Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist, or any of the characters therein. If I did, Alphonse would finally get to keep a kitty and Wrathy would still be alive. And Envy would take his shirt off! Yay!

I remember the first time someone had looked at me like a person. Not a monster, not an experimental mistake of nature, but another person. What was that word…empathy? Yeah, that's it. He looked at me with empathy. That's what made this human different from all the others. I can't count how many I've taken out before; how many humans fell prey to monsters like me. His eyes were full of fear and confusion, like all those countless others. But there was something else, almost a sort of betrayal in his eyes. And sadness, as though he understood my pain. He saw me as an equal, another person just like him. To him, it was as though I was ….human.