Provocation-Chapter 1: Temptation

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Deidara scowled. He was standing outside the office of the headmistress, just inside the foyer of his new school, St Misery. He had been standing there for over twenty minutes. Apparently Miss Tsunade was slightly busy. Her right-hand representative, Shizune, appeared suddenly, making Deidara jump slightly.

"I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, Mister Iwa," she said, looking stressed, "we're just having a little trouble with a couple of students. As soon as the last one's sent down and delt with, Lady Tsunade will be free to see you." she finished, flapping her hands in a distracted way.

Deidara nodded, silently wondering exactly what these students had done wrong; his dad had explained that St Misery's Acadamy for the Artistically Gifted -strictly teens- took all kinds, meaning even ones who had been suspended/expelled from their previous schools. St Misery's was kind of a back-up plan for parents of problem children; if nowhere else would take them and they were into the arts, St Misery's would, but only if the students complied to a few choice rules: no killing anything/anybody, no purposeful broken bones/concussions/serious injuries, no drugs on school premises, teen pregnancies are not approved of, and no bullying. Other than that, the students were to apply common sense to most situations, and the teachers would trust them, to an extent.

Shizune turned, and as Deidara watched her leave, he realized that she was holding a large megaphone. Turning the corner, she suddenly raised it to her mouth. Deidara jumped again when her kind voice suddenly turned fierce, and echoed off the walls of the ancient boarding school:

"AKASUNA! COME HERE THIS INSTANT!" she roared, and over the ringing of his ears, Deidara could just hear a low, rather amused voice mutter something like, "Yeah, yeah, I know.." He raised an eyebrow as Shizune stomped back around the corner, her mouth in a thin line and her hand gripping hte arm of another teenage boy.

The boy was shooting her a sideways look that was bordering on flirtatious, but as soon as he noticed that there was company in the foyer, his attention switched. Deidara scoweld when he realized that the other boy was giving him a twice-over. Deidara looked at the boy suspiciously. He had a clear case of bed-head, his dark red hair perfectly messy. He had heavily-lidded bedroom eyes that were a curious burgundy-grey colour, surrounded by dark lashes. He looked to be close to Deidara's height, maybe slightly taller.

Almost as if he knew he was being evaluated, the boy smirked and winked at Deidara, who stared at him in shocked silence; who does this guy think he is? Shizune (still speaking through the megaphone) ordered the boy not to move a muscle, then she disappeared inside Tsunade's office, leaving the two teens alone.

"You're new here." The redhead's voice was casual, but Deidara narrowed his eyes, detecting a seductive ring to it. It wasn't a question, and Deidara assumed that it didn't require an answer. The boy across from him crossed his arms and leaned against the wall, assuming an expression of amusement, his eyes steadily travelling up Deidara's body. Deidara scowled and focused his gaze on the opposite wall, silently begging Shizune to come back and take this weird boy away. After ten long, awkward seconds, he chanced a look back. The boy was still watching him, as smirk on his face.

"Could you stop staring?" Deidara asked. "It's annoying. And creepy, un." The boy's smirk widened.

"I'm in fourth year. What about you? How old are you?" he asked. Deidara certainly didn't feel like revealing what he considered to be personal information to this weirdo, but he couldn't think of an even vaguely polite way to get out of it.

"I'm turning sixteen in May." he said grudgingly. The boy in front of him nodded slowly, a grin spreading lazily across his face.

"Good. You're in fourth year, too, then. We'll probably have classes together, blondie." A vein popped in Deidara's temple.

"Don't call me that, un." he said, irritated. The other boy tilted his head childishly to the side.

"What do you want me to call you, then?' he asked, and Deidara scowled again.

"I don't particularly want you to call me anything other than my name, un." he said, vexed.

"'Can't do that, blondie. I don't know your name." the boy said, and Deidara did a mental face-palm; the other teen was so smug he was practically bouncing in place, so pleased with himself.

"Er...right. It's Deidara, un." he said, and the boy blinked before tilting his head the other way.

"'s sexy." he said, and as much as Deidara was trying to deny it, the boy sounded like he was serious. Great.

"Call me Sasori." the boy said, "I mean it. Call me." he said, and Deidara glared at him.

"No thanks." he said icily, and Sasori laughed lightly.

"Ouch. Cold. But I bet I can change your mind." he said, in a voice that spelled trouble. Deidara crossed his arms and leaned against the wall behind him, mirroring Sasori's pose, and tossed his head, scowling at him.

