Shadows that Rain

Chapter 1: The Chosen Children Return

It seemed the message three years ago was enough to change anyone's life with being able to play a game to decide your future. The message only having two options 'yes or 'no' gave the player the opportunity something exceeding the boundaries of the human world. It was the digital world. Filled with creatures known as Digital Monsters or Digimon for short, many children had the chance to enter the portal to this unknown dimension those years ago and only six seemed to treasure the fortunate happenings blessed on to them. The remaining took it as none other than a weird dream.

Things had surely died down after the legendary warriors reunited and destroyed the reign of terror known as Lucemon. He had definitely succeeded in being the digital world's strongest enemy until only a few moments ago...


The digital world hadn't seen the downfall of order in such a long time, time in this world was much faster than that of the human world. As an unruly thunderstorm had blown over Ophanimon's castle she was troubled from the fact that she was the one who had authority over the weather in and around her flower filled kingdom. Someone was taking over, a war was beginning, and someone had sent a threat. The thunderstorm roared over blowing fierce winds and acidic rains as the outskirts of the marble stoned castle began to dissolve with contact. The usual mixture yellow and pink hues that filled the sky had become a sewerage green coloured due to the thunderstorm trapping all sunlight.

"What is that sound...?" Ophanimon inquired racing down from her canopy towards the entrance of the castle, a honourable servant descended from the skies above barely avoiding the acidic rain as she landed on the double door entrance to the castle covered with shelter, "Nefertimon, what is happening?"

The flying four-legged feline all expressions void behind her Sphinx like mask she called out, "Lady Ophanimon!"

She mounted on marble tiles in line with Ophanimon sheltering from acidic rain, "It seems a war is heading our's..." Nefertimon paused and bowed down in respect her voice filled with sorrow with what she was about to say, "You should see for yourself..." she coughed up unable to tattle on the enemy.

Ophanimon was confused at her plea, but as so the angel digimon stretched out her wings and took to the grey filled skies. With her senses alerting her of danger it did not take long for her increased vision to notice the dust storm that had not been there seconds just before increasing in speed. She flew further away from the castle to get a better view of the landscape when she analysed it more carefully it was revealed to be several familiar looking Digimon rampaging.

In the far distance one seemed to be behind leading the herd of mixed Digimon, its size quite small compared to some of the Digimon in the dust storm. Thrusting a blue arm out and raging with words unable to be heard from Ophanimon's distance she saw the shining gold armour which covered the blue skinned reptilian, she floated in the air before coming to her senses and murmuring, "Who is that?"

The celestial Digimon returned to her original stand from the castle's entrance and stared at Nefertimon with an obscure look, Nefertimon looked up with deepest apologies, "Its Magnamon malady."

"The Ancient Royal Knight?" Ophanimon questioned.

Nefertimon nodded and awaited for orders, "Round the digimon in the castle and tell them to flee, the castle is coming down!" Ophanimon ordered raising her right arm to the side.

"I am not disobeying orders but Lady Ophanimon, what do you intend to do?" Nefertimon stared as Ophanimon summoned her Javelin in her right arm and a shield in the other, "You can't be thinking of fighting?"

"I do, but first Nefertimon I need to trust something over to you," Ophanimon turned her head around and a ball of colourful lights appeared each with a marking of the legendary spirits in her custody; Fire, Ice, and Thunder in her left arm handing it over to Nefertimon as the light dispersed and left behind a bejewelled collar with a egg like charm with green clawed feet and a silver body.

"What is this?" Nefertimon raised her head trying to receive a better view of the floating object. On her word the collar opened and wrapped itself around Nefertimon's neck.

"This holds the spirits of Fire, Ice and Thunder in those gem slits you see, and the charm hanging off is the Digimental of Light. It will allow you to camouflage amongst the humans.

"Humans? I won't leave you! Lady Ophanimon! You can't fight." Nefertimon refused to accept the place her leader was choosing.

Ophanimon ignored her support, she had a set mind and was going to do whatever for it to be achieved, "Take it! Find a Trailmon to take you to the human world and find the humans who can house the legendary warriors. This light will guide you! Now go and keep the spirits safe with your life." Ophanimon graced her final words and took to the storm infested sky.

