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To remove confusion, OCs as follows:

Maree Teilor (Narrator), Ravenclaw 5th year, aka Marzy

Alexis Trivic, Gryffindor 5th year, aka Alex

Alexa Piper, Ravenclaw 5th year, aka Lexi

Engracia Penthea, Gryffindor 5th year, aka Grace or Gracie

London Rogue, Hufflepuff 5th year.

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-Christmas Day-

The commotion in the Entrance Hall was the talk of the day, after all, two of the most popular kids in school had battled their ways into detention. Sirius could not believe that Maree would completely overreact to his harmless prank and after weeks of hostile exchanges it had finally culminated in a match that could only be described as astounding. It became obvious how ridiculous Maree's reaction had been when she had nearly hexed McGonagall in front of their audience, but Sirius was still finding it hard to believe that Maree would be so stupid. So it wasn't hard to understand that Sirius was still hosting violent thoughts towards the young Ravenclaw when they had left McGonagall's office.


Sirius spun in confusion to face the source of the voice only to find Remus standing at the end of the hall with his arms crossed over his chest. Clearly his fellow Gryffindor was unamused by the situation at hand, but Sirius couldn't understand why Remus always stood up for Maree - everyone knew she was never nice to him.

"Clearly you did something wrong and you should apologise for it," Remus replied as if it were the most obvious thing - which it really was - and Sirius scowled in response. Sirius knew he had done something wrong but Maree had started it, and he felt shouldn't be apologising for something he didn't start. Maree was in the wrong, and she should be the one apologising to him.

"I know what you're thinking and I don't care whether you started it or not, go apologise for being an idiot," Remus retaliated when he noticed the look forming on Sirius' face. Sirius and Maree were as stubborn as each other, it didn't take an idiot to figure that out, and if one of them didn't apologise to the other hell broke loose as they fought for vengeance. Sirius attempted to stare his friend down but noticed that Remus wasn't going to budge on this one and sighed before adopting a somewhat playful attitude.

"If I apologise will it make you feel better," Sirius conceded condescendingly causing Remus to scowl in response while mulling it over and sincerely hoping that Sirius wouldn't be as condescending to Maree when he apologised. It took him a while before he actually conceded himself.

"Much," he admitted and Sirius growled, he had hoped that Remus would let him go.

Grumbling to himself as Remus smirked at his retreating back, Sirius made to follow Maree in the direction she had headed descending through the school until he stopped in confusion when he found himself in the grounds of the school and searching for a shadowy figure among the snow. Surely there aren't many places for a Ravenclaw to hide on the grounds, Sirius thought before mentally slapping himself and glaring at the forest, unless she went in there. Growling in frustration Sirius trudged out onto the icy grounds and towards the forest as a scream ripped the air.

Spinning swiftly, Sirius looked out at the surface of the Black Lake and saw someones arms flailing above the surface before falling beneath and only one thought ripped through Sirius' head before he ran towards the lake, Maree can't swim. He wasn't sure how he knew it was Maree, but that was irrelevant as he bolted across the grounds.

As he ran down the grounds Sirius ripped his jacket from around his shoulders and tore his jumper up over his head. He ran straight onto the ice covered lake and towards the hole that Maree had clearly made before diving into the freezing waters towards his childhood friend. They may not get along but he wasn't going to let her drown - he'd never hated her that much.

The chill bit into his flesh as he descended into the water further with each stoke until his hands wrapped around what he was sure was her limp wrist before he turned and kicked towards the surface. As he broke the surface he immediately began to suck in lungfuls of air while pushing Maree up to the surface where he noticed a pair of hands dragging her onto the ice and knew that Remus had followed him - most likely to make sure they didn't start duelling again.

Sirius pulled himself up onto the ice with Remus' help soon after and laid down on the surface gasping in the sweet air. Remus stood over Maree with his wand drawn, using simple warming charms to try to bring some colour in to her cheeks before giving up and used a levitation spell to get her off the ice. Looking at Maree's limp form was too much for Sirius to stand and he gritted his teeth and stood next to Remus putting a hand on his shoulder. Remus looked up into his friend's determined face and immediately understood what was going through his friend's mind.

Sirius scooped Maree into his arms and carried her bridal style up the grounds with Remus following silently behind him. Sirius may not get along with Maree anymore, but she was still like a sister to him, the only one in their crazy pureblood world who shared his beliefs.

"Remus, I don't want her to know that I saved her," Sirius called over his shoulder in the silence that had followed them up from the lake. Remus looked at his friend in shock and confusion.