"I don't think so. Don't even try, un." he said, looking away, making sure his long, dark blonde hair hid his face from this freaky weirdo. He heard Sasori laugh softly again.

"You're pouting. What a kid." Deidara didn't comment. "It's actually quite cute, you know." Sasori's voice was suddenly a lot closer, and Deidara could feel his breath against his neck. He turned to look, and was suddenly nose-to-nose with Sasori, who had silently moved, and was now looking at him with his curious, bedroom eyes. Deidara bit his lip, realizing that Sasori's hands were pressing his own wrists up against the wall, stopping him from getting away. He gave Sasori a deathglare instead.

"Move. Right now." he hissed, but Sasori just laughed again, and Deidara watched with wide eyes as Sasori's slightly parted mouth came closer and closer, his breath warm and soft. Deidara shut his eyes and looked away, hating what was happening, but absolutely unable to stop it. Just as Sasori's lips brushed his neck, the door to Tsunade's office opened. Sasori didn't relinquish his hold on Deidara's wrists, leaving the poor blonde trapped helpless and in a state of horror, shock, and embarassment as Shizune stepped out, accompanied by a tall teen boy with orange hair, weird eyes, and loads of piercings. Sasori looked over, pouting.

"You sure took your time. You know I hate waiting." Sasori said, and Deidara could tell by the tone of his mesmeric voice that he was being sulky. Shizune released her hold on the other boy's arm, and put her hands on her hips.

"Akasuna, let go of Mister Iwa right now, or you are gonna be in a heap of trouble!" she said, striding forwards, raising an arm in such a way that Deidara was sure she was going to rip Sasori off of him. But no, Sasori moved away with a heavy sigh before Shizune even got near.

"See ya later, Dei-da-ra..." Sasori said seductively, giving the shell-shocked blonde a cheerful wink before being shoved into Tsunade's office, closely followed by an irate Shizune. Which left Deidara against the wall and the pierced-up boy leaning against a pillar.

"Hey. You've met Sasori already, I see. 'Like him?" the tall boy asked. Luckily, Deidara's pulse had slowed properly, so he answered the question quite normally.

"Yeah I've met him. I hate him. Is he your friend?" he asked warily; was this guy also a crazy perv? The other boy laughed, and turned to face Deidara. "Yeah. Almost my best friend, actually. I'd really like to say 'don't worry, he'll back off...' but I don't think he will. He likes you." he said, and gave Deidara a cheeky grin. It was not returned.

"Wow. I seriously didn't notice, un." Deidara said sarcastically. The other boy laughed.

"I like you too, just not in Sasori's way. I'm Pain. Fourth year. We might have classes together." he said, and Deidara nodded; this one, at least, seemed, if you didn't count the crazy amount of metal adorning his ears, nose, and mouth.

"I'm Deidara. I just got here, un."

"Ooh, a late-comer...mostly we're all here after September." Pain said with a grin, sliding over to Deidara with a rather cat-like grace. He leaned against the wall next to Deidara, who shifted away slightly, having definately not forgotten what had just happened to him.

"Relax, 'kay? I'm straight. But I take it you aren't?" Pain asked with a naughty smile. Deidara blushed slightly, affronted.

"Excuse you! You don't know anything about me! ...besides, why do you think so?" Deidara asked grumpily, looking away. Pain laughed.

"You sure are funny. I guess it's 'cause I know you're a guy...not sure if Sasori knew or not, but with him it hardly matters...I guess it's because you looked like you liked what he was doing." Pain explained, giving Deidara a playful grin. It was not returned.

"What?" Deidara spluttered, staring at the other boy. " way! was way!" he protested, faltering slightly by the audaciousness of the boy, who was laughing.

"You really are funny. You should eat lunch with me and my friends, okay?" he asked, and Deidara nodded dumbly. "Good. We sit at the table by the back doors in the lunch hall. If you see me, just wave and come over, 'kay?" he asked, and Deidara nodded again.

"Thanks..." he said belatedly, but Pain just waved a hand at him.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sure you'll like the others, though. Even Sasori. He's the best friend you can have gets over you, I guess." Pain said sheepishly, and Deidara snorted.

"Riiiiight...Well, I for one, hope that he gets over me soon. Like, really soon, un." he said, tossing his hair, and Pain laughed again. An easy laugher, apparently.

There was a moment of comfortable silence, and then Tsunade's office door opened yet again, and once more, Shizune walked out, gripping the arm of a boy. Sasori's face lit up when he saw Pain and Deidara. He shot Deidara a sexy look before Shizune began lecturing him on the improper use of weapons, etc, etc, and the obviously unwanted philandering with a poor, new student. At the end of it all, she gave Pain a slapped wrist for hanging around and not going back to class, and then shooed the two troublemaking boys away.

