Keep it up

By: elitemassacre6

Summary: takes place during add it up. I've decided to change up some of the dialogue.

Disclaimer: I don't own Shake it up.

She hadn't seen her, touched her, heard her, smelled her...tasted 7 days. 7. It was the first week of summer. It was usually a time she and her best friend spent pretending not to be freezing down at the beach looking at boys and watching boys look at them. The entire time, her eyes would be locked onto Rocky. The same Rocky who'd left her in the room she still sat in, heartbroken. She'd only left to use the bathroom, and her mom had been bringing her food for a week. She'd think or dance or study up on her math. However, she found herself becoming bored of her self-induced solitude, and had decided that today, she'd venture out of her apartment.

It was time she thought, and so gather her beach things she did, before walking out of her front door in shorts and a bikini top. It was when she got downstairs and to the stoop that she realized the error of her plans. There sat Rocky, Deuce, Ty, and Tinka. She shifted her gaze to see Gunther walk out of the coffee shop towards the stoop. Chocolate eyes caught her own and she looked away, ready to break again. She turned around, ready to run back into her safe haven when she heard Michelle call out from behind her. She spun, seeing Chelle in similar gear, smiling, knowing she was coming to Cece's rescue..

"There you are beautiful. You ready to hit the beach?"

Cece nodded, grinning. "You-"

"Sorry, I know i'm late. I can pay you back for those five minutes." Chelle said, before pulling Cece towards her and kissing her deeply. Michelle watched as jaws dropped, all but Rocky's. All she saw there was confusion and anger.

"Wow. You've gotten so much better at that." was all Cece could get out.

"Yep. Let's go babe." Michelle intertwined she and Cece's hands as they walked away from Cece's supposed friends towards the beach. Once out of earshot, she looked over at Cece, grinning.

"You didn't have to do that Michelle. But damn am I glad you did. I just couldn't deal with her right then. You're a great person for that."

"No, I'm not a great person, just a great friend."

Cece looked shocked. "After I broke it off with you, I kind of thought I'd never see you again."

"It was okay, I thought there was something going on with you and Rocky. I'm never one to stand between to people like that." She hugged Cece close, knowing that despite seeming okay, she was still hurt.

"Thanks, I needed that. But I think there's nothing to get between anymore. I hadn't even seen her for a week before that. I don't think we're friends anymore. But it's okay. I have you."

"Yes, Cece, you do."

Rocky was speechless. She was positive Cece had said that she didn't feel that way about Michelle. And yet here they were, kissing, not two feet from her. She felt sick to the stomach, and felt a pain deep in her chest. She watched her former best friend walk away, fingers intertwined with Michelle Green's before they stopped, twenty feet away and hugged for what felt like an eternity. If she was honest with herself, Rocky didn't like this. Any of this. But it was her who'd left Cece a wreck in her room, broken. What could she do now?

She felt someone shake her shoulder and turned to her left to look at Ty. He stared at her for a good minute, nodding his head back to the house. Kissing Tinka before he stood up with Rocky. "Sorry babe, Deuce, we'll be back later.

Once back in their house, Ty followed Rocky into her room, shutting the door behind him.

"So, explain. Everything, Roc."

He watched the pain flash through her eyes before she opened her mouth, hesitating before speaking.

"Cece's gay."

Ty shook his head. "I can see that, Rocky."

"She'd been acting strange, and I thought I was losing her. So I went to talk to her in her room last week. And I told her I wanted to know what was going on, everything. I guess it was my fault for asking, for wanting to know. She told me she was gay. That she was dating...Michelle. And then...she..."

Ty stayed quiet, waiting for his little sis to speak again.

"She kissed me, Ty. She said she was only dating Michelle to keep her mind off of me. That she loved me. Was in love with me. I didn't know what to do, ok? I ran. I left her there. I know she was so broken. I can't believe I could hurt her like that. We aren't even friends anymore. I wouldn't be friends with me after what I did...god. It's been a week. I told her, I'd never leave her, Ty. That we'd be friends for our whole lives. And when gives me what I ask for, I leave her? "


"She said she didn't even want Michelle. And then just now, shes kissing her, holding hands, hugging her. I don't understand that. And I don't understand what I'm feeling...don't like it. What am I supposed to do? I know she doesn't care what people think of her, but I do, Ty."

"Forget about that. About what people will say. You need to think about your heart, and about Cece's. That's it. I know you didn't like seeing her with Michelle. Soooo..."

"I'm going to the beach. I have to get to the beach. Get out!"

"What?" Try yelled behind him and he was shoved out of the door.

"I have to change!"

He heard her and nodded going to find Tinka again.

Rocky came flying out of her room a minute later, running out of her house seconds later. She hit the beach in record time, out of breath and sweating. She looked around before seeing Cece and Michelle at the Smoothie bar. She ran, again, over to her.

She spun Cece round on her bar stool, grabbing her smoothie and setting it on the counter before placing her palm on Cece's cheeks and kissing her with all she had.

All those things she missed came rushing back. The smell of her, the sound, the touch, the sight, the taste. She felt herself kissing Rocky back involuntarily before she pushed her off, brown eyes meeting again. She didn't know what to say, how to say...she heard Michelle speaking for her.

"Really, Raquel? Did you think you could just come back and kiss her? That it would make up for leaving her broken hearted? It doesn't! How could you? You promised her that you would never leave."

Cece found herself again, placing a hand on Michelle's, and nodding. She locked her brown eyes with her friends gray before she watched her walk away, knowing she wasn't sure it was a great idea to let Rocky so close.

"She's right Rocky. What makes you think it's okay to just run up here and do that? It's not. I'm not going to let you break me like that. Never again. So you can go back to Deuce and leave me here with someone who isn't going to hurt me, okay?"



"It's not okay. I'm not leaving, ever again." Rocky reached out, grabbing Cece's hand, not letting go when her former best friend tried to pull it away.

"Let go. 'Raquel'." Cece spit out. She'd never called Rocky that, and it tasted bitter on her tongue

"I...I don't really know what this is I'm feeling, Cece. But I'm not letting go." She gently laid Cece's hand over her heart, which also happened to be just about under her breasts, and she involuntarily blushed pink.

"Is that for me? That fluttering? It's a little crazy...erratic."

"Like you. For you."

Cece pulled Rocky's hand to her heart as well, and Rocky looked up when she felt the same thing within Cece she felt within herself.

"What you're feeling, Rocky, they call it love. And I love you too. But I'm not just gonna jump into your arms and let you have me. You hurt me. And you're going to have to work to gain my trust again. I'm sorry, I can't just let you..."

Rocky Grinned. "Ok. I can do that. For starters, let's say we get you out of those shorts."

It was Cece's turn to blush. "Huh?"

"You've been inside for a week, I think you need a tan."

"Oh...yea. I think you're right. Let's find Chelle, then get a spot to hang out." Cece looked around and spotted Michelle rubbing lotion on a girls back. She laughed before wrapping her hand around Rocky's and pulling her up.

"Looks like we're on our own."

Rocky nodded and followed Cece. "Hey, Cece?"


"I Love you."

"I know, Roc. I know."

A/N: So. End Fic. I don't particularly love this. But it is the last Chapter. Worry not, if you'd like a continuation, I intend to do either a one-shot or a 20 drabble collection.