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Chaos; that was all that surrounded me on the fateful morning of my first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At home, there was the panic of making sure that everything was packed, but it wasn't until I got to the station that I realised what true chaos was.

Children, parents and other unknown creatures screeched from all directions as I emerged through the barrier onto platform nine and three quarters. I cursed the noise as I pushed my trolley through the jumble of limbs and less animate objects, trying to make my way onto the ridiculously crowded scarlet steam engine. The place was literally alive with energy, yet none of it made its way through to me and I was left in my own bubble of boredom.

Emerging from the crowd, I looked along the train until I found an entrance and pushed my trolley towards it. Stopping in front of the entryway, I managed to notice my fatal flaw. How was I, a thin girl of age eleven, going to hoist my trunk, which was probably the same height as me, onto the large vehicle? I pondered the concept for a while before calling on the assistance of two older boys who were walking past. The boys smirked and hoisted my trunk into the train and I thanked them, grabbing the handle to proceed my journey into the unknown.

I lugged the inanimate demon as far along the train as I could before stumbling across an empty compartment and sighing in relief. I dragged the trunk inside and discarded it on the floor before sinking onto one of the seats and closing my eyes. I heard a train whistle, and shouting - a lot of shouting - before everything silenced around me and I dove into complete oblivion. The train's jolts and rattles soothing me further into a much needed REM cycle.

"Excuse me?"

My eyes snapped open to find a dazed-looking auburn-haired girl milling in the doorway. I smiled at the girl, a warm inviting smile so as to be polite and the girl smiled back.

"Do you mind if I sit here?" I shook my head 'no' as the countryside flew along behind me. The girl smiled wider and took the seat across from me as my eyes drifted shut again and the stranger pulled out an obscure muggle magazine. The rattling filled my head with the addition of the rustle of pages from the girl across from me. My pale cheek rested against the cool glass of the window and I was soon out again.


I jolted upwards squealing and looking around in a panic before realising where I was and sighing as I looked at the emerald eyes hovering over my head. I scowled at the nuisance as she retreated to her seat and I noticed, for perhaps the first time that she was swathed in black robes. Yelping, I jumped out of my seat and proceeded to fall over my trunk in the most splendid manor possible. I groaned rolling onto my back so that I was sprawled across the brown monstrosity.

I eventually made my way to my feet and opened the trunk, fishing around for my own black robes. They were, of course, right at the bottom. I seized the clothes and dashed out of the compartment and along the train to the nearest bathroom. I ducked inside quickly and tore of my muggle clothes before getting dressed in my robes. I bundled the items together and walked in a far more lady-like manor along the train with my head down to avoid eye contact when I ran head first into something rather solid.

A squeal slid between my lips as I fell backwards gracelessly and landed on my behind, hard. I rubbed my sore area and collected my clothes before pushing past the dark-haired boy and making my way to my compartment. I pushed the door open silently as my companion looked up and smiled. I smiled back kindly and threw my clothes into my trunk and slammed the lid shut.

"I'm Lily Evans and I'm a first year here," the girl said sticking her hand out, "I thought it was about time to introduce myself since you are finally awake."

"Maree Teilor, also a first year," I responded to the girl grabbing her hand and shaking it.

"This is just all so amazing! I didn't even know about most of this stuff until a few months ago when my friend Sev told me."

"Sev?" I asked curiously taking the seat opposite her, "Who's that?"

"LILY!" a greasy haired boy yelled pushing the door open and running towards my new friend.

"Sev! Where were you? This here is Maree Teilor, she's a first year too. Isn't that wonderful?" Lily babled as her hands moved in extravagant gestures. I giggled at her bubbly nature and smiled at the new-comer and stuck out my hand. He took my hand warily and shook it without returning my smile. I frowned in a confused manner as 'Sev' took the seat next to Lily.

"Don't mind Sev, he just doesn't know you that well yet."

"To be fair, neither do you."

"Good point."

The train jerked to a stop and I was thrown forwards in my seat and landed sprawled across my trunk once more. I groaned as I rolled onto my back and looked up at Sev and Lily.

