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Chapter 1 – Prologue: Zero Requiem

A.T.B 2018 in Area 11, the crowd and the rest of the world watched carefully as the float carried the prisoners to the execution ground. Not far behind was the float carrying the 99th Emperor of Britannia, Lelouch vi Britannia.

"…..….Our Emperor, Lelouch, has finally completed his glorious goal of unifying the world. Glory to Emperor Lelouch! All hail Britannia! All hail Lelouch!" Said the announcer proudly as the parade continued.

None of the audience cheered for the Emperor. For in fact, they were all watching in anger and fear. Before them was the Demon Emperor who took over the world using wars and the sacrifices of countless people. The so-called prisoners were their heroes, their soon-to-be-diminish hopes.

"Look! It's Zero!" A voice shouted out of the blue.

The mention of the famous terrorist was all it took for the crowd to look away from the parade. Many gasped in disbelief at what they saw. In the far end of the road stood the masked leader of the Black Knights, Zero. Seeing the most wanted terrorist, the Knightmares fired showers of bullets at him. With inhuman speed, Zero dodged them all with ease. He ran and jumped onto the shoulder of a Knightmare and headed straight towards the Emperor.

"Don't fire, I'll take him on!" Lord Jeremiah Gottwald commanded as he dashed toward the terrorist. Zero jumped onto the Britannian's shoulder and from there jumped onto the Emperor's float.

Unknown to the world, under the mask of Zero was the former Knight Of Zero, Suzaku Kururugi. Before him was his enemy, Lelouch vi Britannia and also his best friend Lelouch Lamperouge.


When he saw Zero, Lelouch gasped in pretended surprise. The moment he was waiting for has come, the start of Zero Requiem.

"Why you insolent-" The Britannian was saying as he pulled out a gun from inside his white robe. The gun was easily knocked out of his hands with his own sword which he gave to his knight along with the Zero mask the day before. As he saw Zero raised the sword in an attack stance, he couldn't help but breaking his pretense to smirk a little. His plan was proceeding perfectly, soon the world will become a gentler one. In just a few seconds, Lelouch could feel the agonizing pain as the sword pierced through his abdominal area. Almost immediately after, the warm, red liquid poured out and stained his white robe.


Suzaku wanted to believe that what was happening was just a nightmare. Time seemed to have stopped because of the dreadful silence. The only sound that he could hear was Lelouch's harsh and soft breaths as he tried to speak through the pain.

"L-Lelouch..." Suzaku whispered through the mask as his tears poured down his cheeks. He could no longer hold back the tears that had threatened to fall down since the beginning.

"This is also your punishment." Lelouch whispered to his ear.

"You will be the defender of justice and wear a mask forever..."

Despite the pain, Lelouch urged his body closer to Zero, using the masked terrorist's shoulder for support. One of his hands reached up to caress the other's masked cheek.

"You will no longer be able to live as Suzaku Kururugi..."

"You will sacrifice all of your own happiness for the world...eternally..."

"This Geass...I solemnly accept." Suzaku finally answered underneath the mask.

Lelouch dropped his hand and let them fall to his sides. Suzaku pulled the sword back to himself to spare his friend of anymore pain. He watched as Lelouch stumbled and slid down the float to where his beloved sister was chained.


Nunnally reached out for his hand when she noticed that he was smiling while waiting for his end. As she held his hand, something happened which made her realized the truth about her brother's actions.

"It can't be. Brother...you were...all along."

She held his hand tighter and closer. Silver tears were beginning to flow from her eyes.

"Brother, I love you!"

"Yes, I...destroy...worlds...create...worlds..." That was Lelouch's final words before his amethyst eyes closed.

"Brother! No! Open your eyes! Brother! BROTHER!"

The silence continued on and all that was heard was Nunnally's desperate sobs, begging for her brother to wake up.

"Lelouch the demon has died! Release the hostages!" The former princess Cornelia yelled out from a building's entrance as she led the remaining Black Knights and citizens to chase the Britannian Army. Knowing that they were outnumbered, the army retreated.

"This is unfair. I would have been happy with just living with you, Brother. I can't bear a future without you, Brother...I just can't..." Nunnally continued to cry.

Her cries were soon blocked out by the crowd's chants as they looked at their masked Hero, Zero. He was still standing on the Emperor's float, with his sword dripping with fresh blood.

"Zero! Zero! Zero! Zero! Zero! Zero..."

Unnoticed by everyone, Suzaku shook his head repeatedly that whole time, trying his best to tune out that horrible chant. No, no, don't call me that!...Lelouch!

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