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"Did... Did I just..."
Sasori stared after the taxi cab which already was vanishing amongst the hoards of others. Deidara shook his head. He felt a bit ill. Sasori turned to look at him, shocked.

"Did I just give Pain ten bucks?" he asked weakly. Deidara shook his head in disbelief.

"That's what you're concerned about? How did he get hold of a taxi? A legal driver's liscence? ...How the hell did we not notice?" He glanced back at the road, but already the cab was gone, swallowed up into the churning sea of cars on the lit-up street.
"Well, feel free to stand out here all night with rats swinging from your dropped jaw, but I'm going inside, un." Deidara said, pursing his lips and picking up his suitcase before marching up the steps to the hotel door.
Sasori followed suite, a wry smile on his face as he looked again towards the street.

"We need to get that freak a girlfriend." he muttered.

After checking in (luckily there were a few vacancies- a miracle, during the holidays), Deidara wordlessly stepped into the elevator. Sasori followed him in, looking at him curiously.

"How many rooms did you get?" he asked.

"How many do you think? There's no way I'm paying for you to have your own room when there's a perfectly good bathtub for you to sleep in." he sniffed, and that was that. Sasori grinned at him, shaking his head.

"What?" Deidara snapped.

"Nothing. Just you." Sasori said, covering his eyes with a hand. Deidara eyed him suspiciously before fixing his gaze on the little lights that flashed at the top of the lift doors.

Pain's surprising appearance had given him time to get himself under control- no more weak, ridiculous, Sasori-my-love moments.
Oh no.
No sir.
He was a rock.
A rock who certainly wasn't going to share a bed with Sasori. A rock who might accidentally turn the tap above Sasori in the night as he slept in the bathtub. Deidara snorted, imagining that. He stopped abruptly as he pictured -surely accurately- Sasori's reaction to that: Pulling Deidara in with him, perhaps ridding him of his clothes as he did so.

The elevator pinged open, and Deidara wordlessly exited it, followed shortly by Sasori, who was strolling behind him, curious about Deidara's behaviour, but mostly elated. He was still thinking about that taxi ride.
Even if Pain was there, and even if he had gotten ten dollars that he perhaps didn't deserve, the time spent in that taxi was perhaps the happiest Sasori could remember.
So he could deal with sleeping in a bathtub.
But he seriously doubted that he would stay there for the whole night.
Because when he was sleepy, Deidara couldn't be bothered to kick Sasori out of bed. And in any case, the words 'take me to a hotel' continued to ring enigmatically in Sasori's ears. So he followed without complaint or question.

Finally, Deidara unlocked the door and walked into a small bedroom with an even smaller ensuite bathroom. He flipped the lightswitch. It wasn't much- faded wallpaper, flickering light, unoriginal furniture, view of another hotel out the window- but it was better than a public bus ride until four in the morning.
Deidara wrinkled his nose as he walked further in and spotted the small, old bed. He was used to better things, but he didn't have much money with him. He felt uncomfortable when he realized that this was exactly his idea of a shag stop.
He glanced up as Sasori walked in, grinning.
As he would be.
Deidara dumped his bag on the floor and flopped onto the bed, facing the opposite wall.

"The bathtub's over there. Goodnight, un." he said, and shut his eyes tightly.
Despite himself, he was smiling.
Waiting for Sasori to do something.

He didn't have to wait long.
Within seconds, Sasori had followed him down onto the bed and was leaning against the wall, one hand patting Deidara's head while the other searched in his pocket for his phone.
He quickly sent a text to Pain, declaring that they were in the hotel, and that he owed him ten dollars. And that they'd probably kill him the next time they saw him. He shut his phone, tossed it off the bed, and continued patting Deidara's head.

"Is that it?" Deidara asked, surprised, and secretly a little disappointed.

"Why?" Sasori asked nonchalantly, fighting the urge to grin. "Did you want me to do something?"
Deidara's eyes narrowed.

"You are an asshole, un."

