Shadows that Rain

Chapter 19: Orders are orders.

The Digital train terminal under Shibuya Station had been left in shambles, observed by sharp yellow eyes. The blue armoured Digimon MirageGaogamon had returned to the scene of his comrade Rosemon's death. He never appreciated her hard work, nor would he ever with the very fear even in the afterlife would the ego of that female Digimon haunt him. In conclusion he was quite happy Rosemon had been taken care of, it saved him from having to do it later on.

Though despite his hatred towards this comrade, it meant he had to put in twice the effort due to orders from above. Why he continued to pursue after the Leader's order, he always questioned. That question then always left him with the answer he had come up with, to fulfil his goal. To seek revenge on the Human Corporation that had taken advantage of him during his younger years.

He clenched his hand around a rose petal cursing something under his breath.

"Humans, continuously thinking they are the superior being. It makes me hate them more than I already do," MirageGaogamon grunted, his gaze fell back on the crumpled rose petal, "Rosemon was smart in enslaving those humans to do her bidding. Perhaps I should follow up with what she had in mind."

The Digimon raised his head at a noise moving against the rubble. There were the two humans who had been forced to burden the Spirits of Earth and Wood, his eyes narrowed at their awakening. Upon impulse his arms crossed over each other as they began to glow.

"Double Crescent Mirage!" he roared.

Two powerful crescents hurled at the unaware humans sending them flying across the terminal until they vanished amongst the light. His cruel ways ending the lives of the innocent humans, MirageGaogamon laughed at the sight. He admitted he was sick in the head, just like all other humans in his opinion. He was raised by them, and so it was normal to follow in their footsteps. He teleported his way out of the terminal to the sky above Shibuya Station gathering information on the daily routines of humans as they entered and left the station.

"So dull," he murmured before sending another pair of Crescent Waves at all the humans in his radius. The bright after light lasted for a few seconds before it dissolved and showed a deserted setting. His cold eyes smiled in triumph of how easy it was to avenge Rosemon and rid of this race. He had been in the Human World many times – each time making his heart colder.

A few seconds after the attack, the Evil Digimon felt a twinge in his body. The spirits he harboured on him were reacting to something, as if sending out signals to another vessel. What was this feeling? He asked himself.

He opened out his palms and summoned the spirits in the form of orbs before him. The Spirit of Earth in his right, and the Spirit of Wood in his left. Down below him on the cement tiled flooring were two teenagers, their features were similar to each other, only one was male, tanned, and taller by several inches wearing a chain with a key charm on top of a grey sleeveless hooded jumper with black leggings. The other teenager was female and shorter. She had sandy blonde hair like the male beside her but instead of in a spikey up-do, her hair was in two pig tails and the same gleaming golden eyes. The female was wearing a purple frilly dress top with puffy sleeves, white leggings held up by a butterfly buckled brown belt and knee high black leather boots completing her attire.

"Why are these two humans still here?" MirageGaogamon questioned.

The two humans looked just as confused as themselves, but soon enough the orbs in his palms began to vibrate and released from his grip attaching themselves to each human. The male was wrapped in the orange glow of the Earth Spirit while the girl was encased in a brown glow of the Wood Spirit.

MirageGaogamon merely watched. He had found a way to follow up Rosemon's old plans.

"Hey, Takuya mind actually helping?" Junpei waved his hands for attention watching the younger brunet bask about daydreaming at the night sky. Junpei sighed and leant over to pick up a thick branch to be used as firewood, the amount of times he had called upon Takuya in the last five minutes didn't change.

"What's wrong with him?" Agnimon asked sharing the same view of the older brunet.

"Beats me," Junpei shrugged assembling the firewood in his arms so they didn't poke into his body and irritate him during the walk back to the campsite, Junpei then sighed, "Shouldn't you be able to tell what's wrong with him Agnimon? You're his spirit partner."

"If I were in spirit form, but now I'm human like you guys," Agnimon excused.

Takuya tumbled over an overgrown root, snapping him back to his senses. Agnimon offered his partner a hand. Takuya looked around completely clueless. He had dirt all over his face completely unaware.

Junpei groaned at his actions, "What's wrong with you Takuya? You're spacing out more than usual."

"Is that even possible?" Agnimon teased.

Takuya sheepishly grinned, "I don't space out that much?"