"Sirius-" Remus inquired but Sirius waved him off as well as he could while his arms were occupied.

"She doesn't need her opinion of me confused, it's more fun if I'm the bad guy. This stays between us," Sirius responded confidently, only resulting in further confusing his friend.

"I-I-" Remus stuttered whilst trying to make sense of the situation in his mind.

"Rem," Sirius demanded in a tone that left no room for argument and Remus could only look up at Sirius' back in confusion. Whatever had happened between the pair was staying between the pair, that much was certain.

"-alright," Remus conceded as they reached the castle and began towards the Hospital Wing.

-Present Day-

It wasn't long after I had woken up in the Hospital Wing when Dumbledore came to visit me to inform me that he had gone through an intense conversation with McGonagall and had decided that temporarily stripping me of my position as prefect was probably for the best. He did however assure me that I would receive my badge on the date that McGonagall had initially decided, which did not make the situation any better but Dumbledore seemed to think it did. It wasn't until later when I found out that Alexa was returning early from her holidays that I realised how horrible the outcome of my holiday war with Sirius would be.

On the day I was being released from the Hospital Wing by Madam Pomfrey the sun was hanging low in the sky and it was one of the warmer days of the holidays, not that it was much of a difference. I was turning down the bed that had confined me for the last week while ignoring the witch that was trying to force potions down my throat when Alexa had stormed into the Hospital Wing to announce her arrival. Pomfrey had sent an affronted look in her direction in her direction before leaving my potions at the end of my bed and bustling towards her office in a huff.

"Maree Annabel Teilor," Alexa had growled as she charged towards me, I smiled benignly in her direction as I drank the last of the foul-tasting potions that the hospital witch would be giving me for a long time, "what on earth are you doing in the Hospital Wing?"

"Firstly, my middle name's not Annabel," I prodded hoping to bring back a joking spirit from my friend, when she didn't respond with her usual laugh I continued hastily hoping to cut off her foul mood with my usual non-existent charm, "and secondly, I just thought that Madam Pomfrey looked like she needed some company."

"Maree," Alexa growled in a warning tone as I left my confinement space behind and moved towards the gateway of the living and healthy - a society I was now sure to be fully reacquainted with - and passed Alexa who fell nto step behind me, "don't mess with me. Okay, how 'bout a different question, hmmm? How about, why in the blazes have I been named - and I quote - 'Honorary Ravenclaw Prefect'?"

"New recruitment program?" I suggested half-heartedly as we rounded a corner and trudged up the marble staircase. This was not a bullet I was going to dodge easily, Alexa had never been this angry with me and, quite frankly, I wasn't sure how to deal with it.

"Really Maree? That the best you can come up with?" Alexa inquired sarcastically, gesturing wildly for the many words in her infinite vocabulary that would always escape her when she needed them. It was beyond obvious that Alexa was upset with my answer, but I wasn't sure what to do - I'm not the best at dealing with people when they're upset. I decided the joking tactic wasn't working so I changed to the 'ignore-it-and-it-will-go-away' tactic.

"Short notice," I mumbled as we turned on our landing towards the stairs for Ravenclaw tower. Alexa sighed deeply, almost as if she knew I was struggling with the situation, before shaking her head and muttering several curses and insults under her breath, and I knew that she was still upset with me.

I answered the question spouted at us by the eagle door knocker correctly and walked into the ridiculously blue common room while it was still complimenting my logic to what was clearly another illogical question. Unsure how to continue with what was going I decided to act as if nothing was wrong, perhaps that would work. Alexa understood me better than anyone else, surely she'd be able to figure out that I didn't know what I was doing.

"So how were your holidays?" I asked casually as I flopped onto my favourite armchair in front of the fire and smiled cheekily at my best friend. She glared down her nose at me, ignoring my clueless behaviour for the first time ever, and I just knew that I had not escaped the worst of her rage just yet.

"Don't avoid the questions Maree," Alexa responded darkly as she stood over me and I cringed at how evil she sounded. I sighed and dropped the smile, sending her a searching look as I sat up properly in the chair. clearly this situation was best handled face-on so I wasn't going to back down.

"Well what d'you expect me to say Lex? I did nothing wrong? This is a huge misunderstanding and we should go complain to Dumbledore right away? Maybe you want me to tell you that this is all just a dream and you'll wake up any minute to find everything just as peachy perfect as it was before." I was searching desperately now, I had lost track of the situation and anger was creeping up into my system quicker than I could keep an account of.