"Now why's that?" Deidara sat up and crawled to the other end of the bed, where he folded his arms and glared at Sasori.

"No reason. I don't care. You do whatever you want. Watch a movie. Leave. I don't care." Sasori looked at him for a minute silently, then shrugged. He got off the bed and strolled to the door.

"Alright then. See you at school." he said as he opened the door. He walked away down the corridor. The door shut with a small click, leaving Deidara staring at it.

"Asshole. Do whatever the fuck you like." he muttered as he stood up and stretched. He pulled open the curtains and glanced down at the busy street below.

"Can't believe I gave up Germany for this, un." He rolled his eyes. Checked his watch. He fought to appear calm, but inside, his stomach seemed to be spiraling into a small vortex of panic. He glowered at the ceiling.

"Fuck it." he muttered and marched to the door. He wrenched it open and stormed out down the hallway, not sure where he was going.
But it didn't matter.
Within three seconds he had been grabbed from behind, pushed against a wall, and kissed fervently up his neck.

Before he could say anything, he was tossed over the shoulder of his assailant and carried into the room. He looked down at the jeans the person was wearing and sighed with relief as he recognized the small scorpion on the pack pocket.

"Thank God it's you." he breathed, and Sasori, hearing him, laughed.

"Did you think I was some scary rapist?" he asked in amusement, setting Deidara down on the bed and leaning over him, his knees pressing into the mattress. Deidara avoided his eyes with some difficulty, as Sasori was cupping his face, their lips just inches apart.

"Of course not!" he said, affronted.
Sasori laughed and kissed his forehead. Deidara blushed and tried to shift away, but Sasori wasn't letting go. He gazed up at the ceiling dreamily, then glanced back down at Deidara, who was hit with the disturbing effect of being glanced at with heavily-lidded, eyelash-enhanced bedroom eyes while actually in a bedroom.
He felt very uncomfortable, because it's not very comfortable when your insides decide to melt.

Sasori looked down at Deidara, his expression hungry and happy.

"Tell me again what you said in the car." he said, running a hand through Deidara's long hair.

"No. It's not my fault you're deaf, un." Deidara said huffily, even though he wanted nothing more than to just lean forwards slightly, grab Sasori and never let him go.

"Tell me what you said. In the taxi." he repeated. Deidara bit the inside of his mouth. He wasn't sure if he liked the situation he was in. On the one hand, he was no longer able to hide, at least from himself, what he felt about Sasori, and as they were shut in a hotel room miles from anyone they knew, there wasn't much point hiding it anyways.
On the other hand, he wasn't -as he had thought at one point in the taxi- completely ready to just give himself over, heart and soul and whatever else Sasori seemed to want from him. He knew if he asked, Sasori would say he wanted everything from him.
Which was a bit greedy, really.
So Deidara said he couldn't remember.
Sasori's expression didn't change. He leaned back , now sitting on Deidara's thighs.

"I asked you if you want me to love you." he said, lifting his chin and grinning. "And you said...?"
Deidara covered his eyes, yawned, pretended not to be interested or aware of what Sasori was doing.

"You said yes." Sasori pushed the long blonde bangs out of Deidara's face and kissed him. Deidara turned his head away, but Sasori's hand stopped him as soon as he tried, kissing determinedly, but as loving as anything.

"And so," Sasori said, pulling away, a little breathless, cupping Deidara's face, "I am going to love you as long as you let me. And longer, 'cause I'll stay with you forever in your mind. In your heart." Sasori smirked and bent lower.
"So, you might as well give up. You're not getting away from me." Deidara raised an eyebrow.

"You know, that would be really creepy if you were, you know, a stranger... a rapist... a stalker..." Sasori laughed and sat back, letting Deidara sit up and fold his arms over his chest. They faced each other at either end of the bed. Sasori leaned back and gazed at the ceiling, comfortable and calm. Deidara chewed the inside of his mouth as he watched Sasori.

