She could hear voices yelling back and forth at one another. One sounding quite arrogant, the other sounded as if he was going to beat him to a pulp.


Opening her eye a crack to see what was going on. She could just barely make out an older man across the room from her. He looked as if he was tied up, but she couldn't tell for sure her vision was blurry.

"Is that… blood…?"

She saw patches of red on his face and chest. She could feel the anger building inside, it made her so mad that they dared lay a finger on him! She was also worried, wanting to run to him and make sure he was alright. But as hard as she tried she couldn't move from where she was.

Laughter soon filled her ears making her look up towards the sound. She caught a glimpse of a dark haired man with glasses before a bright bluish light engulfed everything. A panicked cry came from across the room, she caught the look of fear in the older man's face and eyes.

"Wait…!" she cried out waking herself seeing her hand stretched out into the air, like she was trying to reach out to the man in her dream. Panting heavily, covered in sweat, she just stared at her hand still held high above her. Did she know the man…? She must have, she was so angry and worried that he was hurt she has to know him. If only she could just remember…

Finally moving her hand down over her chest she tightly closed her eyes for a moment. All she could see was those terrified eyes looking back at her. Lifting herself off of the bed she made her way to the windowsill, sitting down to watch the early morning clouds move away allowing the sun to shine in.

"How long as she been up for?" a nurse asked nodding her head towards the room.

"She's been awake since I arrived at six" another nurse said glancing over at the room "Still in the same spot as she was this morning too… poor dear"

She sighed leaning her head against the cool glass as she looked out the window watching a nearby tree swaying in the wind. She could hear the ladies talking about her at the nurse's station across from her room, she wasn't deaf. Couldn't remember her name and or anything else yes, but she was most certainly not deaf.

"How you doing Kiddo?" a gentle voice from the doorway made her glance over and smile slightly, she was the head nurse in the hospital. She had to be in her early forty's, she had dark brown hair pulled back into a low bun and hazel green eyes.

"Hey Jennifer"

"Nightmare again?" Jennifer asked walking over tapping her on the head gently with her notepad.

She ducked down slightly smiling sheepishly "Could say that…"

"Do I need to prescribe you some sleeping pills hmm?" Jennifer sighed moving her notepad away from her head "You need your sleep hon"

"I know…" she said lowly looking out the window pulling her legs up to her chest.

Jennifer sat down across from her in the windowsill and placed a gentle hand on her knee "Kiddo, this dream might be a clue to what happened"

"But I don't like it" she mumbled keeping her gaze out the window.

"I know you don't honey, but it might help figure out who you are" Jennifer sighed as she watched her continue to look out the window. For the three days she's been with them, she always seemed to be off in her own little world.

"Jennifer!" one of the other nurses called out as she ran to the door sounding urgent "We need you in room 35!"

"I'm on my way" Jennifer sighed getting up from the windowsill, she knew perfectly well it was Mr. Hunter having one of his childish fits. And she was unfortunately the only one who could put an end to them "I'll be right back Jane" she left the room quickly after the other nurse.

'Jane' wrinkled her nose at the name they had given her, she knew they had to name her something and not just keep going 'hey you!'. Going to look back out the window she noticed Jennifer left her notepad on the sill. She glanced out the door before picking the pad up flipping a few pages finding a blank one. Taking the pen from the metal clip at the top she started to draw, what she wasn't sure, but her hand seemed to know what it was doing.

"I swear if that man doesn't smarten up…" Jennifer groaned as she walked back into Jane's room after a long half-hour of calming Mr. Hunter down. "Sorry I took so long-"she paused mid sentence seeing Jane drawing on her notepad not even realizing she came back into the room. She had such a serious look on her face, drawing whatever it was.

Jennifer walked over to Jane to investigate just what she was drawing. Jane didn't even realize she was now standing next to her, watching her draw what appeared to be an alchemy array. Jennifer only knew about alchemy really from her husband, who used it from time to time. But this was different, it wasn't any normal array. It was more complicated then what her husband drew.

Jane tilted her head to the side with the end of the pen on her chin, she looked at the array she just drew deep in thought.

"Looks like you know alchemy" Jennifer said making Jane jump startled.

"I um…! Sorry!" Jane quickly handed her the notepad with the pen on top, she moved her legs to her chest and wrapped her arms around her knees.

Jennifer couldn't help but laugh as Jane looked terrified as if she was going to get scolded. "No, no it's fine my dear" she smiled flipping her notepad pages to find the page… or rather pages Jane had drawn on. Some of them had alchemy arrays on them, while others had sketches of people on them "Maybe I should get a notepad of your own to draw on, might help you remember" she could tell Jane was remembering something, they all seemed to be sketches of the same man.

"Still sorry…" Jane looked down at her toes half playing with them through her socks "It was just sitting on the windowsill and… I just couldn't resist you know?"

"I'm not angry with you" Jennifer chuckled and ruffled up Jane's hair making sure to be careful not to hit the lump on her head, which is probably the cause of her losing her memory.

"Kay…" Jane nodded a little still looking at her feet.

"Mind if I keep them?" Jennifer asked her getting confused look from Jane.