The celestial digimon knew the position she had placed herself in, but she was not about to lose hope in the peace of the digital world. She worded under her breath, "For the sake of the digital world!" And charged for the stampede ahead with all the courage she possessed.


"8th Grade" the brunette sighed only to look up at the sky smiling down on him, "It's such a nice day...I hate the fact we get stuck going to school."

The one complaining was none other than the 14 year old navy blue middle school uniform wearing boy known as Takuya Kanbara. Matured and reached a good height slightly shorter than the twins and exceeding Izumi, he walked sluggishly in his unbuttoned navy blue jacket embodied with Shibuya Middle School's crest and untucked white blouse underneath stopping at the footing of a flight on concrete stairs which lead up to the bakery he often favoured. His grey creased pants hanging below covering most of his untied red converse shoes. His auburn hair swayed in the autumn breeze. His chocolate eyes squinted as he stared far beyond the sun in the distance as two silhouettes waited for him across the street waiting in front of the bakery. Takuya gulped knowing these two figures quite well.

"Takuya!" the demanding voice of Kouji rang impatiently tapping his leather covered feet and tensing up a fist as he spotted Takuya's bobbing head hit the peak of the stairs.

The Warrior of Light manoeuvred into crossing his arms sternly and waited for Takuya to cross the zebra crossing to their side of the road. The raven haired looked over to his twin as his side bangs contacted with his face and sighed, "Why is he always so late?"

Kouichi merely shrugged feeling slightly constricted wearing his navy blue buttoned blazer and red tightening tie around his neck, "What can you do? It's Takuya." His blue eyes transferred from Kouji to the running recklessly Takuya with a hand scratching his neck obviously embarrassed about being late.

"You better have a valid excuse," Kouji muttered scratching his head lightly and rolling his eyes.

"Sorry, sorry, got caught up with something at home," Takuya tried to explain, his real reason wanting to be kept a secret. He had already gotten scolded by his mother for waking up late, he did not want to receive another one from Kouji and surely later by Izumi.

The twins at the age of 13 – 14 in two months time; both shook their heads disagreeing. Kouji first to speak up looked over at the bakery, he moaned before caringly inquired "I'm assuming you skipped breakfast as well?"

Takuya sheepishly smiled and earned a slap on the back of his from Kouji, Takuya lost balance almost falling, but swinging into a spin and returning on two feet in between Kouji and Kouichi, somehow. The brunet shot back up angrily with fists ready to send a punch or two, "Why the heck you hit me in the head so early in the morning for!"

"Keep it quiet, it's still morning and you're scaring away Mrs. Nagati's customers," Kouichi explained, using his hands in a vertical motion to calm Takuya down meanwhile Takuya flustered out of embarrassment at the stares he was receiving from the few people waiting in a queue by the counter at the rear of the shop. He nodded apologetically and turned back to face the twins.

"It's your entire fault Kouji!" Takuya grunted.

Kouji snuffed air in Takuya's face and acted like nothing in the world could affect him. Kouichi now felt it was his place to step in and opened the door to the bakery before pausing and gesturing for Takuya to hop in and grab a fibre filled snack so they could make their way to school, "Takuya, get in there and buy something please. If you keep arguing we'll be late for school."

"It's only school, sheesh," Takuya mocked childishly before walking in and allowing the twins some peace for the few minutes they had.

Kouichi could only offer a remorseful look to his brother hoping he would cool down before they entered school, "He can be a bit of a handful."

"I don't understand why we wait for him every morning when we know he's going to be late automatically," Kouji retorted.

"It's been the same pattern for a year, so get used to it," Kouichi smirked, "And, hey it's Takuya."

"Let's pray this year be different," Kouji sighed in defeat. Kouichi laughed in return.


The sun had hit the centre of the sky filling the room with an uncomfortable heat. In math class led by Mr. Nagehiko Takuya sat mindlessly leaning on his elbow allowing the words of the teacher to pour into one ear and out the other. He shook off a fly that had taken a comfortable seat on his nose. In doing so he grumbled having to shift out of his position, it was the start of autumn so there was still heat and humidity lingering in the air.

