Love And War

Ch.2: Pass him around

Skarr forced himself to sit in the infirmary for an extended period of time. Pulling a seat right near Ghastly's bed just waiting for her to wake up. Somehow he felt the way everything was going. It would push back any important meetings that were scheduled for tomorrow. Skarr stretched his arms and yawned. The magazine he was using to pass the time became boring. There were only so many articles that were worth reading. But coming from a women's magazine it was only to be expected. He threw the magazine back in its pile atop the night stand. Checking his watch it was nearing midnight. He could figure he wasn't going to get any sleep now; which in turn was going to make time passing even harder.

If only there was somebody to talk to. "Speak of the devil." He thought.

Ever since Mandy came along she brought her friends with her. There were two of them, both of which, he wasn't 'as' fond of meeting. There was a small boy; the exact same age as the Mandy. Young, full of energy, and he was awfully annoying. This little boy had literally drove him crazy since the first minute they met.

The child's name was Billy.

He called him names, questioned his authority multiple times, almost eaten one of his pigeons. Yes, after commenting 'they taste almost like chicken.' That bothersome, loathing, little heathen that always stuck his nose in his business; that disgusting, smelly, flower eating, excuse for a human being. This little boy rivaled his hatred for Hector fueling that deep dark sinister urge. Oh, how he wished he could. His disturbed mental state was disrupted when Billy came charging towards him. Bouncing like a rubber ball; he never seen anything quite like it.

Not before being completely knocked out of his seat both of them falling straight to the floor with a heavy thud.

"Ow," Skarr whined rubbing his head. "what, what's this I'm feeling?" he complained, his eyes still closed he felt a heavy weight sitting on his chest.

"Maybe the slugs I shoved in my pockets perhaps?" Billy answered grinning.

"Oh, " Skarr groaned he just now realized just exactly it was. "go away." he ordered just as he shoved the boy off of him. He wasn't in the mood to play games; he wasn't thrilled about the slugs either. Somehow he wondered if Billy found him as some source of his amusement.

Ignoring any mindless drivel that Billy began stringing out in uncomprehendable sentences. He rolled over on his stomach where he found his hat next to the overturned chair.

"So I just had to ask what'ca doing?" Billy finished speaking when he found Skarr standing up while dusting his hat off.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" he flatly replied. He decided to busy himself by flipping the chair right side up as he was speaking.

"Oh, c'mon!" Billy griped. "Mandy never wants to play now! She's always world domination this and destroy stuff that!"

"Go occupy yourself someplace far from here." Skarr said collapsing on the seat. Too tired to fight back he only sat there staring at Billy with nothing else to tell him.

Billy's lip started to quiver. Skarr wouldn't budge an inch from his chair. He sat quietly, arms crossed, to assert this fact.

Tears began welling up in Billy's eyes.

"No, I'm afraid not." Skarr declined. "now stop pestering me."

"But I just need somebody to play with me." Billy begged. "play with me, play with me please! Puh-lease, pretty please, why won't you play with me!"

"Does it look like I'm able to play right now?" Skarr shouted. "It's midnight, I'm tired, an associate of mine is infirmed!" his lungs were barely full of breathe after screaming. Frustrated by the boy's persistence was leaving him shaking.

Grim who had just passed by the sick bay was enjoying the show. A hot headed Skarr was putting up with Billy for once. If only he had some popcorn and recliner he'd be entertained for hours! Grim's unbridled happiness was cut short when Skarr pointed to the innocent passerby.

"There, there's who you should be playing with!" Skarr got up from his seat hopping up and down showing Billy. It was the second acquaintance he was introduced to: the Grim Reaper.

"Grim, hi Grim," Billy waved.

A smile curled on Skarr's lips when he asked. "the Grim Reaper what can we do you for?"

"I know full well what you want." Grim frowned expressing the fact he knew Skarr's ulterior motive for exposing him.

"I thought seeing that you were just hanging around. You'd be generous enough to play with Billy on my behalf." Skarr's courteous offer was not appreciated.

Grim pointed a finger at the General's chest. "don'cha go dumping him on me. "

"Word around the grape vine tells me you're his responsibility." Skarr purred passing around the latest rumor.

"Ya can't prove a ting anyone said so just drop it." Grim demanded.

"Ah, a little defensive aren't we?" Skarr cheerfully replied.

"I'm gonna play with one of ya if it's the last thing I do!" Billy interrupted.

"Now calm down, Billy," Grim replied. "we're eventually gonna get to the bottom of tis."

"I told you already I'm not in the mood." Skarr pointed Billy and Grim to the exit. "now leave me alone!"

But Grim would not be so easily persuaded.