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Oh, boy, why are you so obsessed with me?

- Mariah Carey, Obsessed

Renesmee Cullen walked outside, inhaling the crisp night air.

"Where's your car?"

She glanced and John, the tall reed-thin bouncer, and replied, "It's over there. I got here late so I had to park kind of far away."

"No problem, Vanessa."

Renesmee looked at John quickly. She had told him her real name was Renesmee several times, but he didn't seem to get it. She shook her head, deciding it didn't matter, and walked quickly toward her car, John trailing a few steps behind. The parking lot was nearly empty, only a few vehicles remained. Most of them were run down and beaten up by life, so it was natural that a shiny white Hummer caught her attention.

I wonder who that belongs to?

It seemed out of place among the beat-up Fords and Hondas. She clutched her purse tighter and quickened her pace.

"Do you know who that car belongs to, John?"

"I've seen it here a few times, but I've never seen the person driving it. It doesn't belong to one of the girls, though. I would have remembered that. Do you think I should check it out?"

Renesmee thought John should check out his brain, but kept the thought from voicing it. She was a little leery, though. A strange car parked in the lot of a strip club closed for the evening didn't bode well. It was common knowledge strippers carried large amounts of money after work. This was the reason John escorted her to the car. He would be the first line of defense if someone jumped out attempting to rob her.

She looked at John, gauging his stature. She should have asked Fred to escort her. He definitely would have been better protection. Moving toward her 2000 Dodge Neon, Renesmee looked through the large back panel window of the H2.

Someone was sitting inside.

Her pulse quickened, and she reached inside her purse, intent on retrieving her cell phone, her pace quickening toward her car.

It could be someone's boyfriend, but she wanted to be ready just in case. Her shoulders jumped when she heard a car door clam.

Stiffening, she turned toward the noise, cell phone in hard and ready to run a deer being chased by a tiger. She wanted to get a good look at her attacker so she could finger them in a line up. If she actually made it to a line up, she amended.

It wasn't a mugger approaching, but the man's purposeful look scared Renesmee more than a would-be robber.

Jacob Black.

"Don't come any closer," John said, fear trembling his voice.

Jacob didn't pause.

"I have some Mace in my pocket. I don't want to spray you, buster."

Renesmee rolled her eyes to the stick figure of a man standing next to her. Some bouncer.

"It's okay, John. I-I know him." Renesmee wished there wasn't a grain of truth to the statement, but she did know the tall, dark, handsome man walking toward them. Knew him better than she would have liked to.

"I told you not to come here," she snarled angrily.

Since killing and maiming weren't in the cards tonight, she faced this new threat with a measure of ease. A small measure of ease, she rectified, but still some nonetheless.

"And I told you not to order me around like some lackey," Jacob said in a strong voice, shifting his narrowed black gaze to John. "Tell him to go," he ordered.

Renesmee opened her mouth to tell Jacob where he could go, when John answered, forestalling her angry tirade. "I'll leave when Renesmee tells me it's okay."

Renesmee reassessed her earlier evaluation. John had some balls after all. It was a lighthearted thought, and would have brought a smile to her face if it weren't for Jacob's menacing gaze.

He turned toward her, his statement clear as crystal. "Either you tell him to go, or I make him go."

She swallowed the lump in her throat, and gestured to John. "It's okay. I'll be alright."

She reached in her wallet for his customary tip, thinking he deserved a little more than the ten-dollars she'd planned on giving him earlier.

Jacob was quicker though. He already had a large wad of cash in his hand, and peeled off what looked like a hundred dollar bill.

"Wow! Thanks."

Renesmee rolled her eyes. So much for bravery, she thought. Give the man some money and he left her defenseless. She shook her head, and waited until John was out of hearing distance.

"Is that it? You think because you have money everyone's obliged to do what you say?" She stared at Jacob angrily.

Jacob sighed loudly. "I'm tired of playing these games with you, Nessie."

"What games?" she asked in fury, turning rapidly to walk toward her car. She could hear the hound of his steps, pounding the pavement behind her.

"You know what I'm talking about," he said.

"No, I don't know what you're talking about," she lied, almost to the car.

Renesmee did know what he was talking about, however. It would be the same thing he'd said consistently for the past three weeks. He wanted to see her, wanted to get to know her.

She thought after their sexual encounter in the private room three weeks ago, she'd seen the last of him, but that wasn't the case. Jacob kept coming back to the Fuego, though she categorically refused to dance for him, and repeatedly told him to "fuck off."

"How long are you planning to keep this up?" he asked, his voice very close now.

Renesmee struggled with her car keys, ignoring him. She couldn't deal with a man like him; didn't want to deal with a man like him. She thought her best friend Kim was out of her mind for even contemplating getting along with Jared, Jacob's brother. She had called her several different types of fool, but her friend turned a deaf ear. She knew it was only a matter of time before Kim got hurt. Renesmee planned to be there to help pick up the pieces, but she would be damned if she would join in the madness.

"Will you just go away?" she hissed, fighting for control. Her hands shook so badly, she keyed her own car trying to open the door.

"I'm tired of this, Nessie. I want you. You know I want you," Jacob said calmly.

His words sent a tremor of ache through her body.


