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Each day, I spruce and prep myself,

Hoping to catch your eye,

You spare me just a passing glance,

Internally, I sigh.


I waste my days on hopes and dreams,

A life that's so abysmal,

But I can't go and give you up,

Can't call for your dismissal.


So far, my life, you have retained,

You keep me somewhat sane,

But if I up and let you go,

I have no buffer for the pain.


You are so near and dear to me,

You keep me going strong,

So if I turn away from you,

I'll feel I have done wrong.


You may or may not be aware,

Of just how deep I feel,

But your smiles beg to differ;

It all feels so surreal.


I spend my life on sass and looks,

A fa├žade you can't see through,

The life I lead is wasted,

I waste my life on you.

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