"Not unless you have a good reason to?" Junpei pried, "You have anything on your mind."

"It's something small…but I was thinking what would happen once Examon leaves my digivice…does Agnimon go back to being a spirit or remain the way he is?" Takuya pondered tapping a finger against his chin.

"Who knows?" Agnimon murmured not knowing whether it'd be different if that were the case. He was feeling neutral about the whole idea.

"The thought has occasionally passed my mind, what gave Agnimon the ability to become human anyway? I'd understand if he were a hologram…" Junpei paused attempting to run a hand through the blonde haired solid being, "but he isn't."

"I can use the five sense of sight, hearing, feel, smell and taste, plus there's my super strength," Agnimon murmured.

"I just wish everything would go back to normal," Takuya claimed scratching the back of his head frustratingly, "It makes my head hurt on a daily basis."

Agnimon looked down at his feet, another thing he had forgotten to mention about becoming human – the fact they became sensitive easily. 'Just wish everything would go back to normal, huh' the Human Warrior thought to himself.

"I wonder if all the other Legendary Warriors have the ability to become human," Junpei pondered, his thoughts wondered imagining Blitzmon as an adult. He'd make a good football player.

'Takuya, can you smell that?' Examon questioned.

"Smell wha-" Takuya's head turned quickly to the left to catch a the tips of a flowing white cape. With a blink of an eye, the creature had vanished, "I could have sworn I saw something move."

Junpei was removed from his imagination as he caught Takuya staring off into the far distance, his words a murmur to his ear so he questioned the younger brunet on what was happening.

"Something just flew overboard in the direction of Kouji and Izumi," Takuya's jaw tensed, deeply exhaling before turning to face Junpei.

"Is it just me or has the temperature suddenly increased?" Junpei fanned himself with his hand, the unexpected heat distracting him from replying to anything else.

"It's a fire."

Takuya and Junpei gave Agnimon undecided on his judgement.

"Flaremon is back!" Examon growled from the digivice.

"So soon," Takuya protested, his fists tensed "We should hurry back."

Junpei eyed Takuya; the two read each other's mind before spirit evolving, "Quickly!"

"This fire isn't too far away and looks like it's spreading rapidly," Blitzmon noted feeling the heat conduct through his armour and heat up what was underneath the bodysuit. As he and Agnimon dashed through the trees knocking through anything that blocked their path – the fire weakened both the trees and Blitzmon - resulting in him slowing down.

Agnimon on the other hand was completely comfortable in the heat, it was his element after all. He felt rather pumped, determined to rescue his friends unknown of their current status.

Continuing on, while Blitzmon came to a pause at a tree, the intensity scolding his armoured fingertips as a sudden figure dropped down from the sky above stopping Agnimon in his path, Takuya cleverly side-stepped the orange creature though before being clobbered.

"You really think you can handle the heat?" A familiar voice had entered the premises.

"It's Flaremon!" Bokomon cried running away from the source of the fire, with Neemon being dragged along.

"We're finishing him off this time!" Junpei unaware of Bokomon and Neemon's arrival launched from the ground and shouldered the flame beast. He expected it catching Blitzmon off guard as he had to use all he could to restrain from colliding with the two little Digimon, Bokomon squirmed in his unique language and Neemon yelled monotonely.

"Trouble!" Neemon recalled.

"You don't say," Takuya sarcastically replied.

"Kouji and Izumi," Neemon corrected.

"What about them?" As Agnimon Takuya's fists tightened at the hearing of their names and decided to pull out his digivice. Reading on the screen that Flaremon was nothing than a mere perfect level he took the chance to slide evolve into Vritramon crucial in having the upper hand while Junpei distracted him temporarily.

Vritramon blew off some steam, retracted his talons and went in for the kill, "One attack should do the trick."

"Don't underestimate him...he caused this fire! "Bokomon reminded smartly hiding behind some thick tree roots along with Neemon.

"Got it!" Takuya chuckled, a little bit of Examon possessing the boy in seek of revenge, "We can end this together Examon."

'Was just thinking the same thing.'

"Takuya's been scaring me lately," Neemon brought up, this was one of the rare moments where his brain took over.

"You and me both Neemon," Bokomon agreed.

"Crimson Beast-King Wave!"

