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Summary: Kobayakawa Sena, an ordinary student, wished for a Teikoku-bred kitten. But he surely didn't expect he would get a very male, very humanoid, and very horny cat hybrid…. or four.

Let the mayhem begin….

Shout Out : Well, well, well... This is my little gift fic for you, dear readers, in those awfully cold winter days and nights. Path Of Grace is on a teporary hiatus, because of the real life, but it should be up and running soon. Until then, enjoy in this little tidbit.

Warnings: For now, only that some characters are kittens...Meow.

*Ring Ring*

The doorbell rang a timid, clear noise cutting through the silence, like warm knife through the butter.

"Nnhh… Five more minutes, Mom," a sleepy voice emerged from the covers.

Still, the sound persisted… along with the knocking.

The lump of the covers twitched irritated.

"Hello? Is this Mr. Kobayakawa Sena? We have delivery for him – "

In a flash, the previous lump of covers was thrown away, only to reveal sleepy teen with spiky hair and soft brown eyes.

"Oh! I - I forgot! How could have I forgotten such thing?"

The teen yelped out, trying to reach the door in the shortest possible amount of time, but succeeding only in stumbling on the floor, in heap of flailing limbs and covers.


"Owww!" He cried out in pain.

He really was clumsy…. Hopelessly clumsy, that is. But he was so excited!

Today, Sena was to receive his long – wished for, Teikoku - bred kitten!

He beamed, despite the pain, and quickly detangled himself from the covers.

And we finally see our clumsy, shy protagonist.

Sena Kobayakawa was a teenager, small, slender, shy and wimpy one, but as his friends could attest, with a heart of gold… and of course, very very fast legs.

Not that many knew about this…

… but that wasn't important.

He was some 18 years old, and attended the Deimon University, as English major. He was unremarkable, but hardworking all the same. He wasn't any genius, but he loved to read, courtesy of his childhood friend Mamori.

Nervously, he pushed up his glasses, as he was wont to do, when he was nervous.

He quickly donned on his jeans, before he hurriedly tidied up the bed and then zipped to the door.

" H - Hold on a sec!"

He cried out breathlessly, when he fumbled for the envelope with his savings.

He opened the door, not knowing he was in for an adventure of his life.

Chapter 1 - Introducing - one furry protagonist... Or was it four?

Long, sensitive whiskers twitched.

Amber eyes glinted mysteriously in the darkness of the … box.

The box occupant wasn't happy with being jostled and hustled around – oh no, but it was … necessary to get to his new… owner.

If it was possible, the furry face scowled a small scowl, which would look – to an ordinary mortal, anyway – like a small pout.

And to the top of it all, he was stuffed in the said box with three others.

If he could, he would wring the neck of the person that made them suffer so.

A sharp claw glinted in the shard of light.

Well, he would just make his new… owner... to understand just how exactly he expected to be treated.

Aquamarine eyes narrowed in displeasure. The idiot who carried the box smelled terrible, like mayonnaise and tuna fish, and just the scent alone made the long – furred kitten nauseous. Tuna was fine, but add in mayonnaise and you got something that was probably devised as a means of torture for the sickly-looking kitten.

It was an injustice of epic proportions. Sadly, he was confined, almost twisted in some kind of a kitten-shaped pretzel and he swore if he ever got the dumbass that twisted him in such miserable position, he would fed them tuna with mayo for eternity… and then some.

The third kitten was silent; contemplating what would his new owner demand of him. Of course, he would try to comply, but he wondered just who was rich enough to afford the quartet.

The fourth one had crimson eyes and was subtly sharpening his claws. As soon as he would get out of the box, he was outta this hell and hello, freedom. Quietly, he hissed as he heard some truly dissonant songs being played out in the nearby apartment.

The person who was singing had no rhythm, and what was worse, their voice was torturing his poor ears….

Right, as soon as he got out, he would find the fool and sew their mouth shut.

