Ed let out a sigh as he squeezed Barb gently in his arms, they were home. The three, no four of them were. Colonel has been by his side for just as long as Barb was, he only found him when he was two years old. Come to think of it... did Colonel get younger too? He seemed like his old self and had no more white around his muzzle. "Well... we don't exactly have any money to our names right now. Plus we'll need to remember to put Elric as our last name."

"I suppose we don't? Not unless we somehow still have money somewhere." Al laughed, would they still have a bank account after all this time? Surely someone would've canceled it thinking they were gone. "Oh... I actually forgot about that." He smiled softly, he was sure he'd go on autopilot with signing his name, not to mention introducing himself.

"You didn't go by Elric where you were?" Winry asked confused before anyone else had the chance.

"Ah... no, we went by a close friend's last name." Ed nodded burying his face into Barb's hair a moment, her tiny hands moving to pat his face. "To honour him by as he died helping me get home and I ended up going back in order to seal the gate..."

"I didn't know him, think I met him...? My memory is a little foggy." Al smiled a bit sheepishly feeling bad he didn't. "Brother did tell me a lot about him, Alfons helped him a lot while he was there for those few years. So we went by Heiderich as Ed said to honour him."

"Oh... I'm sorry." Winry suddenly felt bad for bringing up some sad memories, they were already upset about their current situation. At least finding Barbara is now a baby and might not be the same person she once was.

"No, no don't be." Al smiled at her reassuringly as he squeezed her hand gently. He blinked as Ed's hand reached over to squeeze Winry's hand too, this made him chuckle lowly. They always hated seeing Winry so upset, she was like a sister to them after all.

"It's okay Win, really." Ed glanced over at Winry giving her a smile and chuckled as Barb seemed to either be waving at Winry. Or trying to will her hand over to put over theirs.

"You really did live completely different lives there..." Roy was still trying to put everything together. From what he hearing, Al had settled down with someone and started a family of his own, the pair growing old. How old he wasn't sure, but old enough to have grandchildren who were teenagers.

"Yeah, we did..." Al nodded, glancing down at their hands and couldn't help but wonder if he deserved this second chance as well. His brother most certainly did. Not that Ed wasn't exactly happy where they ended up, just he could tell he wasn't fully happy as much as his brother tried to hide it.

"Uncf...!" Barbara angry huffed as she squirmed in Ed's arms as she was now trying to reach Al better as he wasn't as close as before.

"What's got into you?" Ed blinked, quickly moving his other hand back so she didn't fall out of his arms. He looked at her confused a moment and followed her gaze to Al who was looking down at his lap and now looking at Barb confused.

Her nose was all wrinkled and her cheeks were puffed out a bit. Ed moved in a little closer to Al to see what she'd do, she then proceeded to hit his shoulder angrily.

"Why are-" Al then saw the tears in her eyes as she finally let out a hiccup sniffle, though she still looked a bit angry hitting him. Her hits weren't as hard as they were a second ago. "Sweetie... hey... hey." He spoke gently, taking her small hand into his free one to stop her from continuing to hit him like that and held it gently.

Did she know what he was thinking...? Was... was she still in there? Now Al could feel the tears starting to sting his eyes and threatening to escape. How could he think that way after what she just did for them? Who knows just what she had scarified to bring them all here. Giving them this second chance to live the life they should've had together, she knew how close they were and hated to be separated. Not to mention being with the person they truly loved from the beginning. "I'm sorry kitten..." He kissed her tiny hand before kissing her cheeks to apologize.

"I've never seen her get that mad and upset before" Roy was a bit fearful she might end up having a meltdown on him and he wouldn't know how to handle it. She has been fairly good so far which he was very thankful for.

"Why you so upset at Al for...?" Ed rubbed her back gently trying to calm her down and glanced at Al confused.

"Its fine Ed" Al chuckled softly, kissing Barb's forehead gently. "I was thinking far too hard than I should've been. She was letting me know to stop." He glanced at Ed and couldn't help but smirk. "She is a lot like you, remember?" He laughed as Ed gave him a weird look.

"Whatever... just hope she'll calm down now?" Ed shifted Barb in his arms who sniffled a little and now was squeezing onto Al's finger as he held it gently.

"She will once I give her enough apology kisses." Al chuckled, giving her a few more kisses on her face. Making sure a few made a 'chu' like sound getting some giggles out of her. "There's my little smiley girl..." He smiled softly as he seemed to have finally calmed her down. Barb was still in there he was sure of it, maybe it was a gut feeling as well? Well, once she starts talking they'll know for sure.