"See ya later, blondie." Sasori called, and Pain laughed and waved before the two disappeared around the corner. Shizune let out a long sigh.

"Well, I'm sorry for the wait, and everything with Sasori, etc, Deidara. But luckily, Lady Tsunade can see you now, and we'll get you all settled down. Normally it's not this busy, there's just been some excitement after the summer break. The first four weeks are always quite a hassle. So, come on in, okay?" Shizune invited, ushering Deidara, at long last, into the headmistress' office.

It had a very calming decor of pale greens, sea blues, and well-chosen conversation pieces. A woman who could only be Lady Tsunade herself stood looking out the large windows, her back to the room, so that all they could see was a black silhouette. Deidara sat down in one of the chairs that Shizune pointed at.

"Mr Iwa's here now, Lady Tsunade." Shizune said, and the woman turned around. And Deidara gaped; she had the biggest rack he'd ever seen. No, bigger than he'd ever even imagined possible for a woman to actually posess. It was bigger than a Barbie doll's. In fact, although he had a sneaky suspicion that every pound of the bouncy flesh was natural, it looked quite unnatural on her otherwise slim, normal frame.

"Mr Iwa, it's nice to meet you at last." Tsunade said in a rather clipped tone, making Deidara realize that his blatant stare had not gone unnoticed. He looked up to see a kind face and long, pale blonde hair gathered into two low pigtails.

"I'm very sorry for making you wait so long in the foyer, but as I'm sure Shizune's told you, we had a bit of trouble with some of our boys." At the mention of the other boys, Deidara vaguely wondered what Sasori had thought when he'd first seen Tsunade's impressive cleavage. Probably something extremely dirty. He was torn from his disdainful thoughts as Shizune handed him several pieces of paper.

"These are you schedule, copy of the school rules, etc. Stuff like that." Tsunade said with an amused smile. Deidara glanced over his classes; general sculpture, photography, clay sculpture, drawing, painting, explosions 101, gym, and B.A.

"What's B.A?" he asked the general audience. Tsunade answered.

"It stands for Bombers Anonomous. Your parents requested this course in your schedule, at least for one year. It's pretty fun, actually." she said, giving Deidara an encouraging smile. He returned it, albeit a little uncertainly; as long as they didn't try to talk him out of expressing his art, he'd be just fine.

"Okay. So, if you don't have any questions..." he shook his head, and Tsunade continued, "Shizune can take you straight on up to your dorm, where you'll stay until you either leave the school, or you graduate to fifth year. Since this morning went by pretty quickly, you can just look around and unpack until lunch, in forty minutes. It's in the lunch hall, and Shizune can give you directions there. After that, I expect you to be at your last-block class." Tsunade said, standing up and giving them the cue to leave.

"It's just on the right..." Shizune said, walking through the huge Boy's hall towards the three doors with large silver 4s on them.

"The fourth year dorms are different than the others," Shizune explained, gesturing to the other nmbered doors, which were generally in groups of two, or even just one, "because we got a new architect in after the old fourth year dorms were...ah...annihilated, to put it lightly. So instead of two doors and then single rooms inside, you and the other fourth-year boys have got three doors and then just one room inside, with bunk beds and things. So you're the only year who has roomies. It can be a good thing or a bad thing." Shizune opened the first door, and Deidara walked in after her into a medium-sized room with two chests of drawers, two tables, four chairs, and a bunk bed.

"This is what they usually look like, but because we've got an odd number of boys this year..." she said, leading the way into the third room; "This is the way your room is set up!" she said, gesturing at the arrangement of beds and tables in the third room. There was a bunk bed, and another single bed against the opposite wall. There were three tables, three dressers, and four chairs.

"So...who am I rooming with?" Deidara asked, noting that his luggage was leaning against the opposite wall. Shizune flipped over a few papers on her clipboard.

"Lets see...Pain and Sasori. You've met both of them, I know." she said, giving Deidara an encouraging smile. Deidara blinked, his stomach dropping then writhing in his ankles. Pain, sure, fine, he liked him. Sasori? In the same room! At night! No. Way. Not. Happening. "Well, I'm afraid that the other rooming arrangements are permanent. Any switching is against the rules for very good reasons, so don't ask." Shizune said, walking out, saying goodbye, and wishing Deidara luck before escaping out the door.

Deidara sighed and sat down on one of the beds, looking morosely around his new home.


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