The King and I: The King's Decision

by: jewel of athos

Author's Notes: Based in the movie universe, not the play universe (because I'm not fortunate enough to have seen it…and I can't imagine anyone but Yul Brynner as the king). There's this one shot in the scene where he's about to beat the girl where he doubles over like he's in pain; and since after that scene is when his decline begins, I wanted to write something to hint at that and suggest the beginning of the end…


The king ran in a blind rage back to his chambers, furious that Anna would oppose him that way and furious that he cared enough to stop. He felt a sharp pain in his stomach, but he ignored it, focusing all of his capacity to feel on Anna. How dare she reprimand him that way, like a mere schoolboy? In front of his subjects? How dare she humiliate him and undermine his authority when he was about to deliver a punishment? This was unacceptable. He should call his guards, and have them –

No. He stopped, fighting back a moan from the mixture of physical and emotional anguish that coursed through him. As angry as he was, he could not find it in himself to punish Anna for what she had done. If it were anyone else, he wouldn't have hesitated; but with her? He couldn't do it.

"I will not see her again," he muttered to himself, hoping to believe his own decision by speaking it aloud. "She can go back to England or stay if she wishes; but I will not see her. She is too good to be in presence of a barbarian king." He snorted sarcastically, and then coughed twice. Dismissing it as a mere reaction to stress, he completed the trip back to his chambers with a kingly dignity that he did not feel, and dismissed all of his servants and slaves and sent them away. Once he was alone, he settled himself cross-legged on his bed, and fingered the ring that Anna had given back.

He coughed again.



A/N: It could use some work; I wrote it around 4 in the morning. But all things considered, I'm alright with it…especially considering that I never attempt to write for stand-alone movies. Except for those with Yul Brynner in them. Which began over the course of the past three weeks…

Anyways, shutting up. Hope you enjoyed! (: