To Claim a Kunoichi

Chapter 1: Who To Claim?

Sasuke x Temari

Description: Sasuke knows now is the time to revive his clan, he just needs to find the right person. By chance one day he comes across the strong and feisty Temari, he believes her genes will do well. Now all he has to do is pry her away from Shikamaru and convince her!

Pairings: SasuTema, ShikaTema, SasuSaku


Sasuke slightly OOC. Think of pre-rogue Sasuke. I can't really have a romance of current crazy Sasuke or he'd just stab the girl and walk away…

Short chapters. I like the 10k type chapters but I think this one will be much shorter. But I think the chapters are gonna get longer and longer as we go. Maybe…

Becoming a cloud,

Becoming rain,

Missing love.

"You're a grown man now Sasuke, I thought you would have been married and reviving your clan by now." Tsunade said simply, wrapping a bandage around his arm.

Sasuke said nothing in response as Tsunade continued. "You recklessly go on these dangerous missions while putting the inevitable off."

"I'm working on it," Sasuke scoffed. He had no intention on discussing this with Granny.

"You're a mature man now and Sakura is-

"Thanks for your help." He interrupted. He broke off the edge of the bandage and attached the loose end to his arm in one swift motion. Tsunade gave one hard blink, even she was surprised at how fast he was. His time with Orochimaru really made his movements fluid like a snake.

She only watched him leave and sigh. When would he find out that no one could love him more than his teammate? Why not also make her the mother of your children? Of course she was biased in Sakura's favor, considering she was like a daughter to her and only wanted her successor's happiness, even if it was with the brooding and bratty Uchiha. She knew Sakura could take care of him and guide the new Uchiha clan in the right direction. But what could she do, she can't force the blockhead to see what was in front of him.

Sasuke rushed out the front entrance and sighed. Every time he was injured on a mission he dreaded seeing Tsunade's face. She always made special trips just to "heal" him herself. Oh and not to mention have a talk about taking his relationship to the next level with her prized student. Blah. He had no interest in Sakura anymore than a cherished teammate and friend. He had no idea if Sakura still had a silly crush on him and he didn't care. She wasn't suitable for him. Not quite what he had in mind as a gene donor to his new clan. When others asked for specifics on why she wasn't suiting, he never answered. He wasn't quite sure but that's how he had felt since day one.

One thing Tsunade did do for him (aside from heal up his wounds) was make him think hard on this. Who was he going to pick to bear his children? More or less when? He knew the first thing he had to do was pick the girl then let the rest happen. The life of a shinobi can be short and nearing 20s was almost a veteran in this dangerous world. He knew he had to stop putting this daunting issue on the back-burner and find a girl. Soon.

With his left arm bandaged he had some free time for it to heal, a great time to look for a potential child-bearer-to-be.

He walked a familiar path through Konoha's busy streets, he knew the person he had to talk to about this.

As he took casual steps to his destination he noticed something he never did before. His fan girls. His whole life he had blocked them out of his vision, only focusing on one goal, to kill Itachi. That had been over and done with for quite some time. Yet he forgot to uphold to his second goal, revive his clan. Now that there was no Itachi to focus on, maybe he could actually see what they had to offer?

He was never honest about his emotions but he felt the pang of embarrassment and frustration at even thinking of considering such loud, obnoxious women. But he has no idea where to start besides the most obvious.

Gazing at the admiring glances, he realized he had no idea who any of these girls were. He then realized just how well he had focused on killing his brother. He had never seen a single one before.

'Too fat. Too short. Too skinny. Not pretty. Too manly.'

Sasuke was taken aback. These girls were not suiting in appearance. No wonder he had never noticed them. Most of them looked like village girls, not kunoichi. While there were plenty advantages to having a sweet, homemaker type wife who knew only the battles of the rice patty, he was too afraid of his heirs coming out weak.

He was more taken aback at the fact he could analyze a female's looks just as fast as a battle plan. He had spent years practicing battle plans, but nothing prepared him for this moment.

Putting his hands in his pocket he gazed at the last fan girl in the chain. This one was actually cute. Light brown hair, rosy cheeks, bright blue doe eyes. She peaked his interest more than any others.

