We were about to head out when we heard the sound of a loud crash. We all looked at each other, pretty much all saying "Oh crap" with our expression.

"For the record, that is not my fault!" I blurted. I ran to the door. My guess was that one of the other homunculi had been watching the whole time - probably Envy. I was screwed.



I bolted. A few of the soldiers tried to stop me, but I made it just close enough to Wrath before getting a bullet to the shoulder. I yelped.

"Idiot" I hissed at Wrath. "What are you doing here?"

"I was looking for you!"

"Thanks a lot, you just got me in a lot of trouble,"

"Envy said you were defecting from us,"

"He says a lot of things dammit! Why did you think he was telling the truth?"

"Well he's right, isn't he?" he snapped. "Because you're here and you're going to team up with them!"

There was a few seconds' pause, with a whole group of Amestrian military pointing their guns at me. Wrath had already said way too much. Without a second thought, I backhanded him across the face.

"Ow! Traitor!"

"Shut up!" I yelled. "Whoever said...whoever said I was a traitor? Do you really think I'd go and do something like that? Like...like I'd actually side with these guys? I mean...they're responsible for all the crap I've been through!"

"So why did you agree to meet them?"

"Well..." I was coming up with something on the spot, hoping I could manage a plan. "...it was to throw them off. But now that you had to go and mess everything up..."

BANG! A gunshot, this one hitting right in front of my feet.

"Don't move. Both of you are coming with us. If you make any attempt to escape, the next shot is in your face," I met eyes with the blonde, gold-eyed woman aiming her gun at me.

This wasn't turning out well at all.

"Just take me," I said, glancing down at Wrath. "Let him go,"

"Venge, what are you doing?"

"Winging it," I muttered to him. "Got any ideas?"

"Like what?" he whispered.

"Getting us out of here,"

Suddenly, Wrath clapped both hands together and struck them palms-down on the ground. There was a burst of blue-white light, dirt and gravel and brick flying up everywhere, and the next thing I knew, I was falling. Dust, dirt and rubble swirled around me on all sides, hitting me and crushing me. After the longest ten seconds ever, it all stopped. Thank God I could regenerate.

"Nii-san?" I coughed. I was in a sewer.

The sound of footsteps echoing through the walls was the first thing I got in response. If he could pull a stunt like the one he just did, he'd probably manage escaping them on his own. Right now, I just had to worry about myself...

"Arrgh! No!" I growled, punching the stone wall. That was Envy's philosophy, his whole agenda revolved around caring about himself and nobody else. But...wasn't that what I did too?

Footsteps again. Now was not the time to worry about personal ethics. Now was getting away and trying not to think too hard about just how badly this had gone wrong. Now...it smelled awful.

"Hold it right there!"

It was her again, the one who shot me. We stood about fifteen feet apart from each other, and no easy way to get out. Except one...

My legs exploded, and I went flying like a rocket. When I landed, it was head-first into the sewer water. Great, just great. It only took a few seconds for my legs to regenerate. As soon as they were back, I ran.

"Sis?" I heard from a short way off. Yes! He was okay!

"Right here!" I called back. For as horrible as this night had went, I was happy right now. He was safe.

"Did we lose 'em?" he asked as soon as we saw each other.

"I think so, but let's still be careful that we don't run into them," I answered. "If we can find a way out of here..."

A bullet ricocheted off the wall and hit me in the back. Another got Wrath.

"They're close!"

"No kidding," he said back. Envy's sarcasm was really rubbing off on him...


We both raced through the narrow sewer passageways as fast as we could, occasionally stumbling in the mucky water. Finally, after losing count of tripping face-first into swill and accidentally swallowing some, I came to a hault.


"This is getting us nowhere," I said. "If getting out means making another big damned explosion, then we might as well do it, okay?"

He grinned. I grinned back. I don't know why, because this was going to hurt like hell...

"Ready?" I said.



The world went white. The force of the blast felt like a nuke dropped on me...or rather, in me. At first there was no pain, just white, and a muffled shuffling of rocks and debris. Then came the pain. Every inch of me felt like it was on fire, or soaking in acid. I hadn't felt this terrible since the train explosion. Finally, the regeneration kicked in. That was always weird, because sometimes it would sting, othertimes itch, sometimes it tickled. Right now, it was all three.

Once I was all in one piece, I stood up and looked around. The damage I'd just caused was incredible. If anyone in there had lived through that explosion, it was a miracle. I couldn't help but start giggling. I soon worked it up to loud, maniacal fits of laughter.

I blew it. LITERALLY blew it. There was no way I could convince Raven and Josh I was on their side now. Or anyone for that matter. I screwed up. I tried to fix things, and it had only ended in disaster.

So why then was I laughing? Then it hit me - it was me! I was laughing at myself! The cycle of the Ourobourus was a never ending cycle of biting yourself in the ass!

I was a joke even to myself.

I'll bet you did not see that coming! The last part where she's laughing like a psycho was kind of inspired by the (in)famous LOLzaku scene in Code Geass (AWESOME anime, by the way!). I kind of wanted the last scene to be dramatic, but...well, maybe not.

Anyway, hopefully things will get better (*cough*yeah right*cough*), and...RIZA! Riza totally pwned Vengeance! Yeah well, anyways...REVIEW!