Just wanted to make an announcement. I have been spending all of September working on this story. I have been completely overhauling it with the intent to make it match how my writing has hopefully improved in the seven years since I first started this story. Chapters 1-3 have each had a few hundred words added to each, but it's when you get to chapters four and up, that the extensive rewriting has happened. I am trying to keep the original story intact, but I am trying to fix my mistakes, and flesh out the ideas I just barely touched upon in the original draft. Chapters 5-7 have each hit around 120000 words….and I think it's well worth a look over.

I started this revamping with the intention to finally write chapter 44 to completion. My writing has changed so much, has hopefully improved, and well over the years I kept trying to reread the original version of OSVP. Each time I only managed to get partway through, usually stopping very early on due to my disgust of my own writing. I strongly feel that in order to work on new chapters, and finally finished this project, I NEEDED to do something drastic. I need to rework the early chapters that make me cringe so badly.

I'll be keeping the original version up on my wordpress site, Asgardians Pleasure. Please keep checking back HERE every few days, or at least once a week, to see the new chapters as they replace the old ones. I hope you'll come along on this ride with me, and I hope you will enjoy it enough to leave some feedback.

Thank you for your time and your patience, and thank you to those who have waited so long.


September 29. 2017