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Chapter 1


Neal Caffrey turned to wave goodbye to Elizabeth Burke. He had been over at the Burke's place to visit Peter, only to find that Peter had gone to the office on some important call he had received from Jones, and so he had chitchatted with Elizabeth for a few moments before he decided he should go talk to Peter at the office. He flashed her a smile as he twirled his favorite fedora onto his head the moment a black van came screeching to a halt in behind him. He glanced behind him in shock, seeing to men jump out of the side door of the car and rush towards him.

"Elizabeth! Run!" He yelled as the men grabbed him by the arms, pinning them firmly to the side and started to drag him backwards. Neal twisted, trying to free himself, knocking his hat off his head in the process. One of the men, a tall guy with dark brown eyes, the same color as his hair, spat something and let go of the ex-con for a second, slugging the young man in the gut before he proceeded to drag a now-gasping Neal Caffrey backwards.

The next thing Caffrey knew, he was thrown into the van, his blue eyes flashing with anger as he saw one of the men turn towards a shocked Elizabeth, who hadn't run. Hadn't hid. Just stood there, eyes wide in shock. The man, this one had light blond hair and blue eyes, started towards Peter Burke's wife, his face wide with a smile. That seriously irritated Neal, and the ex-con darted forward, letting out a yell of rage, as he leaped out of the van before anyone could stop him, and crashed into the blond haired man. They both hit the ground with a loud thud. Neal started to roll away from the man, trying to get to Elizabeth, but was grabbed from behind, and jerked to his feet. He glanced towards where Elizabeth had been standing, relieved to see the door was closed, probably locked. Or at least, he hoped it was locked.

Again, he felt pain strike him as he was punched in the stomach, by the blond haired man. He hadn't noticed that the guy had risen to his feet, but he was there, and Neal was dry heaving from the blow. After that moment of dry heaving had passed, Caffrey looked up into the most merciless pair of blue eyes he had ever seen. He saw a fist coming towards his face, felt a brief moment of pain as it struck, before his eyes rolled up into the back of his head and he slumped against the man holding him there, unconscious. He was then dragged to the black van and thrown in, the two men climbing in after him, before the van took off, the smell of burnt rubber filling the air in its haste to leave.


Elizabeth had been smiling widely when Neal had turned around to wave goodbye. She let out a small laugh as Neal flipped his hat onto his head, and then felt an icy fear seize her as the black van came to a sudden stop behind Neal. He saw surprise on the young man's features as he glanced behind him to see two men, one blond haired, the other having dark brown hair, rush towards him.

"Elizabeth! Run!" She heard Neal scream as the men grabbed him. She couldn't run. She wanted to, but she couldn't. She was frozen in shock and fear. She couldn't do anything but watch helplessly as Neal struggled to get away from the two men, and receive a punch in the stomach for it. Elizabeth's mouth opened slightly in horror as the scene unfolded before her very eyes.

Neal being thrown in the van. The blond haired man turning towards Elizabeth, his eyes shining with dark intentions. Hearing Neal let out a yell of anger before seeing the young man fly out of the van, closely followed by the dark haired man. Neal knocking the blond man to the ground before the dark haired man yanked the ex-con off the other man.

Elizabeth slammed the door shut, breaking free of the unnatural stillness that had set over her. She rushed to the phone, dialing her husband's number before she rushed to the window in time to see Neal half bent over, dry heaving.

Pick up Peter! Damn it Peter, pick up! She thought, watching in horror as the blond haired man struck Neal in the face. She watched her friend go limp, unconscious.

"El?" A voice sounded on the other line, Peter, but Elizabeth was having a hard time finding her voice. "El? El? El, what's wrong?" Peter sounded so worried. Finally, after Neal was thrown into the van, the other two men climbing in after him, and the van taking off, Elizabeth found her voice.

She let out a soft sob. "Peter...Neal's been kidnapped."

Silence was on the other end. Total and utter silence for a few long seconds. And then, Peter spoke. "What? How? Who? Did you get a license plate?" Elizabeth felt tears streaming down her cheeks as a flood of questions from Peter engulfed her.

"There were two men that I saw, one blond, the other brunette. Neal was leaving here, he wanted to talk to you. Said it was important. I told him you were at the office, and he decided to go there to talk to you, not wait for you to come home. He was right outside the house Peter. A black van pulled up and dragged Neal into it before the blond man turned to me. He was coming." Elizabeth sounded oddly calm for being so scared.

"Did he hurt you?" Peter sounded furious, but he also sounded worried.

"No...Neal rushed out of the van and tackled him. The brown haired man was right being him, and he grabbed Neal. I got the phone and called you, and rushed back to the window, but I guess one of them hit Neal, because he was dry heaving. Then the blond haired man hit Neal in the face and knocked him unconscious, and they left with him..." Elizabeth's voice broke at the last sentence.

"Hang on honey...I'll be right there...Hold on..." Peter said. Elizabeth nodded, as if her husband could see her, and then hung up the phone, waiting.


Peter Burke stared out the windshield of the Taurus, his mind blank with shock.

Neal's been kidnapped... The words bounced around in his skull as he parked to car in front of his house. He got up and rushed to the door, dimly realizing that there were a few spots of blood on the ground. Neal's been kidnapped...

Peter burst into his house, his brown eyes wide as he looked around, trying to locate Elizabeth. He finally spotted her, huddled up near the window, looking blankly ahead. He rushed over to her, touching her face lightly as he knelt down beside her.

"Are you ok?" His eyes shined with worry as he gazed at his wife. She nodded.

"They took him Peter...they took Neal..." Elizabeth's voice was soft, which frightened Peter.

"I know...we'll get him back..." Peter whispered, hugging Elizabeth tightly. Then a thought struck him. Neal had wanted to talk to him. He had told Elizabeth it was important. "Did Neal every mention what he wanted to talk about?" He asked his wife gently.

"No. He just said he needed to see you right away. That it was very important." Elizabeth replied, and dismay coursed through Peter. Something important. That could be anything!

"We'll find him...we'll find him..." Peter murmured soothingly, looking up when his cell phone rang. He looked at it for a moment before he accepted the call.


"I'd listen carefully to what I have to say if I were you, Mr. Burke."