"Okay, this really isn't how I thought this would go, un..." Deidara said at last, twisting his fingers together, painfully aware of the awkwardness that had settled between them like a pile of dead fish. Sasori blinked at him in surprise: either he hadn't noticed the fish, or he was very good at pretending.

"How did you think it would go?" he asked. Deidara shrugged and muttered something, but Sasori patted his arm and nodded.

"No, I'm curious." Deidara shrugged again and rolled his eyes.

"Well, I don't know... I guess I thought you might... you know, fling me against the wall and do stuff until I couldn't stand or something..." Sasori grinned.

"Is that an invitation?" he asked, leaning forwards, a predatory smirk sliding over his features. Deidara blushed and cleared his throat.

"What? Uh, n-" "Good, because I wasn't sure I could wait much longer..." Sasori purred and bit down on his lip before throwing himself forwards.
Deidara didn't have time to do anything more than inhale before Sasori was on him, pinning him against the wall, his hips jammed painfully into the headboard, but he couldn't register the pain above the wild pleasure. Sasori was kissing him, more fiercely, more hungrily than ever before, and he was everywhere- sucking at his bottom lip, lapping hungrily down his neck, grazing his teeth on Deidara's earlobe...

Deidara gave in quickly and sank against the wall, panting like a wild thing, holding Sasori to him, running his hands through his soft, wavy hair, pulling off his shirt and throwing away.
Sasori pulled away briefly, holding Deidara's pink face in his hands and stroking his cheeks with this thumbs. His expression was so loving Deidara reddened even more, but the sight of this turned Sasori's sweet smile back into a smirk and his eyes danced with lust once more.

He pressed close to Deidara, sucking and biting at his earlobe, grinning at Deidara whimpered and shook beneath him. His hands ran down to Deidara's jeans, his fingers tracing around the waist band, tugging at them playfully.

"Take them off." he whispered into Deidara's ear, and Deidara complied very willingly.
It was awkward to pull them off over his hard-on, but they weren't a barrier for long.
A few seconds later, his underwear had joined the pile of discarded clothing and Sasori's tongue was running up his trembling cock, teasing him before taking him in.

"Oh my god, just... just..." Deidara gasped, his hands twisting in the sheets.

"Patience, Dei-da-ra..." Sasori said his name slowly, just like he'd done when they'd first met, and Deidara bit down on his lip, hard.

"Come on!" Deidara said through gritted teeth as Sasori slowly put his mouth over his throbbing dick, one hand already wrapped around its base. Deidara moaned as Sasori began to suck, twisting his tongue as he came up again.

"Jesus-" Deidara gasped and pushed Sasori's head down further. Sasori laughed at this, and the vibrations that shot down Deidara's dick were enough to push him over the edge. He held Sasori's shoulders so tightly his nails made red indents on his pale skin as he jerked and came hard in Sasori's mouth. He flopped back against the pillows, wiping his hair off of his forehead and gazing dazedly at Sasori, who was wiping cum off of his face and smirking.

"You know, you may have talked me into your explosions. They really are exciting." he said, and slowly licked his lips.
Deidara swallowed another moan, and was determined to keep that picture in his memory as long as he could. He narrowed his eyes as Sasori crawled over to him, smirking as he leaned in, pulling Deidara in for a slow kiss. Deidara tasted himself and winced because it was weird, but Sasori was sliding his tongue over his own and tugging at his hair, so he soon forgot it.
When he opened his eyes and pulled away, he looked down and blushed. Sasori had plainly got the rest of his clothes off while they'd been kissing.

"Oh God, that is... oh God." Deidara groaned as he felt himself get hard again, staring down at Sasori's semi-hard dick. Sasori smirked.