He felt his blazer begin to stick to his back and decided to pull it off wrapping it around his wooden study chair. Sitting in the far right corner, the teacher didn't pay attention to his absent mind; Takuya's gaze fell upon the long haired blonde sitting in front. A draft blew in and her hair swayed with it mesmerising Takuya – the brunet took a moment to entrap his senses of the beauty that carried the hair. A student sitting beside the blonde kept a close eye on Takuya and smiled cheekily.

Takuya had been admiring the Warrior of Wind for quite some time until their stumpy teacher addressed everyone, "Class, I'm stepping outside to get some notes from the staffroom. Stay quiet and do not leave your seats."

He concluded with posture perfect and marching in an army fashion outside the classroom, Takuya sighed to himself, "Like hell he's returning back."

The blonde in front caught his words and giggled lightly rotating her head to see the brunet almost depressed, "Cheer up," she chuckled, "Mr. Nagehiko is only doing his job."

Takuya raised his eyes at the smiling girl, watching her green eyes sparkle in the sunlight and blonde hair glisten. She made the tacky school uniform look fashionable with two red bobby pins pushing her side fringe to the side. She wore the same blue blazer as the boys but a red ribbon around the collar instead of the recommended tie which Takuya missed out on. White blouse underneath tucked into to her tartan blue pleated skirt, to compliment the thin grey lines in the skirt she wore thigh long socks with a red ring around the rim completed with brown leather shoes.

Izumi could lighten up his mood anytime, he vouched to continue seeing her smile, "His job..."he chuckled not believing a word, "More like enjoying some coffee and skipping the rest of the period."

"Just be relieved he's gone," Zoe sighed, "Badmouthing won't get you anywhere."

"The same as being a maths teacher," Takuya retorted falling on to his other arm as Izumi shared a yawn with him, a smirk grew on Takuya, "There! That proves this classes make you sleepy!"

She covered her mouth and eyed Takuya suspiciously, "My brain just needed some oxygen."

"You're sitting right next to an open window," Takuya shot back instantly.

Izumi sighed hopelessly admitting defeat. Her head raised once more to see Takuya on the brink of falling asleep with his planted in his arms slouching on the table, "I wish I could drop maths!" he groaned.

"To play soccer all day?" the blonde joked, "I don't get why you despise maths so much, you do pretty well in, coming from someone who doesn't study?"

"I wish..." Takuya stared up at the ceiling, "I guess it comes naturally – like you and the arts...if I were to hold a paint brush I'd probably end up painting with the stick end instead of the hairy side."

Izumi giggled a little more, there seemed to be something about his clueless personality that made her smile throughout the day, "You know the hairy side is made up of bristles," she paused glancing at the doorway before turning her attention back at Takuya, "Doesn't seem like Mr. Nagehiko is coming any time soon..."

At her words Takuya's head shot up feeling the call of nature ringing, "I have to go to the bathroom!" he announced nearly to the entire class. Izumi face palmed and then shook her head worriedly, "Isn't it possible to wait fifteen minutes till the end of this class?"

"I have to go to the bathroom, if the teacher returns tell him I've gone to the bathroom," The brunette requested standing out of his seat attracting several students' attention and lowered his head running through the labyrinth of desks and seats to the sliding door.

"You're going to get in trouble..." Izumi sighed once more and then returned her position to the front only to be interrupted by her friend Ami sitting in the seat beside her. "What?"

Ami smirked glaring at her and stared at the empty seat where Takuya had been seated, "Is there anything going on between you two?"

"What do you mean?" Izumi asked bluntly unaware of the position Ami was putting her on. The blonde stared at her confused and then stared at the empty seat realising who she was implying towards, "What! No?" Her voice had settled down as she realised people staring at her and then returned to their own conversations.

"You can't hide it; your face is all red." Ami's bangs bobbed up and down as she moved closer to the blonde and pointed the index finger suspiciously, "There's no way you two are so close without a special reason. You two got on pretty well at the start of 7th grade despite not coming from the same grade school."

Izumi had to admit the two were really close with each other and hung out a lot more often than she hung out with her female friends, but he was nothing more than a friend right?

The special reason was due to the digital world and nothing more, right? She shook her head to the thought and replied, "We're just...I don't know..."

"Well you better decide soon otherwise some other girl is going to take him, he's got everything – the skin, toned, decent grades and the star player on the soccer team...but he can be a bit of a goof ball at times," Ami analysed and described every possible aspect of the teenager, "But I guess that goofy side of him makes him cute, he seemed to enjoy the present you gave him for his birthday, more than the others?"