"What's your name?" he asked coolly.

She looked in all directions, unable to comprehend after all this time Sasuke Uchiha was looking right at her and speaking. "M-M-M-Mizuki Momichi!" she stuttered nervously, twirling her locks around her finger.

"And how long have you been stalking me?" he asked in the same ice tone.

That was a loaded question to her, but she'd answer anything Sasuke asked. "11 years, one month, four days and…let me count the seconds!" she glanced at her watch.

Sasuke sighed, 'Too creepy.' He knew right then and there he needed to find a strong kunoichi that had better things to do than stalk him his whole life. That knocked out a great number of female ninjas, but he needed to start somewhere.

'Let's see…who is strong but hasn't stalked me my whole life.' Sasuke thought continuing his walk, not forgetting the goal in mind. 'There's that Hyuuga, but she's in love with Naruto. There's Tenten, but she stalks Neji…' He stopped pondering and walked into the ramen stand, he knew his best friend Naruto would be here to assist him in this. Despite the fact he had no experience in this, he needed a different mindset for some feedback.

"Yo, Naruto." Sasuke called out to his friend who was stuffing his face with ramen, obviously.

Naruto swallowed his mouth full and called back. "Hey Sasuke, are we going on a mission?" Usually when Sasuke sought out his friend, it wasn't to do typical best friend things and just hang, it was for sparring or a mission.

"No, got my arm sprained, I'll be out for awhile." Sasuke pointed to his left arm and took his seat beside Naruto.

"That Mist ninja got you good, tell me all about it!" Naruto smirked to his friend excited, thinking Sasuke was there to share war stories.

"That's not why I came," was all Sasuke said, taking a sip of green tea handed to him by Ayame.

"You're not here for business? What's up?" Naruto seemed intrigued at Sasuke's odd behavior but was not concerned enough to stop stuffing his face with the ramen at the same time.

"I've been thinking lately,"

"Yeah, about what?" Naruto asked impatient.

Sasuke sighed, he gave up wondering why Naruto was so impatient about everything.


Naruto coughed in his ramen bowl. "Wow Sasuke, I had no idea you were dating someone!" Naruto nudged his friend.

"I haven't, but Tsunade's words… are getting to me, I need to find someone who can help me carry on my clan."

Naruto had a bright moment and only nodded. Recalling when he first met his teammate he had made it clear his goals in life were to kill "a certain someone" and to carry on his clan.

"I know she tells me this hoping I'll be with Sakura, but I have no intentions on ever crossing that line with her."

Naruto nodded again understanding. Actually he had a hard time understanding who wouldn't like the beautiful, smart, talented Sakura-chan, but he knew very well Sasuke had never seen her in this light. At least now he turned her down by saying she was a teammate instead of his previous harsh reasons.

"Sooo, who do you have in mind?" Naruto peered finishing up his ramen.

Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows. "No idea,"

"Oh I see it all very clear now!" Naruto laughed, wrapping his arm around Sasuke's neck, earning him an angry glance from the Uchiha. "You came to yer old best buddy in hopes of me being a matchmaker!"

"Yeah right, dobe." Sasuke threw Naruto off of him.

There was a long silence for a moment as Naruto stared at Sasuke.

"…why do you have anyone in mind?" Sasuke glanced at the dumb blond from the corner of his eyes.

Naruto grinned in victory and Sasuke sighed.

"There are plenty of girls, Sasuke, come with me!" Naruto grabbed his buddy and headed out of the stand.

Sasuke sighed half way regretting this.

"So tell me my pal, what kind of girl do you have in mind? Short? Tall? Blonde? Dark? Traveling the world with Pervy-sage, I can name a beauty in any corner of this earth!" Naruto boasted in sheer falsehood.

"A strong Kunoichi who doesn't have a ridiculous hair color and has never stalked me."

Naruto stopped and darkness surrounded him.

Sasuke threw him a curious glance.

"Why do you have to be so picky?" Naruto sighed, this wasn't as easy as he thought.