She would not give in. Not give in to this man, his money, or his domineering ways. No matter how much her body craved surrender.

She snorted. "Well, I don't want you."

"You are a liar," he said softly, turning her roughly to face him. Her keys dropped to the ground, and she stared up into piercing black eyes.

"No," she protested, but it was too late.

Jacob's lips descended and their mouths fused in a blaze of overwrought passion. He backed her against the car with the hard planes of his body, and it felt like aftershock shook the ground. His mouth tender, he swept through all her barriers, his tongue invading like a bold conqueror.

He tasted like pungent cognac, and the essence of the man himself. Renesmee felt buzzed and amplified, like a current of electricity.

Their tongues mated in sensual bliss, and she was unable to deny the swift arousal in her body.

Over and over their tongues swirled inside each other's mouth, devouring and another. Renesmee gave in to the raging inferno, and entwined her hands in Jake's thick dark hair, pulling him closer.

A car horn blared suddenly in the background, and Renesmee froze.

"Get off me," she spat, wiping her mouth and pushing Jacob with all the strength she possessed.

He stumbled back, and tried to grasp hold of her again, but she quickly bent to pick up her keys. Holding them out in front of her like a weapon, she said forcefully, "I don't know what your problem is, but if I see you skulking around her again, I'm going to call the cops."

It was a bluff. She would never call the cops, but she didn't want to play this game. She tool a deep breath, and stared at him determinedly. Instead of looking worried, like a normal man might, Jacob smiled.

"Call them, Nessie. Call anyone you want, but I'm not leaving here. I've told you that before."

He stepped closer, ignored her outstretched arms, and pulled her body flush against his.

The press of his arousal poked against her stomach. "I always get what I want, Nessie. And I want you."

"Stop this. Please don't do this to me," she whispered.

Jacob thrust her away from him angrily. "I could kill him," he uttered.

She looked at him in confusion, and tried to regain the control he had taken so ruthlessly. "Who?"

"Whoever made you so afraid. What's his name, Nessie?"

She licked her lips nervously, bout feigned ignorance. "I don't know what you're talking about. For the last time, leave me alone."

Jacob shook his head, and looked skyward, as if he needed answers only divinity could give. When his gaze fastened on her, she saw the resolution blazing. "You still don't get it do you? This thing between us is not going to go away. I'm not going to let it go away. Do you understand that?"

Renesmee shivered as a cool Northern wind passed and it chilled her to the bone. She was dressed warmly, in a heavy cream colored sweat suit, but it felt like the temperature had dropped to below freezing. She turned her back to him, and finally after a few tries opened the car door.

"I won't be your plaything, Jake. Not now. Not ever."

Jacob placed a restraining hand on her shoulder before she could slide into her seat. "Have dinner with me?"

"It's two in the morning. There aren't any restaurants open." She tried to shrug loose from his grasp, but he tightened his grip and held firm.

"There's a twenty-four hour diner down the street," he replied.

Renesmee's eyes widened in shock. She knew there was a diner down the street. A lot of the girls went there after their shift. They served great omelets, and home-style hast browns. She and Kim both loved the food and had gone there often.

"I-I have school tomorrow. I can't go," she said, and flushed from the small lie.

"Liar. Tomorrow's your day off."

Her body stiffened instantly, and she turned furious chocolate-brown eyes to Jacob. "How do you know I don't have school tomorrow? Have you been following me?"

A deep flush highlighted his bronze skin, and he looked away from her gaze.

"You bastard! How dare you invade my privacy? Who in the hell do you think you are?"

"It's not like that."

"Listen to me, Jacob, 'cause this is the last time I'm going to tell you." She stared at him, making sure she had his full attention. "Stop coming to the club. Stop bothering me, and don't you ever invade my privacy again. I swear to you, if you do, I'm going to make you sorrier that you've ever been in your miserable life!"

She slid into the driver's seat, and angrily stuck the key in the ignition. She leaned over to close the door but it wouldn't budge.

"Let go of the door, Jacob," she ordered.

"Apparently, you're determined to do this the hard way, Renesmee. I'm warning you. Don't play with fire. You will get burned," he said softly.

"Just let go of the door. I'm tired and want to go home."

"I've tried." He shook his head and blew out through his nose in frustration. "I tried to do this the easy way, Nessie. I tried to give you time, but you've forced my hand."

Renesmee nearly flinched at the intense look in his eyes. She didn't understand the cryptic words, but more than that, she didn't understand the tingles of passion pooled in the pit of her belly.

She was grateful he couldn't see inside her. If he could, he could know what it was costing her not to throw her arms around him in surrender. She verged on losing a dangerous war.

A war she was determined to win at all cost.

Sneak-peek of Chapter One:

Bending her left leg at the knee to clasp the pole, making sure to keep her grip firm, Renesmee slid downward like a talented enchantress until the tips of her shoulders touched the floor. Her back now resting prone, she let her thighs fall wide to the side, utilizing her hands to caress the clothed portions of her breasts and stomach; the strident rhythms making her hips grind against the floor.

Dark, dirty green bills floated around, drifting about like tribute to a heathen goddess.

Indeed, she felt powerful and very aware.

Rolling onto her stomach, the men in the club hollered again as she rose on all fours like a female panther stalking her prey.