"They aren't really good… just doodles" Jane couldn't understand why she'd want them.

"Well I love your doodles and tomorrow I'll get you a notepad of your own to draw with" Jennifer couldn't help but smile seeing Jane look so happy, she hasn't really smiled since arriving.

"Thank you" Jane couldn't help but feel excited about getting something of her own.

"Now don't go stealing someone else's notepad to draw on" Jennifer smirked, watching Jane nod quickly.

"Promise! I'll be good!" Jane quickly blurted out without a second thought, this only made Jennifer grin as she left the room.

"Daniel sweetheart, I want you to look at something for me" Jennifer said to her husband who just walked into the door from a long day at work.

Daniel knew that look on his wife's face all too well "Don't tell me you've brought 'home' something from work again"

Jennifer rolled her eyes at her husband before handing him some papers "Do you recognize any of these?"

Daniel just barely managed to hang up his jacket before he was handed the papers. He was about to ask what he was looking for when he noticed the alchemy arrays "What's this…?"

"I was hoping you could tell me" Jennifer said crossing her arms watching her husband looking over them.

"I've never seen anything like these…" Daniel was impressed, sure he knew alchemy but nothing as complex "Where did you get these?"

"A young woman who was admitted into the hospital three days ago, the poor dear doesn't remember anything" Jennifer explained as she noticed him stop on a page seeming to be studying it "I happened to leave my notepad in her room and she drew these" she paused waiting for him to respond but he didn't say anything "something catch your eye?"

"Oh sorry…" Daniel said glancing up at Jennifer with an apologetic smile "And you could say some did, one looks awfully familiar"

"Really? Maybe it's a clue to who she is" Jennifer really did want to know the poor girls name, her family must be worried sick about her.

"Yes, and maybe… I think I know just the man to ask about these" Daniel smiled leaning in closer to his wife giving her a kiss. "Now where's dinner? I'm starved"

Jennifer laughed kissing her husband back "Always such the charmer"

"I'd like to see Colonel Roy Mustang"

Everyone in the office suddenly jumped to their feet to salute all yelling out in unison "General Ellis Sir!"

General 'Daniel' Ellis managed to stifle a laugh, he did love it when the lower ranks almost jumped out of their skin. "At ease"

They all lowered their hands and a few glanced over at one another nervously unsure of why he stopped by.

"May I ask why you've come to see me General Ellis?" Roy made his way over from his desk. It was unusual for a General to be stopping by his office.

"Ah Colonel Mustang" General Ellis smiled reaching out to shake his hand "You look like you're doing well"

"Same to you Sir" Roy smiled shaking his hand back.

"Oh yes, I was hoping you could help me with these" General Ellis dug into his jacket pocket, unfolding the papers before handing them over to Roy to examine. "I found them quite interesting and they looked familiar to me. You were the first one I thought of, I knew you'd probably have an easier time recognizing them then I would"

Roy took the papers unsure what he was going to find, that was until he saw the alchemy arrays on them. "Where did you get these…?" he couldn't help but find them familiar himself, but he couldn't quite place his finger on where.

"My wife actually, she is the head nurse at the hospital. She told me a young lady had drawn them on her notepad she accidentally left in her room" General Ellis watched Roy's expression change looking serious as he examined a page very carefully. He glanced around the papers to see what he was looking at and couldn't help but chuckle "I paused at that same page"

Roy just barley nodded as he looked at an all too familiar array staring back at him. It was his flame array, the one stitched onto his gloves. "Why bring them-"

"Because we cannot ask the young lady who drew them" General Ellis cut Roy off mid sentence earning him an odd look "She lost her memory Colonel, but somehow she knows these complex alchemy arrays"

Roy looked back down at the papers in his hands, looking over each page one more time before finally speaking "I'll see what I can do"

"Much appreciated Colonel" General Ellis nodded as he turned to leave.

"General Ellis, one other thing" Roy watched the General turn towards him with his arms behind his back "Who would I be asking for, that is if I wanted to talk to her"

The General couldn't help but laugh, he should have expected this "Just ask for my wife Jennifer the head nurse and tell her I sent you"

"Thank you Sir" Roy saluted as he watched General Ellis leave the office. He couldn't help but start to observe the arrays again, wondering back over to his desk.

"What are you going to do? Try and pick up girls from the hospital now?" Havoc suddenly piped up.

Roy shot Havoc a glare "No, but it might work for you" he couldn't help but smirk as Havoc let out a small protest before plopping back down at his desk. Looking back down at the papers in his hands trying to figure them out, the more he wished Fullmetal was around to help him. Not that he couldn't on his own, just an extra pair of eyes would help move it along all that much faster.

"You can look at those later Sir" Hawkeye said suddenly next to Roy making him look up at her. "Work first" she motioned her hands towards the piles of paper work still on his desk.

"Right…" Roy couldn't help but let out a sigh, he really did not want to work right now. He had much more important papers to be looking at. He quickly folded them up placing them into his uniform coat before Hawkeye got the chance to give him a warning shot from her gun.

Looking up at the wall clock, Roy groaned to himself as he still had another three hours locked up in the office. But once he was 'free' so to speak he was going to be paying this girl a visit.