Percy to steals some of Dionysus's strawberries.

Percy sprinted to the field of lush red strawberries with his reed basket, filled it to the brim and then sprinted back to his cabin.

When he arrived back at his cabin, Percy divided the strawberries he'd stolen into two halves. As he ate the first half now, with a look of pure bliss and enjoyment on his face, he was unaware that someone was watching him from the comforts of there own room in the main house.

Dionysus had taken to watching this display some weeks ago, when he had first sensed the presence of someone in his fields.

Ta first he had found it quite comical. The way the lad would 'stalk' between the cabins to make a mad dash for the fields and back again. But what surprised the god of wine was not at how much the boy liked strawberries, but at how tender and kind he was with the plants themselves. The sight of it warmed his heart with a tenderness he had not felt before. Even with his wife, he could only describe what he had with her as a mild affection or small crush, but with this boy…

"Percy? Are you awake?" hearing the voice of the Satyr Grover Underwood startled Dionysus out of his thoughts, as this was a new development and had not happened on previous nights.

Percy was also startled by the unexpected noise. Walking over to the door (as he had been sitting on his bed eating at the time), opened it to admit one his best friends "Yea I'm awake, what's up?" it wasn't everyday that Grover showed up in the middle of the night. Grover drew a deep breath

"I know you've been stealing strawberries from Dionysus's fields" Grover stated simply, Percy paled "Please Grover. From your lips to the gods ears for Hades sake!" Percy whispered harshly as he started to look a bit panicked, shifting nervously.

"Anyway man, just come in and we'll talk" with that, Percy moved out of the doorway, allowing Grover entrance to his cabin, shutting the door behind them.

Once he was inside, Percy offered Grover a strawberry. Grover took one, nibbling at it as if it would explode. Grover cleared his throat "so why have you been taking them? Why not get someone from the Hermes cabin to steal it for you?" Grover inquired. Everyone knew the Hermes cabin could steal almost anything, while the Stoll brothers could just steal anything (especially after they proved it by stealing the statue of liberty. Needless to say, Athena made them take it back.)

"I tries that, but when Mr. D caught them and gave them dish duty and mucking out the stables for a month. They haven't tried since...but they did offer to steal some from one of the stores they go to, but it just didn't taste the same." Percy sighed, looking worn out and dejected.

Just as Dionysus or 'Mr. D' was remembering the incidents with the Hermes cabin and the Stool brothers, wiry grin gracing his face. He'd never heard Athena screech so loud or seen Hermes that proud since he got away with stealing sissy boy Apollo's cows.

Grover thought this over "still, if even Hermes cabins infamous Stoll's got caught, why didn't you! I mean, their dad is the God of thieves and all." It was a valid point after all.

Percy looked thoughtful "Maybe Mr. D lets me?" he stated wirily "when they stole them, they also trashed the plants themselves" Percy pouted "when they were leaving they ended up trampling them even more as well." The last part he finished in an even cuter pout. Grover didn't know why Percy was worried about the plants so much, he was of the son of a Sea God, not some god of the earth or, or plants! Dionysus was thinking the same thing, though they both didn't know it at the time.

"That's true but…do you really think Mr. D could be so…well nice?" asked Grover, as the concept of a nice Dionysus was completely foreign to him, and apparently, Dionysus too.

Percy started shifting again "Well…it could happen, he's not all bad." Percy hoped he was right anyway, while the others just stared at him. Shocked.

"Percy…I think you need your head examined." Dionysus agreed completely. "Anyway, just promise me you'll be careful? Don't do anything too stupid, ok?" pleaded Grover

"Ok, I promise. Nothing too dumb" Percy promised, Grover knew that was the best he could get…at lest for tonight.

"Ok, night, see you tomorrow" said Grover as he left, closing the door behind him, Dionysus decided it was time for him to got to bed as well. He'd check on the boy in the morning.

~End Chap 1~

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