"It was just a soccer ball," Izumi flustered lightly, "And he loves Soccer so why wouldn't he?"

"A soccer ball with his name printed on it," Ami confronted her, "I've seen him playing with it on the school grounds at times. And I see the way he watches you when you're not looking. He's so in to you and you're into him."

"I guess he's cute..." Izumi admitted without realising. And then she focused on the face Ami was pulling her and she flushed red even brighter than before, "Ami! I hate you!"

Ami sheepishly chuckled, she loved putting Izumi on the spot. She had been there for Izumi on day one of middle school, like a sister and cared for her like one which also meant the teasing was an essential tactic from time to time in their sisterhood, "You're welcome; anyway you better say something to him soon otherwise -" Ami made a claw shape with her hand and growled, "I'll take him away."

"Ami!" Izumi shouted. The brunette bob hair friend couldn't help but laugh her way out of it.


Takuya decided to take a seat on the roof above the school building and enjoy the fresh air until the bell for the start of lunch was to begin. The chances of their teacher returning before the end of the class were highly unlikely and so he took advantage of the situation. The sun was bright and strong on his face but his wild hair shaded his eyes from the bright light. Today had a different feel whether it was in the air or just the joy of missing the last five minutes of class.

"I better be careful, I might fall asleep," Takuya chuckled to himself lightly and sat up from his lying position and stared at the outstanding view he had over the city of Shibuya, "Every time I look over I can see Shibuya station."

Takuya lifted himself up from his slump position and walked over to the high fences separating him between the boundaries of being safe or in danger. He secured his hands in the holes of the fence and allowed the breeze to sink through his hair.

"So much for ever seeing the other side again," Takuya murmured before feeling a vibrating sensation coming from his leg.

Suddenly a piercing sound began to screech, it was quiet an erect one and discreet to familiarize the certain tone. Is that...He found the source and took out his black cell phone from his pocket and stared at it. It had been three years without any contact and out of the blue there was Ophanimon's symbol in black and white jittering around like the first time he ever saw it. Was it coincidence that Takuya was on the doubts of putting the Digital World behind him and moving on with life?


The sense from looking at his phone gave the message to stare back at Shibuya Station. There was sweep of adrenaline pouring through his body, something was appearing from the spot as a gush of wind blew passed his head as if telling Takuya that something was coming. Takuya immediately reacted and bolted down the emergency exit stairs and raced back to his classroom opening the door recklessly to find everyone staring at their cell phones oblivious to the real message behind it.

Since Izumi had experience with the symbol in the past she was already half way out of her seat noticing Takuya at the door. She raced outside and shut the door behind her giving Takuya a stern look.

"From the panicked look you're getting, I assume you got the message as well," Takuya interpreted.

"And so did everyone in the class," Izumi informed.

Takuya bit his lower lip for a bit before looking around the hallway and back at his cell phone – the signal still visibly there.

"We have to cut school and hurry over to Shibuya Station," Takuya hurriedly mentioned.

"Shibuya Station? What for? Why?" Izumi raced with questions keeping her cell phone tightly in her hand, "We can't school for whatever reason."

"Just call it a gut feeling, and plus school won't be anything if the Digital World is in danger again," Takuya rationalised before earning a convinced nod from the blonde.

"Okay then, the sooner the better I guess then – despite the fact if we get busted will be in big trouble," Izumi wavered.

"What's the worst that can happen, a week of afterschool detention? A call to our parents?" Takuya versed, "We'll need to split up, you take the twins from class, while I'll fetch Junpei and Tomoki. Meet at the front entrance."

Takuya ordered and ran back to the firescape to hit the higher level of the building, which is where the 9th graders attended their classes. Takuya luckily noticed Junpei in a state of panic as he was racing down the hallway, his face lighted up when he took notice of Takuya carrying his cell phone in hand.

"Junpei!" Takuya called out pointing his finger towards his phone for identification. The eldest out of the group raised his phone and nodded in return, Takuya sighed, "Glad I found you right away."