"I've really got to work on that." Lily giggled and Sev's lips turned up a little at the corners. I found myself liking the boy. Sure he was quiet, but he seemed nice enough. We looked into the corridor to see everyone pushing for the doors.

"This is it," I sighed, grabbing onto Lily's hand and dragging her and Sev out into the corridor and towards the nearest door. We emerged into the almost fresh air of the station and looked around for somewhere to go. A huge man was calling out to 'firs' years' so we made our way silently to him as the older students pushed past us. I looked over at Lily who was growing paler every minute and squeezed her hand reassuringly. She looked up at me and smiled kindly.

The human tower turned and began leading us down through a forest and we grumbled and groaned as we tried to follow him whilst not tripping over the ridiculous amount of roots and logs that were sticking out all over the place. Lily and I stumbled quite a lot whilst Sev walked gracefully along without even the slightest hint of a trip. We looked up when the man told us too and saw the castle in the distance, gleaming with lights in all the turrets and towers. I inhaled dreamily and neglected to notice the branch that was sticking out in front of me until I was gracelessly falling over it. I squeaked, closing my eyes as the ground rushed towards me, and waited for the impact but found myself caught in someone's arms.

"That was quite amusing you know," a hearty voice chuckled as I opened my eyes to find myself looking into a pair of grey orbs.

"Cheers, glad I could amuse you," I muttered grumpily as the boy helped me up and I got a good look at him, "oh hell no."

"What? I didn't know I was that bad Maree," Sirius Black responded smirking and I proceeded to walk over to a tree and strart slamming my head against the bark. Then pushed off and rushed to catch up with Lily and Sev, leaving Sirius staring at the spot by the tree I had just vacated.

Sev and Lily were climbing into a boat at the edge of the lake as I came running out from the trees smiling. I ran and jumped into the boat causing it to tip hazardously in the water. A dark-haired girl stood helplessly on the bank staring at all the full boats as Sirius made his way out of the trees and started storming towards my boat. Thinking quickly I stood up in the boat and motioned the girl over and she smiled at me jogging over to take the vacant seat. Sirius scowled at me and walked over to a different boat with another dark-haired boy.

I squealed slightly as the boat began to sail across the waters and I jumped into Sev's lap causing him to blush and Lily to giggle. I apologised and reseated myself on the bench as we sailed into an underground cave and stopped by a set of rocks. I scrambled out of the boat and onto the rocks with Lily, Sev and the other girl following in a more fluid manner. I scowled at myself and proceeded to follow the human mountain up towards a set of lush lawns and the intricately designed wooden doors of the castle.

Up close the place was huge, and I don't just mean huge, I mean HUGE! A critical looking witch opened the doors with her head in a bun on the top of her head and her body swathed in emerald robes. She thanked the humongous man and led our group inside and to a small room of the main hall, explaining a bunch of nonsense as she went. I groaned as she babbled onwards before leaving us to our own devices.

"I'm Maree," I greeted turning to the girl who had joined us in the boat. I held out my hand which she took.

"Alexa." Her blue eyes lit up with a brilliant glow.

I smiled at her as the strict witch returned and led us into another hall, ths one was full of students. I gulped as I glanced around at the watching students. I was so concerned by them that I didn't notice that we had stopped, nor did I notice the singing hat on the stool. I especially didn't notice the witch pulling out a scroll and reading names until she got to one I knew.

"Evans, Lily."

I watched my friend walk to the front of the room and sit on a stool as the witch put a hat on Lily's head. I inhaled deeply, barely noticing Sev do the same. A random thought struck me and I glanced over at the boy who was standing at my shoulder.

"What's your full name anyway?" I whispered. Sev looked at me in shock, as if he'd only just realised I was there before thinking carefully.

"Severus Snape."

"GRYFFINDOR!" I whirled to face my red-headed friend as she dashed from the chair towards the cheering table. I smiled and noticed as Severus groaned a little under his breath.