"I know, right? The biggest you've ever seen." he teased, leaning across to kiss Deidara again as he guided his hand down towards it.
He wrapped Deidara's hand around his length and made him pump in a slow, steady rhythm. He groaned and tilted his head back, biting down on his bottom lip, and Deidara thought that he had never seen anything that had turned him on more. He leaned forward and kissed Sasori's neck, sucking hard as he began to pump faster.
Sasori moaned loudly and leaned back on the mattress, Deidara following, his teeth and tongue scraping hard against Sasori's skin. Sasori jerked beneath him and cum splattered over his stomach. Sasori's head fell back onto the mattress and he gasped for air before Deidara was on him again, sucking his bottom lip until it was red and swollen.

"Deidara, you.." Sasori gasped, his tired, aroused eyes watching as Deidara leaned off of the bed, digging in his bag. Sasori rubbed Deidara's sides slowly and kissed down his chest softly.

"Keep doing that, you're going to make me fall in love with you." Deidara warned him quietly. Sasori smiled slowly.

"Good." he murmured, and continued.
Deidara laughed as he found what he was looking for and sat up. Sasori looked at what was in his hand and looked back at him. His expression was suspicious, excited and amused all at once.

"Found them, un." Deidara said, tossing the box of condoms and the jar of lube onto the bed.

"You're prepared, Mr boyscout." Sasori teased, but the suspicious expression didn't leave his face.

"What's up?" Deidara asked as he ripped open a condom with his teeth.

"Nothing," Sasori said slowly.

"Just... "

"Just wondering if I'll bottom you? Not a chance, dreamer." Deidara laughed, rolling it on. Sasori blushed and scowled.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..." he muttered, watching warily as Deidara stuck three fingers in the jar of lube. "Is hot pink a sanitary colour?" Sasori asked, trying not to sound nervous as Deidara smirked at him.

"What's wrong? Was the invitation I gave you not clear?" he teased, pushing Sasori's legs apart.

"No, it's fine, it's just... oh God, just... just..." Sasori was fumbling for words, his eyes wide as Deidara's fingers dipped down and began to spread the lube around his hole. Deidara stopped, looking at Sasori carefully.

"What?" Sasori snapped, suddenly defensive.
Admittedly, it can be hard to feel overly confident when you've got your thighs spread wide open for the world to see. Deidara shook his head slightly and bent down to kiss Sasori softly.

"I'll be careful. And I'll stop if you want me to." he murmured against Sasori's cheek, his clean hand stroking his hair. His mouth curved up slightly.

"Trust me." he said.

"I do." Sasori whispered, squeezing his eyes shut as Deidara placed one hand on his knee and slowly insterted the first finger into him.

"Okay, that's fine, next one." Deidara's middle finger slid inside to join the first as Sasori hissed quietly.
Deidara himself was having to control himself- Sasori was so warm, so tight around his fingers, and just imagining what it was going to feel like to bury himself in there was enough to get him a little cross-eyed. Pre-cum was already dripping down Sasori's length. Deidara bent his fingers experimentally and Sasori gave a loud moan, twisting in pleasure before biting down hard on his wrist.

"Did you like that, Sasori, my man?" Deidara asked with a wicked grin, twisting his fingers and then bending them again. Sasori squirmed around him and another moan escaped him, raw and deep.

"F-fuck..." Deidara murmured as his dick hardened even more, now throbbing almost painfully. He lifted himself up onto his knees, removed his fingers and gripped Sasori's thighs.

"You can pride yourself on the fact that you turn me on more than any porn I have ever watched." he told Sasori, who grinned and started to laugh until Deidara started to push his tip inside. Sasori gasped, his fists twisting in the sheets as he gritted his teeth.

"Keep going.." he panted. Deidara slowly pushed in further until he was in all the way.

"Don't move..." Sasori groaned, reaching down and grabbing Deidara's wrist, holding it tightly.
Deidara was silent, watching Sasori's pale face carefully, but it was difficult to be very concerned when his dick had just discovered the best feeling in the universe. Sasori was gripping him so tightly Deidara thought he might explode just from the warmth and pressure, but Sasori clenched his thighs suddenly, exhaling slowly, and the shiver that reverberated around Deidara's cock nearly made him cry out from pleasure.