Over the three year period life had been more promising to Junpei; he had taken up hockey as a community sport and developed a healthy lifestyle. Losing most of the excess weight, he enjoyed life more on this end. His hair neat for school, wearing full correct high school uniform roughly half a head standing over Takuya as he stood smiling.

"It's Ophanimon's symbol Takuya," Junpei stated the blind obvious.

"I know already, and it seems everyone else has received one as well," Takuya mentioned sternly, "Which means we have to check this emergency out a.s.a.p."

"What's the plan?" Junpei questioned.

"Ditching school and heading to Shibuya Station," Takuya said briefly, "No buts about your school record, if we go quickly now while everyone is caught with their phones we can make it back in time to resolve the issue and be back in class."

"B-B-, we just can't ditch class!" Junpei hesitated at first before confiding to his beliefs.

"There won't be a class if it's a saving the world issue," Takuya reasoned breaking out into a run heading for the staircase, "Now let's get our butts moving, we're meeting Izumi and the twins down by the front school gate."

Junpei followed behind, "What about Tomoki?"

Takuya turned his head to face the elder boy, "I'll get him from next door, you meet with the others."

JP listened with a few nasty commented in mind, but took control and reasoned with Takuya as they split at their shoe lockers. Takuya into his red converse shoes heading for Shibuya Elementary and Junpei into a pair of black leather slip-ons headed for the others.

"I thought Takuya was meant to be with you Junpei," Kouji inquired as Junpei joined the three.

"He went through the side entrance to be faster, he said for us to wait outside Tomoki's elementary school and be ready to run when he comes with Tomoki, "Junpei informed.

"If we all land in trouble for missing school and there's nothing important behind all this well then he's screwed," Kouji threatened.

"Are you telling me you're not excited in the least to possibly going back to the Digital World?" Kouichi asked.

"If we are going back, I just wished we had time to change into something other than school uniform," Izumi opinionated tugging on her blazer.

The four scurried passed the gate and into the walkway filled with out-of-blooming cherry trees, each holding a slightly guilty conscious for cutting school – but holding in mind to what could possibly be more important they were able to remain calm.


Taking back ways and alleys to finally reach the back double gate of the elementary school, Takuya leant over his knees puffing with one hand grasped on to the gate for support. He looked up and sighed, "I just hope I don't bump into any teachers or Shinya for that matter here. Then I'm screwed."

Takuya scurried into one of the buildings remembering his old classroom placement for grade six and went to their assigned hallway of classes. Upon turning the corner he head collided with a small boy. The brunet rashly yelled and upon opening his eyes noticed a friendly face currently clasping his forehead with both hands.

"Tomoki!" Takuya called. The lighter haired brunet stared back with emerald eyes as he paced his hands around the ground looking for his white school cap. Once he placed it on his head he dusted his black shorts and hugged Takuya.

Upon letting go Tomoki questioned, "Takuya, what are you doing here?"

"Here to get you, we all got the message. We have to head over to Shibuya Station immediately," Takuya insisted.


Travelling through the back route Takuya took to lead into the school, they soon crossed a zebra crossing and found themselves having circle the entire elementary school just to reach the front unnoticed by students or teachers.

Tomoki hands on his knees began longing for air as they met with everyone else.

"Good, so we're all here," Junpei clarified.

"It looks like the both of you ran a marathon," Kouji analysed.

"You could say close enough," Takuya joked.

"Okay now that we're all here, we shouldn't waste anymore time," Kouichi reminded.

"I was getting to that," Takuya responded.

"What is going on at Shibuya Station exactly?" Tomoki felt the need to speak up. He hadn't been able to do so running almost at lightning speed trying to catch up with Takuya.

"I'd like to know that as well," Kouji rested an arm on his hip.

"Just call it a gut feeling, and plus there's no other way we know of how to enter the Digital World that Shibuya Station Basement level," Takuya tried to explain.

"That's how I pass all my tests," Kouji noted sarcastically earning a laugh from the rest of the group except Tomoki.

"Now's not the time to be joking," Takuya bitterly responded causing the group to go silent.


The gang panted for air sprinting the whole way from school to the fifteen minute away train station. Junpei not the most athletic was on his knees whilst Tomoki and Izumi leaned against the wall outside the station to catch a breath as large crowds continued to walk past not noticing students in bright uniform.

