Summer Nights

Chapter 2: Something's Begun

Summary: Gilbert and Matthew meet over the summer and are immediately drawn to each other. At the end of the season though, they part ways thinking that they'll never see each other again. That is, until Matthew is transferred to Gilbert's school.

Author's Note: Sorry about the huge delay between chapters, my laptop needed a new power cord.

The squeak that Matthew let out as the other boy tackled him could only be described as unmanly. The stool he was sitting on tipped, sending both teens crashing to the ground. He stared incredulously at the albino straddling him, "What the hell Gilbert? That really hurt."

"Well you dared me to do something about it so I did, let's see you take off your bandages now," he explained in a matter of fact tone. He placed a pale finger under Matthew's chin and tilted it up, "Besides, you look kinda cute on the floor like that."

The Canadian native's eyes widened and a slight blush spread across his cheeks. "Oh yeah?" His voice was a little too husky for what he was going for but he ignored in favor of swiftly ripping another band aid off of his hand. "I think I can still take them off."

Gilbert growled and pinned Matthew's hands above his head. "Wanna try that again?" A feral grin graced the older boy's features as his captive squirmed uselessly underneath him. His creepy laugh filled the first aid station as the Canadian finally gave up, unable to escape. The albino leaned far enough down so that his white bangs brushed against Matthew's blond ones. "Like I said though, you look cute like this," his voice was barely above a whisper and it caused the blonde to shutter.

"I play hockey, how are you keeping me down?" Matthew demanded, trying desperately to not think about how close they were.

"It's a secret," the albino replied, his grin widening obscenely.

"Gi-Gilbert I-I-"

"Peter Kirkland, junior lifeguard reporting for duty!" The door to the tiny first aid shack flew open and a boy about twelve years old burst in wearing the blindingly red swim trunks of the junior lifeguards.

The utter shame that welled up inside of Matthew gave him the strength to throw off Gilbert and scrambled to his feet. "S-sorry, we were just getting some bandages." His face must have been redder than Peter's swim shorts from the burning embarrassment. "We'll be going now, c'mon Gil."

He grabbed his roller skates and hurried past the perplexed boy, nearly running towards the boardwalk. He could hear Gilbert behind him, scrambling to catch up. "OI! WAIT UP! MATTY!" The albino was swiftly gaining on him.

Matthew stopped abruptly upon reaching the parking lot, causing Gilbert to run into him in the process. He stumbled but the older boy grabbed his arm, saving him from yet another fall. He couldn't go home, his mother had forbade him from doing just that for the rest of the day.

"Good you finally stopped," the albino said with a wary grin, "Why'd you run off like that in the first place man?"

"It was really awkward," Matthew said trying not to meet the other boy's red eyes, "I-I don't handle awkward very well."

Gilbert snorted, "I never would have guessed." He stepped forward and slung an arm around the Canadian's shoulder and he leaned in conspiratorially, "But you know, I wouldn't mind continuing what we had going back there before that kid busted in."

The blush that had finally retreated returned in full force, coloring the blonde's face suspiciously like his national flag. "I-I'd really rather not."

Gilbert mock pouted before laughing, "I bet I'll be able to change your mind before the end of the summer. Now how about treating me to lunch?"

"I thought I didn't have to do that today?"

"Changed my mind, you ran off on me back there so now you have to suffer the consequences."

"I'm beginning to see a theme in our relationship," Matthew said in a flat tone.

"A theme of awesome, now let's go eat!" the albino replied with a wide grin and began dragging the Canadian off towards the food stands on the other end of the boardwalk.

It was a little after one in the afternoon so the food stands had all been flooded with patrons and the pair was forced to wait in line at the bratwurst stand for over twenty minutes before reaching the harried cashier. Gilbert ordered for both of them without looking at the menu and Matthew grudgingly paid when prompted.

They sat on a bench nearby and ate as they watched the crowd ebb and flow. Gilbert had ordered a loaded bratwurst for himself and a cheese one for Matthew. The Canadian had never really cared for brats but he had to admit that the stand had outdone itself in grilling it. He would even go as far as to admit that he enjoyed it, except that his newfound companion kept sending lecherous glances his way whenever he put the brat anywhere near his mouth.

"Could you not do that?" He finally asked after the albino supplemented his glance with an equally lecherous snicker.

"I can't help it when you look like that, seriously dude stop teasing that poor wurst and just eat it," Gilbert joked.

"That's disgusting Gil!" Matthew almost shrieked as he swiftly put the dog in question down, trying to scrub his brain of the images unwillfully conjured.

"You're right," the albino paused for a second to consider something, "I'd much rather you tease my-"

"For the love of all things holy PLEASE don't finish that sentence." The Canadian begged with large eyes.

"Kesesesese," was his only reply before the older boy grabbed his hand and dragged him away from the bench.

Matthew stumbled after him, sparing one forlorn glance back at the abandoned wurst, "what about our food?"

His only response was an unapologetic 'meh' as they hastily made their way towards a less crowded area of the beach. A long dock extending out towards the breakers that stopped the big waves from coming in, Gilbert dragged him directly underneath and pushed him against a support post.

"Listen kid, I'm kinda starting to like you so let's just finish what we started back there in the first aid shack."



"I said no Gil. We literally just met, I bladed into your car door for fuck's sakes." Matthew said pushing the albino away from him.

"Are you gonna be a chick about this? Seriously?"

"You know what? Yes I am. You have to woo me before I make out with you under a dock."

"You're on."