"You know that's not what I want Maree," Alexa responded with a sigh as she pushed her curls behind her ear, "I want the truth, from YOU. Not a second-hand account of events from someone like Alexis or even Remus."

"Well you already know what happened so why are you bothering?" I growled as I crossed my arms and glared at the girl in front of me, "You know I'm not going to tell you, so what's there to wait for?"

"Sometimes, Maree, you are just beyond hopeless," Alexa growled back, countering my anger with some of her own, "I'll say this once Maree, and only once, whatever the hell is going on between you and Sirius has being going on for way longer than it should have. Get over yourself Maree and apologise!"

"He's the one who should apologise!" I yelled, standing to look down on my shorter friend.

"How in Merlin's name would I know? You won't even tell me what happened! It's times like this that I see the spoiled little girl you were raised to be!" Alexa screeched, her eyes blazing fiercely and I backtracked for only a moment before narrowing my eyes until they were almost slits. Alexa had crossed the line that she knew was out of bounds; she had brought my heritage into the argument. I never called her on hers, in fact we generally left that entire topic untouched, and yet she had brought up my horrid pureblood heritage in a completely irrelevant argument.

"Take that back," I growled.

"Give me good reason to," Alexa replied with equal ferocity, refusing to back down in front of me, believing that she was right in this situation, "'cause right now, I shouldn't have to. It's the truth."

I spluttered, searching for the right words to counteract the accusations that Alexa had leveled against me. She was right of course, I was acting spoiled and childish and far beyond that of selfish, but I was in the right; I hadn't done anything wrong in this situation and I was not going to admit I was wrong when I was right. she who had earned the title of my best friend was now acting as if she didn't know me at all, as if we hadn't learned nearly everything about each other in the past. If I wanted to keep a secret that was my business, it wasn't her right to enter into a world she didn't understand. I refused to tell her on my own principles and she'd never questioned that, so why now?

The anger and confusion that boiled inside me had reached its limits, and unable to express my feelings in words anymore I drew back my hand, allowing it to connect with her face to a satisfying noise before I stared at her in shock. Alexa's angry gaze leveled my shocked one and I stepped back for a moment, unsure as to why I'd hit her. I was upset, I was confused, she was the only one who understood what went on my head and I'd hit her.

Tears welled in my eyes as I tried to push them back and Alexa's eyes displayed shock for a few moments as I ran out the door of the common room and down the stairs that led away from Ravenclaw tower, hearing Alexa shout my name fruitlessly behind me. I needed to put as much distance between me and her as possible I needed to get away from this confusion. This was not the time for me to be crying, I needed to be strong, I needed to compose myself, I needed to calm down; so why couldn't I calm down?

I contemplated my inner thoughts as I walked down the halls, making sure that they were each clear before continuing downwards. If only I knew what to do I wouldn't be in this mess, why was I so hopeless at confronting situations? the only experience I had was with Sirius and that hadn't exactly turned out for the best. I walked down what I thought was another empty corridor when I suddenly tripped over a solid form and ended up tangled with one of my classmates.

"Hey Lupin," I greeted, trying to get rid of my confusion and offering my hand to help him up. He accepted it politely and stood brushing himself off as well and looking up at me with shock fluttering into his eyes.

"Are you alright?" he inquired kindly and I raised an eyebrow enquiringly and smiled.

"O-of course, why wouldn't I be?" I responded while laughing off his inquiry, unsure as to how he could know what had been going through my mind.

"Maree? You're crying,"Remus replied pointedly with a confused look of his own as I suddenly felt the tears that were flowing from my eyes. It was at that point that all that had happened over the last hour rushed back to me in one go and then everything stupid I'd done over the last five years that I had been at Hogwarts and the tears all seemed to make sense; I was so selfish, so spoiled and everyone humoured me in my childishness. Alexa's face popped into my mind and I remembered slapping her and the tears attacked me in full force as I fell to the ground, my composure completely snapped. Why had I been so wrong?

Sobs wracked through my body and I looked up in surprise when I felt a soothing hand on my shoulder rubbing comforting circles into my back. My hatred disappeared in that moment and all I needed ws someone to talk to and Remus was there.

"Remus," I could feel his hand freeze from it's comforting circles for a moment when I sobbed that and realised it was probably the first time in ages that I had called him by his first name, "have you ever done something stupid because you had no idea what else to do?"

"I'm sure everyone has," Remus responded immediately resuming rubbing soothing circles into my back and I looked up at him hopelessly.

