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Chapter 18 – Epilogue

It was the early morning right after the final battle with Russia and the world had finally regained relative peace. Ironically, it wasn't a sunny and/or beautiful day like you'd expect. A storm was coming later in the afternoon and it was already raining cats and dogs outside. Lelouch woke up at the same time as he usually did and made his way to the kitchen from his room. As he passed by the sofa, the immortal scowled in disgust at the empty red pizza boxes C.C. had carelessly left on the ground since last night. He sighed before entering the kitchen, it was always him who had to clean up after the witch.

Opening the fridge's door, Lelouch frowned for the second time. The morning just kept getting better, he'd have to go shopping sometime today as well. Not having any other choice, the dark-haired boy took the only item remaining in the machine – a carton of milk that was expiring in two days – and made a bowl of cereal.

With breakfast sorted out, Lelouch returned to the living room and sat on the couch – making sure to be as far away from the junk food boxes as possible. While swallowing the first spoonful, he picked up the remote and turned on the TV. After flicking through all the channels twice, he settled with the local news report delivered by Milly since they were on the same hottest topic anyway. That, of course, was the treaty signing between Russia and Britannia the night before. It had taken place mere hours after Suzaku won the main battle and defeated the general. Without their leader, the Russian troops were forced to abandon their fight and surrendered.

The treaty's conditions were entirely made by Britannia and the UFN with Russia having no say in it. They had agreed upon key terms such as Russia being under Britannia's supervision 24/7, the former country will be responsible for taking care of all the damage they'd done, providing help with rebuilding destroyed cities and so on. It was such a big even that the new spread like wildfire and reporters from every country in existent were present. After that, numerous interviews followed. Since Suzaku wasn't much of a public speaker, the Britannian royalties and Black Knights took over so the three immortals were able to sneak home.

Speaking of Suzaku, he was coming down the stairs while yawning and trying to comb out his even-messier-than-usual hair. "'Morning." He greeted and headed over to the couch.

"This is a surprise, normally wouldn't you still be dead to the world right now?"

"True, guess real miracles happen. Mind if I join?"

"Knock yourself out."

Suzaku smiled and plopped down beside the teen, raising an eyebrow at the stacks of Pizza Hut boxes. "So, what're you watching?"

"The only there is to watch, you saving the world, again."

"It wasn't all me, the media's just exaggerating like usual."

"Hmph, how modest. By the way, weren't Earl Asplund looking for you last night?"

Suzaku gulped at that, he knew better than going near the slightly mentally unstable scientist any time soon. "Haha, let's just say damaging the Lancelot is one thing but blowing it to smithereens for the second time is another story. He's definitely going to find a way to kill me for real this time."

"That does sound like something he'd do."

"Hey, you're still going to the party tonight, right?"

"Can I choose otherwise?"

"Nope, I'd just drag you there."

"Then why ask in the first place?"

"Touché. By the way, what's for breakfast?"

"Nothing, until we go grocery shopping."

"Oh? Is that your way of asking me on a date?"

Lelouch choked on the last bit of his cereal and turned to glare at Suzaku. "NO! I said we're shopping for food! You know what? You can starve for all I care!"

"Geez, relax, you should learn to take a joke. But seriously though, we should go on dates sometimes. Who knows, maybe something good'll happen."

It was meant to be another joke but Lelouch didn't respond in the same way. He turned away from the other boy for a moment before murmuring barely audibly, "…Maybe, just one wouldn't be too bad."

Suzaku blinked rapidly and thought silently for seconds more to make sure he'd heard right. "Wait, was that actually a 'yes'?"

The raven gritted his teeth and nodded, his face was quickly heating up from embarrassment. "I-I've thought about what you said that morning on the island and…"

"And?" Suzaku leaned in closer in anticipation.

"…I believe I might be able to return your feelings…with more time. So, yeah…" The immortal finished awkwardly and hid his face. That was undoubtedly by far the most embarrassing thing he'd ever done, or said technically.

Suzaku grinned like a child and threw his arms around the latter, bringing him into a tight hug. "Thank you so much, Lelouch!"

"Wh-what the? Let go!" The Britannian boy – who was now completely flustered – demanded and tried in vain to pry the arms off him.

"Sorry, you're just too cute when you were blushing and stuttering like that." Suzaku laughed sheepishly and moved back a bit.

"Idiot, never call a guy cute!"

"Why? What's wrong with telling the truth?"

"J-just…don't!" Lelouch glared weakly, still trying to will the redness on his face to go away.

Unable to help himself, the brunette leaned in again, this time aiming for the latter's lips. Stunned by the shock, Lelouch was immobile for a moment. When his brain finally registered what was going on, he gingerly closed his eyes and joined in. The kiss lasted for another half minute or so before the two broke apart, staring at each other. Not wanting to remain in the seemingly awkward silence, the raven grimaced and changed the subject. "Suzaku, your breath's toxic in the morning. For God's sake, at least brush your teeth before doing something like that!"

"I didn't see you complaining just a minute ago." The Japanese boy grinned victoriously when his companion blushed again.

"Sh-Shut up!"

"Good job ruining the mood, by the way."

"Yeah, you're not romantic at all, boy." A monotonous voice suddenly commented.

The two turned towards the origin of the voice and gaped when they saw C.C. standing at the entrance of the room, leaning against a wall. "C.C., how long have you been there?" Suzaku asked.

The witch shrugged casually and replied, "Long enough."

"Well why didn't you say something? It's bad to eardrop on people!" Lelouch exclaimed with his infamous dark glare.

"Oh don't mind me, just continue on with what you two were doing. Make it a make-out session this time, I'm going to get some popcorn. Or maybe pizza, that sounds like a better idea." The mischievous witch smirked and winked before leaving towards the kitchen's direction.

"WHAT? It's not like that!"

C.C. pretended not to hear him and began rummaging through the pantry. "Hey! Don't you dare ignore me! Get back here, witch! And clean up your damn messes once in a blue moon!" Lelouch left his spot on the couch and went after the green-haired girl. Before he was out of the room, he turned back towards Suzaku and growled the words, 'I'll deal with you later'.

Suzaku chuckled when he heard more yelling after that – all from a certain Britannian immortal. He leaned back against the cushion and sighed contently. Looks like things were going to be much more fun and livelier around here. Just like the way it should have been.


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