I was watching all these episodes of Survivor Nicaragua when all of a sudden i wondered what would happen if some of Anime's favorite characters were on the show so I started to write this for fun. It was certainly fun writing this prologue. Should I continue? Who knows.

The characters in it are as follows and the ages they are in this story: Misa, 24, from Death Note; Naruto, 15, from Naruto; Ichigo, 15, from Bleach; Edward, 16, from Fullmetal Alchemist; Sango, 20, from InuYasha; Nami, 18, from One Piece; Rachel (Ran), 17, from Case Closed/Detective Conan; Goku, 24, from Dragon Ball Z; Haruhi, 16, from Ouran High School Host Club; Tohru, 16, from Fruits Basket; Yusuke, 17, from YuYu Hakusho; Ash, 13, from Pokemon; Kaoru, 22, from Rurouni Kenshin; Sakura, 13, from CardCaptor Sakura; Teah, 16, from Yu-Gi-Oh!; Kurogane, 25, from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles; Tai, 17, from Digimon; Yoh, 14, from Shaman King;Train, 23, from Black Cat; and Ichigo, 16 from Tokyo Mew Mew.

I do not own any of the characters listed above nor do I own Jeff Probst (the best reality TV host ever!) I hope you enjoy this story and I hope to hear your opinions on which characters should align with who and that sort of thing. Feel free to message me anytime with your ideas.

The Game Begins

Twenty eager people got off the boat that had brought them to the next season's location of the Survivor reality TV show. They were all relatively young, most of them teenagers. The oldest was 25 and the youngest competitors were 13. The TV series' producers had wanted to take the show in a new direction and comprised the cast out of youths to give the game a more energetic feel. This was the first time they had allowed such young contestants and they had feared that the plans would be rejected, but the idea was well received by the public and already ratings were going up. The show's faithful host, Jeff Probst, had signed on once again to continue his hosting duties.

The host looked at the group as he watched them approach. There were 10 guys and 10 girls, each with their own quirks. This season was going to organize them into two groups with the typical schoolyard style pick. The twenty contestants had been kept in the same room on the boat for the entire trip, but had been ordered not to speak with anyone except for the crew. They had watched one another during the trip and had already made opinions about what kind of competitors they were up against.

"Welcome to Survivor!" Jeff said, raising his voice for all to hear as the final person stepped onto the neutral starting mat. "As you can see there are twenty of you and you are all relatively younger compared to half of the contestants we have had in the past. Most of you are a lot younger then others this show has had in previous seasons."

The group looked around at each other, nodding in agreement. Jeff then passed around a sack with pebbles in it.

"Those of you who have drawn the yellow stones please step forward," Jeff called out.

He eyed the two who had received the two yellow stones while everyone else had drawn black ones. One was the tallest in the group, a man with wild black hair. He was wearing an orange gi with a blue undershirt and boots. The other was a lovely red-haired woman in a tank top and short shorts. The man and woman made their way to Jeff's side and turned to face the other contestants. The man smiled brightly at the lovely woman and they shook hands, introducing themselves as Son Goku and Nami.

"These two will now choose who will be on their team. We'll start with Nami's pick," Jeff announced.

Nami looked over her options carefully before selecting.

"The woman in the black and red outfit," she pointed, zeroing in on a strongest looking woman.

"Sango," the woman announced as she joined Nami on her team's mat.

Goku didn't seem to take as much time as Nami had, pointing at the first one who struck his fancy.

"The kid with the red and white hat wearing a blue vest," he stated.

"Cool! I'm Ash Ketchum," the boy grinned, jogging up to high five Goku.

Nami took her time again, selecting a red head teenage boy in jeans and a skull and crossbones T-Shirt who introduced himself as Ichigo Kurosaki. Goku quickly chose a man wearing all black known as Kurogane, seeing the potential fighting strength in him. From there the two teams filled up quickly.

Goku's team comprised of himself, Ash, Kurogane, a blond model, Misa Amane, a loud short spiky haired blond boy, Naruto Uzamaki, a long haired blond boy with an artificial limb, Edward Elric, a high school girl karate champ, Rachel Moore, a kendo instructor, Kaoru Kamiya, a regular high school girl, Teah Gardner, and finally ending with a high school girl with auburn hair tied in ribbons, Ichigo Motomiya.

Nami's team had herself, Sango, the boy Ichigo, a bored looking short haired brunet girl, Haruhi Fujioka, an innocent looking long haired brunet girl, Tohru Honda, a punk looking boy dressed in his school uniform, Yusuke Urameshi, a young red haired girl, Sakura Kinomoto, an athletic brunet boy wearing a pair of goggles, Tai Kamiya (who is of no relation to Kaoru Kamiya), a laid back looking guy wearing slacks and a white shirt under a strange blue over shirt, Train Hearnet, and, rounding off the group, a high school boy who looked like a lazy slacker, Yoh Asakura.

Jeff inspected the newly sorted teams and nodded in approval. There were five men and women on both sides. Now it was time to give them their tribe names.

"Nami's tribe will be team Tama," he announced tossing the red head a red bundle and then tossed Goku a blue one. "Goku, your tribe will be Hadami. Inside those bundles are your team's buffs and a map to your tribe's campsite. Good luck! This game has begun!"

Well that's the prologue. I hope u enjoyed reading it and i look forward to hearing what you have to say.