"But was it something so horrible that you were sure no-one was going to forgive you for it?" I asked as the tears cascaded down my face and I noticed Remus hesitate as if in thought.

"Several times," he replied, and somehow I knew he was being honest, "but people generally did."

"Do you have anything you feel as if you can't tell someone?" I asked quietly staring down at my fists as I clenched them until my knuckles turned white. I needed to know that I wasn't the only one.

"Yes, but in the end those people found out anyway, they usually will," Remus retaliated and I knew that he was right - perhaps it was because he spoke from actual experience.

"Lexi's right I'm a horrible person. I'm just like my parents tried to raise me to be a horrible selfish person who only thinks of myself-"

"That's not true."

The determination in his voice shocked me for a moment and I smiled in gratitude while replying with, "You're just being nice."

"It's true. I've seen those kind of people and you're nothing like them. You fight for everyone you believe in, even if they don't deserve it. You're not a bad person Maree," Remus contradicted my statement and I stared at him in shock again. I'd only ever been horrible to him and he was saying such wonderful things about me. Tears fell down my face again as I smiled in gratitude.

"You're so much nicer than I gave you credit for Remus," I complimented trying to stem the flow of tears, "thanks for listening to me just now."

"It's no probl-"

"Done yet Remmy?" A voice called from the end of the corridor and I froze, looking around Remus to see Sirius standing at the end of the corridor with James staring at his friend in silent horror. It was then I knew that they had been there, they had seen what was happening.

Rage flooded through me swiftly as my gratitude disappeared and all I could see was red. How dare he listen into such an important conversation and how dare Remus not tell me. I stared at Remus with a mixture of accusation and horror while asking, "how long?"

Remus was glaring at his friend in anger, but I missed it as the rage swept throughout myself and I stood quickly while tossing my hair over my shoulder and glaring at Sirius certain that my eyes were still red and puffy from the tears. His eyes widened for a moment as I scoffed at the arrogant Gryffindor.

"Well, I think I've given you plenty of material to laugh over in the Gryffindor common room tonight, I think it's about time to leave," I growled as tears welled in my eyes and I stormed down the corridor towards a concealed passageway that only a select few students knew about.

"Maree, wait! You don't understand!" Remus yelled as I pulled aside an offending hanging and was about to disappear. I glared at the horrified Gryffindor kneeling where I had been only a few moments ago and shook my head in anger as the tears spilled again.

"Guess I wasn't wrong after all."

I disappeared into the passage afterward and left the small group standing in the hallway, storming down towards the Entrance Hall and out into the grounds. There was no-one I wanted to be with right now other than Lexi and she didn't want anything to do with me, that much was obvious, so instead I took to myself and hid beneath a large beech tree at the edge of the lake and cried, the cold bitter tears of betrayal. He'd seemed so nice the entire time. When my tears ran dry I just stared at the lake, ignoring the world that was moving around me, and muttering thoughts to myself. There was nothing I could do now, I'd already committed my mistakes and nothing would stop that.

"Why am I such an idiot?" I asked aloud as a new wave of tears found themselves forming in the corners of my eyes.

"Because you wouldn't be the same Maree Teilor in you weren't," a friendly voice responded from behind as a warm blanket was thrown over my head. I fought the woolly covering as I heard footsteps move towards me and then a person sit down next to me. As I pulled the wool off my face I caught sight of brown curls and smiled.

"Lexi," I choked past the tears that were newly falling down my face.

"Don't expect me to forgive you every time you do something stupid though," Alexa reprimanded as she smiled at me and I was all of a sudden flashed to our first year at Hogwarts when she had said the same thing, "now, care to explain what makes you so stupid this time? From the beginning."

"Lexi, I-I'm Sor-"

"From the beginning please," Alexa interrupted staring out at the lake in such a way that spoke volumes over her actual words that she'd forgiven me, "and don't skip any of the details. I want to know all the pranking details so that we never repeat the same thing."

"Lexi?" The final statement had confused me a little, she'd never really had a vindictive attitude towards the Gryffindor boys before. I rose my eyebrow in inquiry as I noticed her clenched fists.

"That was a private conversation, he had no right to listen in."

"Lexi, you were there?" I asked in shock as I looked directly into my friend's eyes and she only smiled reassuringly.

"Always. I'm always there. Even when you are being an idiot."

"That's kinda creepy," I replied immediately without thinking and Lexi considered me for a moment before laughing and I just knew that everything was alright. At least for now.

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