"We're here, and nothing's happening Takuya," Kouichi analysed scanning the place for any Digital life.

"The station seems normal to me..." Tomoki added making things more negative on Takuya's shoulders unintentionally.

As if upon Tomoki's words the lights illuminating the station blacked out. All of Shibuya Station electronics had instantly stopped working. A few yelps and angry growls at the foundation of the place only left room for Takuya to smile while the rest of the group stared in awe at their wrong judgements of Shibuya Station being their wrong destination.

Takuya's eyes first on the blinding light coming from the corner passed the ticket terminals it formed into a beam before tailing out and dashing passed the warriors.

"I don't need glasses do I?" Izumi wondered her head still tilted in the direction of the light.

"Don't stand around, follow it!" Takuya immediately reacted taking the lead and not letting their chance of seeing any form of Digimon again out of his sight. It turned a corner he closely tailed as the others were not too far behind.

"I guess your gut was right this time," Kouji confessed – something difficult for him.

After a few minutes, it was beginning to become a wild goose chase, Takuya and the twins still able to run for a little longer turned to see Tomoki, Izumi and Junpei loosing speed rapidly behind them. Tomoki had his hands on his knees coughing and panting for some oxygen into his lungs – the others weren't too far off that as well.

"" Tomoki spoke between wheezes of air. His hand pressing against his ribs feeling stitches and cringing at the pain.

"I'll wait with Tomoki here, you guys go follow Takuya before he gets himself into trouble." Izumi affirmed informing Junpei in the twins. It seems Takuya had been oblivious to Tomoki's plea which lightly saddened him.

"Thanks Izumi," Kouichi responded and took lead of the two teenage boys following after an insane brunet chasing a beam of light.

Takuya had managed to do something correct for once as Kouji caught up to his brother and Junpei shortly as they waited at the opening of an alleyway, it was dark – sunlight blocked from the large building beside. The only light source coming from what seemed the beam of light now forming into a cat like shape, it had been trapped.

The Warrior of Flame deeper in the alleyway watched at the light dispersed and left behind a blue eyed white feline with a thick bejewelled collar around its neck. His eyes immediately lit up on the symbol of Fire on a red jewel on the collar of this creature. Takuya pulled out his cell phone and watched it light up in conjunction with the lighting up of the creature, as the light dissolved it left behind a device that he had used many times in his past.

"My digivice," Takuya chimed a smile growing on his face. 'We're needed again' he cheered in thought.

A hologram appeared out of the digivice slightly startling Takuya as the twins joined him off both shoulders and Junpei coming in closely behind. A figure of the creature before them appeared and with a brief record of data Takuya read the information.

"A Tailmon," he spoke.

"A Digimon in the Human World," Kouji stated, "I thought it wasn't possible."

The first time witnessing a creature from that world in three years, the white fur ball uncurled and stretched out its tail and opened its blue eyes to spot the smiling goggle head. She witnessed the digivice in his hands and stuttered, "Are you a previous spirit holder?"

"The warrior of flame." Takuya gleamed.

"I...have a request from...Lady Ophanimon." Tailmon had deep emotions in her request. Given time the Tomoki and Izumi caught up.

"I-Is that a digimon?" Tomoki asked as a smile grew on his face bigger than he could imagine.

Kouji crouched low to inspect this case clearer he had gotten over the surprise in a matter of moments. Tailmon grew weary until Takuya comforted her, "Relax Tailmon. These guys were once Legendary Warriors as well" Takuya reassured her as she stood up boldly to the taller beings, "So you were saying about Ophanimon?"

Tailmon felt a little nervous and shy in front of the six so she climbed on to a stack of boxes for height and a boost of confidence as she addressed herself, "I am Tailmon, Lady Ophanimon's servant. From a recent rage, she moved on with life sacrificing herself, her last words were to me to gather the Legendary Warriors. It looks like you have all found me instead."

"Did you say Ophanimon died?" Izumi gasped.

Tailmon nodded saddened and was offered a shoulder by Takuya.

."The Digital World is in trouble; the Royal Knights are back and wreaking havoc."

"And you need us to fight again." Kouji finished her sentence.

The remaining five stared at each other about what was beginning to happen and fall into place before them. Tailmon agreed to Kouji's statement before determined faces spread onto all of them.


To be continued...