Sasuke sighed again, this was going to be as tough as he thought.

"Hinata has never stalked you." Naruto threw out the idea.

"No, she's interested in somebody else." Sasuke gave a half smirk, when will he realize the obvious?

"Tenten has never stalked you,"

"Only because she's too busy stalking that Hyuuga."

"Well, Kurenai is single!" Naruto grinned.

"A single mom!" Sasuke could have punched Naruto for that one.

"Okay, I'm stumped. I guess you were right to be confused." Naruto quizzed. "But why don't you look back to some girls even if they stalked you? Ino doesn't stalk you anymore…much."

Sasuke thought on this for a moment. She was attractive, strong and worked with Anbu using her kekkei genkai. But he couldn't risk being with someone from another clan that has special abilities. His children could come without pupils and reading minds instead of red spinning sharingan. "No, she's not right."

"Well, my suggestion to you is to look outside of the village, I think it's your best bet." Naruto concluded in defeat. What he wouldn't give to be in the same dilemma as him. Having trouble picking the right girl for you because so many admired you. Naruto had more male admirers for his fighting, but no ladies were takers on him for looks, it seemed.

"That actually sounds like a good idea," Sasuke said finally.

It was such a good idea Sasuke thought how on earth he could find a foreign girl while he was stuck in the Leaf Village. He was pondering on it so much he couldn't stop in time as Naruto called for him to watch where he was thinking.

"Oof!" two people called out going in opposite directions.

"What the hell?" a harsh female voice called out.

"Way to go, you bumped into the Great Uchiha." a lazy male voice sighed.

Sasuke looked in front of him to see he had bumped into Sabaku No Temari of the Sand. Both blinked and stared at each other in silence.

"I'll blame that clumsiness on your wounded arm." Temari grunted getting up, it was obvious she was walking away from this accident with a hurt bum.

Sasuke stayed planted on the ground looking at her. 'Strong, foreign Kunoichi, good looks, feisty attitude…'

"Oh man, look what you did now, Temari." Shikamaru sighed. "Troublesome woman."

"You're not really hurt are you?" Temari held her hand out to Sasuke who was still staring blankly on the ground.

Accepting her help he stood up and came face-to-face with her. Well more like his nose to her eyes. 'She's not too short or too tall…' If he recalled right she fought in the Chunin Exams and held her own with him very well when he was chasing after Gaara.

"What clan are you from?" Sasuke finally broke the silence. That earned suspicious stares from Temari, Naruto and especially Shikamaru.

"What, you gonna report me?" Temari challenged.

Sasuke only gave a slight smirk, "No, just curious where you got your fighting techniques from…"

The three confused shinobi carefully watched Sasuke.

"I got it from myself adapting to the desert weather, no clan fed it to me with a silver spoon." Temari smirked, excited such a powerful person was taking interest in her fighting.

"I see…" was his only reply, sticking his hands in his pocket and walking away with a surprised Naruto following behind.

Temari and Shikamaru watched as the two shinobi walked away.

"I don't like the look of that Uchiha." Shikamaru sighed.

"Come on Shikamaru, he's just curious of my awesome strength!" Temari gave her cocky grin.

"Yeah, right." he sighed just wanting to nap…

"Hey Sasuke, what was that about?" Naruto walked beside his friend, asking now that they were out of ear-shot.

"None of your business," Sasuke turned his gaze from Naruto.

"You're not thinking what I think you're thinking are you?" Naruto glared at his friend cautiously.

"And what if I am?" Sasuke scratched his chin in fake ponder.

"What are you thinking? Don't you know Shikamaru has claims on her?"


"Oh so it's okay to back away from girls like Hinata and Tenten if guys have claims on them, but Temari isn't?"

"She's a different case."

"And what case is that?" Naruto clenched his teeth not liking where this was going.

"I think I want her."

A/N: Well, here it is. My TemaSasu saga. I love fics that revolve around Temari and Ino because I think there are too many Hinata and Sakura pairings out there. So, that's why I chose Temari! I apologize for Sasuke's OOC-ness. I'll try to keep him as dark and brooding as possible….

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