Winona made up all of the room in the farmhouse before she even came to gather Jim and Leonard from the shuttleport. There are five bedrooms, and four are being put back into use. On the ground floor, where she's putting Jim and Leonard, there's only one room, while on the second floor there are four, though the last one, Jim's old room has sort of become a second attic. Winona says she's going through some of the things in that room, trying to decipher what she wants to keep, give away, or incinerate. Jim is supposed to help, though Leonard doesn't quite know how he'll be able to.

Upstairs, Winona takes her room, and Joanna is sleeping in the room the room set up for guests, while Jocelyn takes up the room that Sam and his family usually sleep in.

Jim takes to following Winona around, trying to get her to divulge her new hair color to him. She's been pretty good about coming up with all colors of rainbows while not hinting at the actual color, which is actually a deep brown. Jim's probably asked everyone in the house a few times, but Winona had told them all not to reveal the secret to him while they'd been on the porch. She thinks it's a fun little game, and Jim seems to be enjoying pestering her every second that he can.

Leonard has a borrowed flashback to what Jim must have been like when he was Peter's age, following his mother around trying to guess at his birthday presents. Winona always says he was hell on wheels when he was a kid. Leonard thinks it's only barely gotten any better.

He takes their things to their room, taking in the way everything is still the same in the house, yet has somehow become more. Winona has a thing for flowers, wild flowers, and she buys them for every room. He has a vague memory of Jim at Starfleet Medical when he'd only just become blind. Winona had placed flowers in every corner of the room before looking completely stricken that Jim couldn't see them. He remembers her snatching a flower out of a vase and scooting next to Jim, freshly blind and refusing to do much more than sit with his eyes closed at that point in time.

He takes a deep breath as he remembers the way Winona pulled Jim's hand into hers, pressing one of his fingers to the petal, letting him feel it, the texture and the shape, before she forced his larger hand to close around the stem, making him hold it. To Leonard, it had looked like her grip around his fingers was the only thing keeping the flower in his grasp. She had whispered something in his ear, something Leonard had been too far away to hear, but it had made Jim's lips thin into a painfully happy grimace and his eyes squeeze tighter as if lost in a thought she had conjured for him.

When she had pulled her hand away, the flower had remained encased in Jim's hand.

She's put yellow flowers with bulbous black centers and some deep purple flower mixture on the dresser and one of the nightstands. Jim's side. How she knows which side of the bed Jim sleeps on is kind of unnerving, but Winona has the ability to unnerve him a lot. Nevertheless, she did know, and Leonard has the feeling Jim's side of the bed will always come with flowers from now on.

When he has the bags thrown on the bed for them to deal with later, he wanders back out into the main house. He hears laughter of Jim and the three women occupying the house. They'd been greeted outside. Jocelyn had been on the porch with her dainty little cigarette while Joanna was chowing down on what must have been half of Winona's kitchen content.

Apparently her metabolism was still stuck on turbo.

He hadn't really had the chance to speak with them though. He had been carrying his and Jim's suitcase and had spared brief hugs before rushing inside out of the cold.

Now though, he hears the laughter and spares a glancing hope that it isn't something at his expense. He puts that irrational fear aside as he steps into the kitchen (there are orange flowers arranged in here), where Jim, Jocelyn, and Joanna are arranged around the table and Winona sits on her countertop with a cup of what is probably spiked coffee in her hands.

Joanna is shaking something small and bright green in her hands, proclaiming, "Okay! This one will be a snap. Promise."

From the counter Winona chimes in, "It should be. He's eaten more of those in his life than half the world in one year."

Joanna stops shaking the container enough to where Leonard has a good look at it. Its nail varnish. Bright green nail varnish and Joanna is pulling off the cap and carefully waving the open top under Jim's nose.

His own nose wrinkles in distaste, because he knows how that crap smells and it isn't pleasant at all.

Jim, though, inhales deeply, his eyes moving around rapidly like they always do when he's searching through his expansive mind for something particular. Leonard goes over to stand beside Winona, watching the scene with a tilted head.

A half a beat goes by before Jim smiles. "Green apple. Light green!" he exclaims.

Jocelyn and Joanna share grins, as the young woman returns the brush to the bottle and reaches for a different one, this one bright red. "Alright," Joanna says with an exuberant grin, now without braces. "This one is a little harder, but I'm convinced you can do it."

Jocelyn leans forward just a bit. "Try not to think of candy. Remember. Fruit."

Leonard is completely confused as to what this is.

Winona tilts toward him, her eyes also riveted to the scene, but she whispers to him as their three J's continue this odd game. "I found them on my last assignment. A cosmetic company wasn't far away from where I was working and I met a young man nice enough to show me some of the wares."

Jim sniffs at the container that Joanna has just been open and declares, "Strawberry…" There's a long pause. "Red?"

Jocelyn nods rapidly. "Yep! Got it in one. This one is like a bright red though. Not like the cherry a few sniffs back."

Winona smiles at them, before continuing with Leonard. "The polish smells like fruits."

Leonard smiles too.

Jim is smelling color.