All four kittens wondered, whether they weren't being carted off in their private part of Hell….It seemed to be their destination.

Then, the man knocked.

After three torturously long minutes, they heard the heavenly sound.

"H - Hold on a sec!"

Ah, freedom, here they come.

There was some shuffling, before the door was opened.

"Hello," the same voice greeted shyly.

"Yo. You Kobayakawa Sena, right?" The delivery man grunted out.

The kittens' ears perked up.

"Y -Yeah." It was a sound of a boy, probably a high – scholar to boot.

"A delivery for ya, boy. Fork it up, and write yer name here,'' The man grunted out, and they heard the paper being shuffled, and then the scratching of the pen.

The red-eyed kitten cringed minutely, but to the surprise of other three, he didn't hiss.

"O – Okay. Here's the money." The same voice said nervously. "Thanks for deliverance."

And then they felt the boy receiving the box.

"Ungh…" The boy grunted slightly.

"Wow, you must be a big boy, here." The boy – their new owner now – chuckled breathlessly.

The amber eyed kitten preened, while the other two didn't know if they should be insulted or happy that the boy – Kobayakawa, was it? Had such high impression of them. Or him, by any rate.

The boy carried them, as if they were fragile glass, in the room.

"I am sorry, you had to be so uncomfortable in here," the boy spoke kindly. "But I've got you now, so… wait a sec, I'll open the box now. Just don't be too scared.''

'No duh, genius,' The aquamarine eyed kitten snorted delicately.

'Last I checked, boxes didn't gain feet to get away.'

He wanted to chomp on the tail that was inconveniently enough, just being put on his nose.

Then again, he would probably enjoy the pain. The aquamarine-eyed kitten wondered, briefly, if his companion was some kind of a masochist – training, eating, training until he dropped, and then repeat the cycle.

Bravely, he resisted the urge.

'Just get me out of here, dammit!' He thought desperately, and promised, whoever would rescue him, he would supply them with a giant piece of fatty tuna.

Then, they heard the scraping of the knife on the top, and soon, the box was released from the foil and heavy – duty duct-tape.

Then, all was quiet.

The kittens held their breaths.

"Well, here goes nothing," the boy announced.

And then, slowly, the top was being removed, bit by bit, as to allow their eyes to accustom to the light.

"Hello big guy – "

Four pairs of kitten eyes looked up at the bespectacled boy.

Kobayakawa choked. "- Or was it big guys?" He finished lamely.

The only answer he got was …


Chapter 2 - Sena is coming, hide the pr0n - ummm, papers

Sena thought he would faint.

The box had been unusually heavy – but what he would know, maybe the Teikoku breed was heavier, because of their size and muscles and –

He was surprised, when the kitten didn't give a sound what with all the jostling of the box the delivery man was dishing out.

He carried the box into his room, and soon, he was removing the foil and extra – strong duct-tape.

Nervously, he smiled, his heart beating a little bit faster at the thought, that five seconds later, he would see his Teikoku-bred kitten for the first time.

"Hello, big guy – "He began, before his eyes widened with shock.

In the box, there was not one kitten, but four.

"– Or it was big guys?" He choked out.

The amber eyed one looked up at him and greeted him unrepentantly.


If Sena wasn't sitting already, he was sure he would of keeled over with surprise.

"Oh…. "He muttered out, dazed.

Four pairs of eyes stared at him expectantly.

Like he had ordered, the Teikoku-bred kitten was delivered. But the other three were a complete surprise.

Sena blinked.

"Well, let's get you guys out of the box, I'm sure it's cramped in here,'' He finally spoke out.

Hesitantly, he reached into the box. "D – Don't scratch me, please," He mumbled out weakly.

The first to move was the red – furred one. Sena waited until the kitten was comfortable, before carefully lifting him up. The fur underneath his fingers was slightly coarse, like velvet, and the kitten had a slightly sleepy look to his eyes.

