Chapter 7


Peter Burke glared at the slowly crumbling ruins of the abandoned building. This was the place that they thought that the only remaining accomplice of Andrew Williams was. Peter had left two guards outside Neal's room, but he couldn't help but worry about the ex-con. As Peter glared at the desolate looking place, he couldn't help but feel a twinge of satisfaction. They were about to catch the last man who held a current threat to Neal.

Something he was definitely happy about.

Peter heard the crunch gravel behind him and he turned around to see Jones standing there. The young man looked serious, and so did Diana, who was coming up from a talk with one of the police officers from NYPD that had come along.

"Ready for this?" Peter asked, drawing his gun. Jones and Diana both nodded an affirmative, mirroring his movements. Peter glanced at the NYPD officers, who were watching him intently. "Let's go." Peter said, his brown eyes hard as he turned around and led the way into the building, Jones and Diana hard on his tail.

Peter coughed a couple of times, peering through the layer of dust and dirt that had risen when he had kicked a door in. He saw no immediate danger, just a table in the center of the room, with a note laying on top. Peter frowned, walking forward and picked up the note, his brown eyes shining with suspicion. Something wasn't right, and Peter found out what the second the note was in his hand. A loud beeping sound began to Peter's right, causing the FBI Agent to turn, and his eyes widen in surprise.




There was a bomb. Peter whirled around, racing towards the door entrance.

"JONES! DIANA! RUN!" He yelled, moving as fast as he could go. Both agents turned and obeyed Peter's orders, running as if their lives depended on it, because, well, they did. Peter turned the corner, seeing Diana and Jones rushing through the entrance to the building, a few NYPD police just in front of them. There was a loud BOOM as Peter ran for the entrance, and much to the FBI Agent's terror, the building started to collapse. His brown eyes flashed with determination as he ran faster than he had ever run in his life, or so it felt, as the wall behind him exploded.

Glancing upwards, Peter saw several cracks splitting the ceiling above him, and pieces of the ceiling began to rain down around him.

Peter set a foot passed the entrance of the building and dove to the ground as the building collapsed. Jones and Diana were next to his instantly.

"Boss? You ok?" Diana asked, worry evident in her voice. Jones looked just as worried, though he didn't say anything. Peter nodded, drawing in deep gulps of air, breathing hard as he uncurled his fist to reveal the note. He took one look at it and a numbing anger filled him.

Ha ha. If you are still alive after that bang, then I hope you are enjoying yourself Burke.

He read the next line and was filled with an icy wave of terror.

Let's see if you can get to your pet con in time to save him.

"We have to get to Neal!" He said, standing up, covered in a layer of gray-white dirt from the collapsed building. Diana and Jones looked at him for a split second, both nodding their agreement. Peter was seriously praying that the guards could hold their own until they arrived.

(A Long and Tense Car Ride Later...)

Peter raced into the hospital, rushing to Neal's room. Once the young man had woken up, he had been assigned a new room because of a serious medical case. Peter burst into his partner's room and froze, barely realizing that the two guards outside were unconcious until he came upon the sight before his eyes..

The room was empty.

Peter cursed softly and spun around, finding himself face-to-face with Jones and Diana.

"Each of you start searching. The guy couldn't have gotten far." He ordered, before he started down the hallway.

Where are you Neal?


Neal shifted in his sleep, his dreams a blur of color. No pictures. Just colors. Not that Neal really minded the colors, but he found that watching them was starting to make him a little sick. He wanted to see something other than colors. Neal shifted again as the colors went to darkness.

Slowly, the young man's eyes fluttered open, but closed swiftly. Bright lights. Again, Neal's eyes opened, but he managed to keep them open this time. His blue gaze flickered around slowly as the blurry shapes that filled his gaze slowly became clearer.

Wonder where Peter is... Neal thought to himself, trying to move his right hand, and much to his delight, he could. Neal tried to lift his arm up all the way, just to see if he could, and winced as slight pain shot through him at the halfway point. Not yet...

The sounds of scuffling in the hall, and then two thudding sounds caused Neal's gaze to flash towards the door in time to see a dark haired man walk in, his eyes cold as he gazed at Neal.

"You look far too comfortable Caffrey." The man growled as Neal stared at him, not really comprehending what it was that the man was getting at until the guy lunged forward, one of his fists catching Neal on the jaw. Neal let out a small groan, wishing he could move to defend himself, and knowing that he couldn't. The next thing the ex-con knew, he was being flipped off the bed, letting out a muffled cry of pain as his I.V. was ripped out of his arm and he hit the ground, his head striking the ground a little hard. "Shut up Caffrey." He barely heard the man snarl, and then he was being dragged out of the room.

(15 Minutes Later...)

Neal was looking blankly at the barrel of the 9mm handgun that was being pointed at him when he heard the sound of hurrying footsteps. A few seconds past, and Neal shifted faintly from the position he was sitting in, leaning against the wall with Jared glaring at him, when he heard Peter's voice.

"Each of you start searching. The guy couldn't have gotten far." Peter's voice was like a badly tuned radio, fading in and out. Neal opened his mouth, wanting to call Peter's name. To have his friend come, but he couldn't. He was having trouble staying awake at that moment, let alone say anything. Besides, with the glare he was getting from Jared, and the gun pointed at him, Neal figured it wouldn't be smart to say anything.

As Peter's footsteps grew closer, Neal's eyes began to drift close, only to snap open when he heard a voice speak.

"Another step closer and your pet con dies." Jared's voice was a snarl, and Neal could barely make out the blurry shape of Peter Burke standing a few feet away.

"Pe..." Neal whispered, unable to finish his partner's name.

"Yeah Neal, it's me." Peter replied, and although Neal couldn't really see him, he knew his partner well enough to hear the worry in Peter's voice. Then Neal heard another voice, coming from the opposite direction.

"Drop your weapon."

It was Jones.

Neal could tell that Jared's body had stiffened, and he heard yet another voice.

"I'd do as he says."


Neal felt a dim flash of relief. One way or another, Jared was going down, and the man seemed to realize that himself, for a few minutes later, he had given up and Diana and Jones were leading him out of the hospital in handcuffs. Peter stood by Neal.

"" Neal sighed, his head drifting to the side as he passed out. Peter smiled slightly, lightly patting the young man's shoulder.

"It's all over Neal. Now you can actually recover..."

(Two and a half weeks later...)

Neal rolled his eyes at his friend.

"Oh come on Peter! I'm tired of being stuck in the hospital! I want to go do something."

"Not a chance Neal. You can be out of the hospital when the doctors say so."

Neal groaned. He had been trying to convince his partner to get him out of the hosptial a few days early. He was tired of being in the hosptial, seeing plain walls and not eating any real food. He missed the office and being able to go out and catch the bad guys. He missed June's Italian Roast coffee an being able to sleep in his own bed.

He missed a lot of things.

Neal's pleading gaze flickered over to Mozzie, who looked very happy to be able to actually cary out a conversatuon with Neal without the ex-con passing out halfway through.

"What about you? Will you get me out of here?"

"Neal, I have to agree with the Suit on this one. You aren't leaving until these doctors say so." Came the reply.

"But it's so boring!"

"Cowboy up." Peter replied, smiling faintly.