Winry giggled at how cute the boys were being with this small baby, suppose they had practice? That reminds her... who did Al end up meeting on the other world?

"Wait... just how long has she been here? You said you found her here on the desk?" Ed glanced at Roy curiously, shifting Barb in his arms who had finally calmed down and was holding onto his hair a bit.

"I did find her on my desk. I thought it was a prank at first to be quite honest..." Roy was so shocked he dropped whatever paperwork he had in his hands. "She has been here for four days."

"I bet you went to see Gracia?" Ed tilted his head slightly, it would made sense. She was the one person he knew of that could help as she had experience with a baby. Sure she was excited to help out and give Roy pointers.

"That's why her dress is familiar." Al chuckled lowly, finally sitting in a more comfortable position on the floor. Least he didn't feel like he was going to faint anymore "She gave you all of Elicia's old baby clothes?"

Winry gently rubbed Al's arm once he settled again, she could tell he was still quite worked up. They all were really...

"She did, I was very thankful. Not that I couldn't buy them myself, just easier...? Plus I had no idea what size to buy her either." Roy nodded, glancing down at Ed. "I see you have baby experience." He half teased and chuckled when Ed shot him a half-hearted glare.

Ed was going to respond when suddenly a familiar voice was heard from the doorway.

"What happened to the door...? Who kicked it in?" The voice questioned before moving into the office seeing everyone huddled around. "Did I miss something...?"

Barbara squealed hearing the voice and semi babbled, trying to move to see.

"Aww I hear the sweet little pumpkin!"

Ed and Al turned to stare at the source of the voice, it couldn't be-! "H-HUGHES?!" They yelled out in surprise, but he-!

"Edward! Alphonse! Ahhh that explains the door." Hughes laughed moving in spotting Ed holding the baby Roy brought over four days prior. Al was sitting beside him with Winry and a black dog was next to Ed. "Winry your here as well! Whose dog...?"

"W-What how is...?" Ed started but couldn't find his voice as this was too much. Coming back home suddenly young again, Barbara alive but a baby and possibly not remembering anything. Now Hughes is alive?

"Ah- You weren't here when I finally came out of hiding and recovered. I was shot as you know..." Hughes wrinkled his nose slightly at the memory. "But it wasn't as fatal as it could've been. Xander and Xavier were adamant on warning me about something happening and were the first on the scene."

"They... did?" Al was stunned. They really did mean it when they mentioned they wanted to help people. Just followed a madman... but how they would know-right.. He glanced over at Ed who was still in shock as much as he was at seeing Hughes very much alive. His brother did tell their whole story to someone, which then became quite popular. Xander and Xavier clearly knew the story and wanted to save Hughes...

Of course...! That is also how Kevin managed to figure everything out. Somehow finding Ed and that it was a true story not a fictional one. Starting the whole ordeal to come back here to learn Alchemy, to take over the world they were currently living in, but why? Clearly Kevin was quite mad.

"I-It's good to see you..." Ed smiled a bit, shifting Barb so he could rub at his eyes. Damn eyes were drooling again. Barbara turned her attention back to Ed and patted his face gently.

Roy gave Ed a gentle squeeze as his arm managed to wrap around Ed's middle. "The dog is Colonel, Ed's dog. Guess who he was named-" Roy was cut off when Ed placed his hand over his mouth, semi glaring at him. Roy couldn't help but chuckle and smirk at Ed who was getting slightly flustered.

"Oh! He is your dog, Ed?" Hughes crouched down to let the dog sniff his hand, noticing the dog's collar had the same colourings as their uniform. Of course the stars that matched Colonel Status, the dog sort of reminded him of Roy too... definitely fits. He chuckled, giving the dog a pat.

"Sir... you should go home for the rest of the day." Riza spoke making everyone turn to her slightly surprised. "I know you won't get any other work done and you two-ah... four? Need to catch up." She chuckled as she looked from Barbara, Ed, Al, and Colonel.

"We very much do." Roy gave Ed one last squeeze before getting up to his feet, holding his hand out to Ed to help him up. "Let's go home."

Ed blinked at Roy a moment in surprise, home... "Yeah... Yeah I'd like that." He paused before taking Roy's hand so he could help him to his feet as he was holding Barbara.