Sena was fascinated with the kitten's fiery red fur and a shade deeper crimson eyes.

"Here you go," he spoke, as he carefully set the kitten on the bed.

The kitten sat up, looking at him expectantly.

"Well?" It seemed to say.

Sena cringed slightly. "Okay, okay, I'll get them out." He sighed.

Then, he reached for the next one.

This time was a black, long-furred kitten with brilliant aquamarine eyes, which was…. Twisted in a pretzel?

Sea blinked. "Oh… That must be very uncomfortable. Here, let me help you." Gently, he unknotted the feline body, massaging the muscles slightly, until he felt the kitten relax.

Though why anyone would made kitten into a half – pretzel, Sena didn't know. Nor did he want to.

The kitten was practically limp with relaxation when Sena got him out. And then, Sena got a surprise.

The kitten wasn't black – furred – just very, very dark blue that seemed to be almost black. And he had long, elegant body – still somewhat chubby, but he was beautiful nonetheless.

"Wow…" Sena breathed out.

The aquamarine-eyed kitten sighed with relief. He was finally out, and without those nasty muscle cramps. And the massage had been just heavenly.

The new owner just got a big plus in his book. Now, if he would have a big piece of fatty tuna and a bowl of milk, he would be a really happy camper.

He resisted the urge to fall asleep….

Sena then turned back to the box. "Now for you, big guy," He smiled at the Teikoku-bred kitten. Large amber eyes looked at him, and slowly, the kitted came to his hands. Scenting them lightly, the kitten deemed them safe enough to nuzzle them.

Smiling, Sena petted him gently. "I am glad you finally came here," he confided to the kitten. "I've waited for you for so long…" The kitten blinked.

Then, he was gently lifted out of the box and put onto the bed next to his two comrades.

The amber-eyed kitten really wanted to pout. The boy was warm and soft and he smelled good.

Well, he decided, he would just have to wait for his chance.

Sena smiled at the amber-eyed kitten, before he turned back to the box.

One more to get out…

The last kitten stared at him motionlessly.

Sena was beginning to get freaked out. That kitten could out-stare even a gargoyle!

He had short black fur, with unusual white cross on his back and two smaller ones on his forepaws. His gray eyes with small shards of steel blue mixed in, reminding Sena of those old Damascene swords.

When Sena hesitantly touched him, he was surprised to find out that the kitten was much more muscular than the first three. Well, the previous ones had muscles, too, but this kitten seemed to have denser musculature, which was unexpected – as if it were a miniature lion.

"Mrow?" The amber – eyed kitten prodded him slightly.

"Oh - ! " Sena jumped. He wasn't sure, but did the red kitten just… snort? He shook his head. 'No way.'

"Well, here you go," he muttered. He put the last kitten alongside the three ones.

"Now, where are the papers…?" He mused out loud, not noticing the slight widening of the four kittens' eyes.

"Papers? Did he say papers?" The aquamarine-eyed one hissed out quietly.

The red-eyed one blinked. "Yeah…"

"I'm sure there was some kind of a mistake, to have you three guys sent along,'' Sena continued absentmindedly.

The amber-eyed kitten choked.

"I so don't fucking want to go back here, do you hear me!" The red – eyed kitten cuffed the amber-eyed one on the head sharply.

"Owww! I know that, Akaba!" The amber eyed kitten quietly yowled back. "All those injections…" He shuddered. "No, thank you."

The four kittens gulped at the scary memories. "Then DO something!" The aquamarine – eyed one growled at the amber-eyed kitten. "What do you suggest, then? We are in our third, not to mention weakest form, the boy would freak out if we hightail out of there and - "The amber eyed kitten was cuffed again.

"For a genius, you sure can be a baka, Yamato." The aquamarine eyed kitten sighed, not heeding the teary amber-eyed glare, aimed at him. "That's abuse, I tell you!" The now – named Yamato snapped back. "So tell us your oh-so-perfect plan, genius," He drawled our sarcastically.