"You good?" he asked, breathing through his nose. Sasori released his hold on his wrist.

"It feels like I've got a fucking beer bottleup my ass! Of course I'm not good! But go ahead." Sasori groaned, grabbing at the sheets again.
Deidara allowed himself one small grin before pulling out and sliding in again slowly. Sasori groaned and his spine curved upwards, lifting his hips off of the bed to meet Deidara's as he began to thrust faster.

"Deidara..." Sasori gasped.
Deidara pushed Sasori's thighs up higher until they were pressing against his shoulders and when he looked down again he shivered violently as he met Sasori's eyes.

Sasori pale face was flushed, his chest was heaving, his arms flung out away from his body, tangled in the sheets. His lips were red and parted, his hair was messy and stuck to his face, but what struck Deidara were his eyes.
He was gazing up at Deidara from beneath his thick lashes, which were casting charchoal shadows onto his cheeks, and beneath the dazed, drunken arousal there was a savage love so intense that Deidara felt a sudden urge to not only fuck Sasori until he couldn't stand but to hold him tightly and never, ever, ever let go.
Deidara's jaw tightened and his hands ran up Sasori's thights, illiciting a soft moan beneath him, and he thrust in harder, this time striking gold. Sasori convulsed beneath him, shuddering as a loud moan escaped hi, his hands clenching and unclenching themselves as Deidara slammed into his prostate again and again.

"T-touch me.." Sasori gasped and Deidara obliged, reaching a hand over and wrapping it around Sasori's hard dick, circling the slick tip once before starting to pump rhythmically, matching each stroke to each thrust. After just three, Sasori shuddered again, and Deidara felt a sharp twinge around him as something within Sasori released and he came violently, spraying all over his chest. Deidara thrusted faster as Deidara tightened around him and he came, too, groaning, his nails digging into Sasori's thighs. Spent and exhausted, he pulled out and collapsed next to Sasori, tugging off and tying the condom before rolling onto his side, pulling Sasori towards him. Sasori was gasping so hard Deidara could see his ribs when he inhaled, but he was smiling, and the savage look was still in his eyes.

"I love you. I love you so much." he breathed as Deidara pulled him closer and stroked his face. "And this isn't just a 'you shagged me and now I have you say it' thing. I love you." he said seriously, looking Deidara right in the eyes before kissing him slowly, seriously. Deidara pulled away first, wrapping an arm around Sasori's waist.

"I know you do. And I love you, too." he added quickly as he saw Sasori start to raise his eyebrows. He tucked his chin over Sasori's head and just held him.

"By the way, what happened to that 'there's a perfectly good bathtub for you to sleep in' thing?" Sasori asked.

"There's still time to kick you off the bed." Deidara warned him.

"Alright, fine, I'll be quiet." Sasori said, grinning. "But what I do find weird is that you're so shy... about telling me things or kissing or admitting that you like me -which, by the way, you can't deny anymore after that- but you could rip condoms open without even blinking." Sasori mused. Deidara shrugged.

"I don't think sex is embarassing, un." Sasori tilted his chin up to see him better.

"So, you'd have been fine blowing me before even admitting that you don't hate me?" he asked curiously. Deidara narrowed his eyes.

"Well... probably not, but... earlier, like... a few weeks ago maybe... as long as I didn't have to say anything, then..." he felt himself start to blush and shut up, looking away. Sasori laughed, then trailed his lips slowly up Deidara's neck.

"I love you." he said again. Deidara didn't reply.
Eventually Sasori tugged the blankets up and over them, rotating them so they were both under the dry zone, and shut the light off.
Deidara pulled him close again, listening as Sasori's heart beat slowed until it was a quiet, steady pulse.

"I love you so much." he whispered once he was sure Sasori was asleep, his cheek pressed against his head.

"I know you do." Sasori replied conversationally.

Deidara glared at the ceiling and waited for his blush to subside, listening to Sasori snicker quietly into his chest.

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