Temari: Finally something worth reading
Rhythm: We've been lurking around HazeyRine's page and liked her descriptor 'Vegas gold', so we kind of, erm... stole it.
Kusukusu: Because being original is way too hard!

Under a sky painted denim

With stitches mapping stars

I braid your fingers within mine

And claim this night as ours

Eyelash dusted canopies

Fall between our eyes

Blocking bejeweled windows

That ventured past the lies

Without the dew stained grasses

We'd lose touch of the ground

They root us to this universe

And make sure we're never found

Isolated in forever

One moment more than now

Never enough when it comes to tomorrow

Because these feelings we won't allow

This is our own special knowledge

A truce enforced by moonlight

By day we are bitter rivals

Only sweet lovers at night

Eyes of melted honey and Vegas gold

A bright city full of dreams

I want to eternally belong there

And always see what's there at night's seams

We whisper secrets to the moon

With words lacking venom

As we lay amongst the stars

Under a sky painted denim