"He means for us to behave like normal kittens and distract him." The last kitten piped up, eyes zeroed on their new owner.


Yamato squeaked out, his eyes huge.

"Oh! I am so sorry!" The boy fussed about the freaked out kitten. "Did I hurt you?"

He noticed the amber eyed kitten staring at the stoic one, amber eyes freaked out.

Yamato whimpered pathetically, looking up at the boy.

"You're gotta be kidding me…" He moaned out, as he was placed on the boy's lap, still in shock from Shin's logical conclusion.

''Operation: Divert Owner's Attention From The Vile Papers: Success." The aquamarine-eyed kitten mumbled to himself quietly. Yamato eyed the smug feline with his evil eye glare. "Just you wait, Kakei. Just you wait." He grumbled out, his mind already rifling through various revenge plans.

He whimpered pathetically, which prompted a careful scratching behind his ears from the boy.

"Are you hungry, big guy?" Sena asked the kitten, smiling a relieved smile as the kitten was pacified down enough – though Sena still didn't have a clue what would prompt the kittenish outburst.

Big liquid eyes stared into his chocolate brown ones, as the kitten mewed and nodded.

If Sena would watch the other three kittens, he would see the aquamarine – eyed one face palm at Yamato's only-too-human gesture.

He stroked the thick, soft fur gently, luxuriating in the feeling. The fur was black, with slightly golden ears, paws and underside of tail, along with the underbelly. The kitten was the cutest thing Sena had ever seen – if he were a girl, he would of undoubtedly squealed at the overwhelming cuteness of the kitten.

"Well, I don't have much for now, but as you are only a kitten… how does warm milk sounds?" He asked the small kitten, petting it softly.

Yamato purred, butting his head into Sena's palm.

But his glare was zeroed on the three culprits on the bed. "You so owe me…" He mentally growled at them.

Kakei winced. Wrathful Yamato was a thing to be feared, indeed.

But at least the danger was averted, if only temporarily.

Yamato let out a pathetic mewl, which prompted Sena to rise up, with Yamato still in his arms. "Let's see what we got…" the boy mumbled to the black-and golden kitten affectionately, while he gently scratched him behind his ear.

"That lucky bastard," Kakei mumbled to himself, staring after the departing pair jealously.

"I'll pretend that I didn't hear that," Akaba replied archly. "Now, where would we hide the papers…?" He mused out.


The grey – eyed kitten jumped from the bed.

"The most logical place would be the wardrobe." Shin answered, as he was looking at the layout of the room, from the floor.

Akaba blinked. "Not bad…." He mused out. "Hey, Shin, could you open the wardrobe? Without making a sound?"

Shin nodded, and strode towards the wardrobe. With strength, unusual for such small kitten, he effortlessly opened the sliding doors.

Akaba was listening to the sounds from the kitchen half-heartedly. The boy was talking to Yamato, wondering what name would be appropriate for the small kitten.

Kakei was rifling through the papers quietly – or as quiet as the small kitten could do.

Inwardly, he scowled at the data, written on the sheets.

Nobody would see those papers, if Kakei could help it.

Akaba stiffened. "Hurry up!" he hissed quietly, effectively startling Kakei from his trance.

Snorting, Kakei tossed the papers to Shin, who quickly stuffed them under the boy's clothes, before closing the wardrobe's door and bounding in one perfectly executed leap back on the bed.

And just in time, too.

"Hey guys." Their new owner greeted them warmly. "Here's the milk; I hope it's warm enough."

Akaba made a small noise of agreement.

Yamato was hung around Sena's neck like some kind of a weird live ornament, still pouting at the unfairness of the world.

Carefully kneeling on the bed, Sena put the dish on the covers, smiling slightly as he watched the four kittens' mill around the dish, before starting to lap up the white ambrosia of feline gods.

And thus, the life of one clumsy university student and his four new roomies began.

/To Be Continued.../