A searing heatwave emitted from the direction of Flaremon sending Blitzmon hurling and skidding across the floor in front of Bokomon and Neemon. It was like a tag match, one opponent went in with energy while the other taken out with a power attack. Bokomon immediately ran in to report to Blitzmon's burns.

"Are you alright Junpei-han?" Bokomon inquired.

Blitzmon was already grabbing the dirt in his palms as he pulled himself to get up. Smoke emitting off of the Digimon's armour.

"You're not fit to go back in the fight" the white Digimon advised receiving a grunt in return from the Warrior of Thunder. Junpei was acting just as stubborn as Takuya had before, the stubbornness he despised so much. He was falling to the level of a hypocrite.

Junpei felt like something was toying with his inner emotions.

Neemon did the first thoughtless action that never entered his mind and pulled on Blitzmon's left leg trying to prevent him from getting up. Blitzmon growled, "Neemon would you get off!"

The yellow rabbit hugged the armoured leg even tighter. Bokomon followed in the taller Digimon's footsteps now attaching himself to the right leg. Junpei's eyes widened at the sudden contact, he had to calm his mind. There was no reason to be losing himself, for the moment though he needed to be smart and strategise a way to receive the upper hand. His first action to stop the fire from pursuing any more damage, now what would do that.

In the nature lightning usually played an important part in starting this natural disaster. Takuya wielded fire, but how could he use it to their advantage. Takuya's fire could act as a counter to the fire cancelling it out altogether…or managing to create an even bigger one.

"Sorry Neemon and Bokomon for the scare," Blitzmon softened pulling himself up slowly to his feet. There he stood and paused watching the scenario play out before him. The two smaller Digimon were a bit cautious at first before getting off and returning to their position behind the safety of the bush.

Vritramon and Flaremon were sending even throws and fiery punches at each other. Both uniform in speed, Blitzmon hatched up an idea.


"What does he plan on doing?" Bokomon inquired rhetorically.

Vritramon glided to the right with the help of his wings narrowly missing a sizzled sear to his skin. With only a brief moment to attend to Blitzmon's call he turned his head and asked, "What's wrong?"

"There still seems to be no sign of Izumi and Kouji," he hinted.

"So you suggest one of us go look for them?" Takuya corresponded.

Blitzmon nodded. Flaremon was taking notice of the conversation wondering whether he could use their weakness to his advantage, he took a few slow steps, the leaves and gravel underneath his feet smoking under his body temperature.

"I can feel it getting hotter," Blitzmon held under pressure.

"Then let me take Flaremon on," Takuya beckoned, "The heat doesn't bother me as much."

"No, you have to go look for the others in the fire," Blitzmon informed.

Vritramon blew out some steam, cooling his insides, he looked from Flaremon to the fire and then back at Blitzmon, "How are you going to fend off against Flaremon?"

"I'm getting offended here Takuya," Blitzmon laughed it off, "I'm the older one, it's about time I decided to take responsibility and improve my leadership skills."

Takuya acknowleded the fact Junpei wanted to prove his worth, during the earlier battle with Flaremon and Duftmon he never had much of a chance to help out but rather cause more arguments. Letting him settle the score seemed like a good idea while he set out to search for the others.

"Alright then," Vritramon agreed and took to the skies, a bird's eye view was his best shot at trying to spot the two.

Flaremon was standing proudly on the branch of a large tree, one with a large foundation, looking down on the warriors. The perfect level Digimon decided to provoke having heard the warriors' earlier conversation, "There were a few scrawny looking things panicking before the fire got the best of them."

"Stop trying to mess with my head," Blitzmon shook his head in disagreement. His mind playing out an imaginary scenario of Izumi easily getting away by flying as Fairymon and Kouji easily skidding out of there as Garmmon – Blitzmon looked up at the fiery lion in confidence, "There's no way those two would die from such a weak attack."

Flaremon chuckled amorally, "Your kind can rot in hell."

"Show me your worst!" Blitzmon gestured for the lion to attack as his body simultaneously charged up an electrical surge ready to be released on contact.

"It'd be my," Flaremon roared furiously, an orange glow overcoming him. The fire within a twenty metre radius seemed to be absorbed back into the maniacal creature, and then a ring of fractal code appeared. His figure changed significantly, from a beast like form to something more human – the Digimon continued to roar as the glowing light dissolved and left behind a 8 ft creature in it's place. Blitzmon shook in his place when the creature looked quite similar to Agnimon in places, a long blonde mane from his head reaching the floor. His body was covered entirely in red, orange and yellow armour, with black straps and metal bands holding everything in its place. Two arch shaped blades seared with flames behind his back encasing an orange orb which seemed to be the center of his power. His lion jaw opening significantly, "Pleasure." An evil grin plastered on his face.

