thinking about how none of the guys seen interested in me, I mean guys don't even hit on me anymore."

Shaking her head, "My going on a date with Naruto didn't help I take it." Sakura commented.

"Not really." Ino admitted while looking down.

"Ino don't worry about it," Sakura said to Ino while rubbing her back, "I know for a fact that Chouji likes you and he would ask you out for sure if you didn't keep making comments about his weight."

Meanwhile at Sakura's house


"Coming" Sakura's mom yells.

She knew who was there so she took her time and slowly opened the door to reveal the shock of silver and masked face of Kakashi.

"Well your early." She sayed playfully.

"Well to see the beautiful face of the only women ive ever loved i'll always come early, Rin." Kakashi said quietly.

'hmm he's as sweet as ever. Hope he's ready to have the brains Fuc-

With Sakura and Ino

"Thanks for the help piggy."

"Yah see yah later bill board brow"

"Ino... good luck with Choji."

"Thank, Sakura."

So Sakura hopped off to Naruto's appartment to tell him what to wear.


'Hmmm I wonder what I should wear, oh i know ill go ask Sakura.'

And so Naruto started running to Sakura's house.

5 Minutes later

Haruno House


"Sakura open up i need to ask you a question."

' Hmm the windows open lets see if Sakura's inside.'

Crawling up to the window naruto looked in and got a big, huge, steamy eyeful of-


And so our mentally scarred hero started to crawl, puking all the way home.

When he got there he saw Sakura sitting on the porch outfront of his appartment.

She bolted to him when she saw him but he wouldnt respond when she asked him what was wrong other the to say 'The horror, the horror , IT BURNS US IT DOES.'

'I hope he's alright I better get him inside and get him better so i can find out what's wrong.' She thought looking at the pitiful sight before her.

Resting him on a chair she began cleaning him up and as she cleaned him up he seemed to get more responsive until he finally looked around and noticed where he was and who he was with.

"Sakura, it was disgusting oh so disgusting." Naruto managed to murmur out.

Stroking his hair she asked him "What was it Naruto-Kun, What was so disgusting."

He turned to face her and said "I went to your house to see what type of clothes you wanted me to wear and when i got there i knocked but no one answered so, I saw an open window and looked

threw it to see if i saw you, and thats when i saw it, the horrible thing that did this to me."

"What was it Naruto, what was it?" Sakura asked worredly

"Your Mom, and Kakashi-Sensei, doing the do all over the kitchen." He said sickly.

BLEEEEEEH huuhuhu bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

And so Sakura started puking on the floor.

Naruto just sat camly beside he rubbing her back until she stopped.

"Naruto can i stay here tonight after our date i dont think i want to go home tonight." Sakura asked him.

"Of course Sakura," he replied "now lets go on that date just let me get dressed. Oh yea what should i wear?"

"Just wear a bathing suit we are going to the lake." she told him

"Good i havent been there in a long time." he said as he went to change.

2 Minutes later

"Ok im ready Sakura-Chan lets go" Naruto said walkign out of his bedroom.

"Alright" Sakura said as they walked out the door to go to the lake.