"Hoping she'd be somewhere else, huh?" I whispered pretending to watch as more students were called forward. I began to think the stoic boy behind me wouldn't respond as a whole group of students ended up at different tables. I was eventually forgetting the boy behind me.

"Only a little," he mumbled back and I smiled as a small, chubby looking boy ran towards Lily's table.

"Piper, Alexa." I glanced up to see our boat buddy sitting on the stool with the hat perched over her eyes. I smiled in anticipation when the split in the brim opened and yelled, "RAVENCLAW!"

I cheered along with the sea of blue and bronze as Alexa made her way over to them and perched at the end of the bench with her brown curls bouncing madly. I giggled at her look of absolute happiness as she watched the rest of us be sorted. I waved at her before returning my face to the stool as a chocolate haired girl made her way over to the Hufflepuffs.

"Snape, Severus."

Severus gritted his teeth as if gearing up to do something awful and I whispered, "I hope you get into the house you want." He barely sent me a thankful glance as he made his way onto the stool and had the hat placed over his head. There was barely a moments hesitation.

"SLYTHERIN!" The house cried out in victory as a grinning Severus ran over to join his peers. As he sat down I waved and he responded with the barest tilting of his head.

"Teilor, Maree."

I smiled at the elder witch as I skipped up to the stool and sat down patiently. I felt soft brown leather fall down across my forehead and saw nothing. I could feel something, probing my mind and shifting through my thoughts.

"Hello," I thought, "It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Hat. I hope you are well."

"Good mind, quite bright and eloquent," the hat muttered as it continued to evaluate my mind, "despite not paying attention you picked up that it was I, the Sorting Hat, sifting through your mind to place you. I believe you would do well in RAVENCLAW!"

The last word was yelled for the entire hall to hear and I smiled as the brown leather was removed from my scalp before skipping over to sit next to Alexa. We grinned at each other as the final student, a girl by the name of Alexis Trivic, was sorted into Gryffindor. An elderly man stood up from the table at the front of the room and motioned cheerfully to all the students.

"May the feast, begin."

I glanced around the table as food sprouted out of nothing onto the plates in front of us. Alexa stared in wonder at it all and I smiled reaching lightly for a nearby plate of chicken before offering it to my amazed companion.

"Fried owl?" I asked handing the piece of food to her. She gasped in horror as she noticed all the people digging in to the meat and I burst out in laughter dropping the chicken as I grabbed my sides to keep them from splitting open. Alexa glared at my shaking form as the giggles subsided and I wiped the tears from my eyes.

"That was priceless," I giggled as the upset girl continued to glare, "I take it you're muggleborn then? Well, that was actually fried chicken if you hadn't figured it out. You probably should have invested in some more reading from Flourish and Blotts."

"That was so not funny," the girl growled helping herself to some vegetables as I grabbed another piece of chicken before piling some vegetables on top of my plate, "I thought that was seriously a poor owl."

"Well if it was it sure tastes good," I replied, my voice muffled around the chicken. Alexa giggled a little at my comical expression and I swallowed before grinning madly at her. She returned my grin with one of her own and we both buckled over laughing for a while until the food started to disappear. I looked at my plate in horror as all the food that had been piled on top faded into nothing. Alexa laughed harder at the look on my face and I grabbed my plate demanding that it return my stolen goods. The rest of the Ravenclaw table turned to look at me in my random outburst as desserts appeared on the table. I squealed in delight and grabbed a bit of everything with chocolate on it that I could reach as Alexa grabbed a piece of fruit and sat there munching happily.

I ate happily for a while before my chocolate covered goods began to disappear as well and I grabbed the demon plate in anger and demanded my food back again. One could never eat enough chocolate as far as I was concerned and I had not had enough yet. Alexa was doubled over in laughter at my antics as the bearded man, Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, stepped forwards to greet the student body officially and state a bunch of useless rules. I sulked over my empty plate until I heard the magic word.

"...dismissed." I squealed in delight and grabbed Alexa's hand and bolted for the door as my new friend squeaked in shock.