"You're at ultimate level now," Blitzmon regretted taunting the once powerful Flaremon. His thoughts cursed him as he looked down on his abilities. There was no way Borgmon could win over this, let alone Blitzmon. He regretted sending Takuya off into the fire – he needed the extra help. He was out of his element, needed to protect Bokomon and Neemon. As seconds went by his duties as the 'oldest' and seemingly most 'responsible' seemed to overshadow what he once stood for.

"Junpei!" Bokomon tried calling his dear friend back to reality.

"Arrow of Apollo!"

Blitzmon's emerald eyes shot wide open he narrowly missed two twin fiery arrows shot from the gems on Apollomon's gauntlets.

"I-I can't do this," he stuttered, his lack of faith slowing down his abilities, "This time for real I'm going to die."

"Punch!" Bokomon leaped through his place hidden in the bushed and tried to land a strong as punch as he could. He failed in causing any damage, but succeeded in bringing back his attention to reality.

"Bokomon?" carrying Bokomon in his two hands, Blitzmon questioned the white Digimon's actions.

"Please have more faith in your actions Junpei," the small Digimon claimed, "You're a legendary warrior!

"I can't believe my mind was doubting the abilities of the Spirits of Thunder," Blitzmon rattled his brain trying to remove any negative thoughts from his mind.

"You almost had Neemon in tears," Bokomon humorously commented.

"I'm sorry y-."

"You can save your sappy talks for when your burning in hell you rotten traitors," Apollomon raged, the branch that once supported Flaremon's size now snapping under pressure. It gave Blitzmon a short moment to turn the tables. He grabbed Neemon and smiled cheekily at the creature launching him at Apollomon like a cannon ball.

"Junpei are you crazy!" Bokomon went mad until he heard the Warrior's plan.

"What usually happens just after Neemon tears up?" Blitzmon laughed at the insane plan.

Bokomon was speechless, he had had to deal with this issue of him many time in the past. It was the ultimate torture. Little did everyone that Neemon's gas would be the very saviour they needed to defeat Apollomon – a little gross but it was the best they had on such short notice.

Neemon hit Apollomon like a pancake to a frypan. Blitzmon counted for a few seconds before whistling like sound was released, it required acute hearing to be able to hear it. Apollomon's senses being based on that of a lion's was able to hear it loud and clear.

Apollomon raged from the disturbing gas as it fuelled the fire; the gas was Junpei's chance to land an attack; to land his special move, a powerful stream of electrons buzzing around ready to be released on contact with the orange lion.

"Lightning Bomber!"

His beetle horn scooping Apollomon off the ground and sending an electrical charge through its body, Blitzmon quickly grabbed Neemon by the pants and flew over to gently place him on the ground beside Bokomon; still trying to make sense of the battle strategy that had just taken place.

The powerful enemy landed with a thud, he stood back on to his feet, posture upright and a glare that sent chills down the two smaller Digimon in the vicinity.

"Are you just going to sit there and slowly melt away you piece of scrap metal?" Apollomon taunted jumping back giving a few feet distance between the two digimon, "You're friend's been in that fire for a while now..."

Blitzmon squinted, not falling for anymore devious games by this ruthless lion. Just what did him and his master Duftmon want to begin with. Ever since the group had come to the Digital World they had been told nothing other than that the Royal Knights were nothing but bad news and had been opposing the Celestial Warriors. If they were so defiant why didn't the Celestial Digimon rid of them in their early stages of planning.

"What the heck is your problem?"

"To put it bluntly," Apollomon sinisterly eyed the Beetle Warrior, "Duftmon hates any of those who deny his words. I was ordered to finish you lot off."

"Too cliché," Blitzmon couldn't help but joyfully laugh.

"What's too cliché is the good guy always winning. A tradition I plan on pursuing."

"Good guy pssht."

"Orders are Orders."

"Mjollnir Thunder!"

"Pheobus Blow!"

Two powerful elemental punches, two different views on how the Digital World should be run, Junpei's motivation in his friends allows him to aspire.

To be continued…

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