"Do you even know where we're going?" she asked as I was almost at the end of the table, "'Cause I'm pretty sure that the Headmaster said we were supposed to follow the prefects to our dormitories."

"That would make sense," I muttered slowing and dashing to the other Ravenclaw first years and waiting rather impatiently for the prefect to lead us to where we would be staying. He lead us up several staircases until we came to a door with an eagle knocker. The prefect turned to all of us.

"To get into our house, rather than have a password we knock with this knocker and the eagle presents us with a riddle. If you get the answer right you are admitted. If you do not get the answer then you must wait for the next student to come along and help you," the student explained before turning to the knocker and knocking twice solidly before standing back and waiting with us first years. The eagle opened his mouth wide and spoke.

"Where does magic begin?"

The prefect contemplated the question for only a few seconds before responding with, "At the fold between this world and the next, it begins from the creation and destruction of a life."

"A wise response," the knocker responded as the door swung open to reveal a room draped in blue and bronze silk hangings reaching from the roof to the midnight-blue carpet, both of which were speckled with images of stars. The room was wide, circular and extremely airy with several domed windows that had spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

"Over there," the prefect said gesturing to the door across from them, "is the way to the dormitories. There will be two staircases just inside the door, the left will be to the girl's dormitories, the right to boys. Your rooms will all be on the first floor. Be up early for breakfast and to collect your timetables. Goodnight."

I smiled at Alexa and sprinted for the door with her following close on my tail as we sped up the left staircase to the first landing. I smiled pushing open an intricately designed wooden door to see four midnight-blue, four poster beds. I grinned widely at Alexa and saw my trunk at the end of one of the beds that was just near the door. I dashed over and threw the trunk open retrieving my pyjamas quickly and dashing to another door, assuming that it was the bathroom. I quickly got changed and bundled my clothes together before walking out of the room and tossing the bundle in my open trunk carelessly before flopping onto my bed.

I could hear Alexa giggling from the bed beside me and smiled at my new friend. she smiled widely back and got up lightly, crossing to the bathroom in a few swift steps and emerging a few minutes later clad in blue boxers with rubber ducks printed across them. I smiled at the t-shirt she wore which read, 'I Think Paranoid People Are Following Me' and rolled over onto my stomach to watch her pack everything away neatly before sitting on her bed and smiling at me.

"One hell of a day, huh?" I asked smiling.

"You have no idea," she responded good-naturedly, "but about what you said earlier, at dinner-"

"You mean about the evil, chocolate-stealing crockery? Or your blood status?"

"The latter. What... er... what's yours?"

"Me?" I asked raising an eyebrow as she nodded, "I'm what some people might call a pureblood, y'know born to a witch and wizard."

"Oh," she responded with a surprised look on her face. I smirked at the look as she tried to figure everything out in her head.

"Does that surprise you?" I asked sneakily, trying to gauge her response before she answered.

"No," she responded quickly and I smiled at her, looking her directly in the eyes skeptically.


"Maybe a little," Alexa admitted as she laid back in her bed to get away from my gaze.

"Do tell."

"Well you were so nice, I thought someone like that would be-" She responded before she began gesticulating wildly trying to think of the right way to respond without sounding arrogant.

"Stuck-up? Pompous? A right prat?" I provided politely and she looked over at me.

"All of the above," she replied a little sheepishly as her face turned red.

"Most are. Not me," I admitted, my mind travelling far from the room that we were in to my mother's side as she glared over me and yelled.

"Why?" Alexa asked shaking me from my thoughts. I shook my head and turned around in my bed so that I was lying with my head at the foot of the bed.

"Story for another day, right now I think we ought to get some sleep," I said avoiding the topic for now. I knew it would come up again eventually but for now, I would leave it to rest in peace. Alexa mumbled in agreement and I listened as she pulled the curtains closed around her bed. I waited a few more moments before pulling the curtains closed around my own bed and lying back on the pillows as the exhaustion finally collected me in it's grip and I slipped off into the world of dreams.

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