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I dedicate this one final chapter to all my fans!!!!!  Especially those who have been with me from the beginning, and those who faithfully review every chapter!!!  There are too many of you to name you all, even if I only named the really dedicated ones, but you know who you are!!!

I'd like to add one special dedication to my best friend, 'Talsana, (you guys might know her as Duo's Kitty) who has always read every little piece of story I've ever written, and always listens and gives ideas when I have a new story idea!  This one is for you, baka!  I finished a whole story, an epic even, AND I WROTE EVERY CHAPTER IN THE RIGHT ORDER!!!  Aren't you proud of me!? 

(I don't like to write stories from beginning to end; quite often I write the middle first, then the end, and eventually the beginning…)

Hi Journal,

May I just say, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

You will never believe who my pen pal is!  Are you sitting down?  Of course not, you're on my lap, just get ready for this, k?  You ready… here we go… 1,2,3…


Yeah, that was my reaction too!  Okay, let me tell you what happened today:

I was a little late for our meeting, so when I got there I was surprised that no one was around.  Well then Draco stepped out from a shadow and told me to get lost, he was meeting somebody.  (He didn't quite word it like that… but I don't like writing insults in my journal.)

Anyways, it was about this time that I noticed he had some sort of bag – you know, those tall skinny ones for drinks – and he was holding a pink daisy.  I think he must have figured it out at the same time, because our jaws dropped in perfect unison!  We were staring at each other in shock for almost five minutes! 

Once I finally got out of my daze I figured Draco would probably NOT want to see me, after all, I'm a Weasley, he's a Malfoy, but he surprised me yet again!  I was – understandably – really upset, so, close to tears I turned around and was walking away when he laid a hand on my shoulder and handed me the flower.  Then – with me drowning in his beautiful eyes – he asked me where I was going.  (My jaw dropped for a second time…)  Finally I managed to stutter out, and this is a direct quote of how I sound under pressure: "You mean- you don't- that is- why, uhhh, it doesn't matter to you?"

I am so pathetic!!! 

On with the story:  He smirked (I never realized just what a sexy smirk he has) and told me I was his pen pal, all he knew was my name was G, and could I please introduce myself.  (Then he leaned over and whispered:  "Can't you just picture everyone's faces when they see us together?  Your brother will have kittens!  For that matter, so will my father!")  I couldn't help it; I started to laugh like I had a tickle charm on me!  It was just so perfect, that was my pen pal all right!  So, we formally introduced our selves!  Did you know Draco's full name is Draco Lucifer Christian Malfoy?  I like it.

Well, after that we went outside (no duh) and settled under a tree near the lake and had our picnic.  It was so funny seeing everyone do a double take when they saw us together.  Not only was it a Slytherin and Gryffindor, our families are sworn enemies.  The best part was when Ron, Harry, and Hermione came walking by.  I was feeding Draco a chocolate-covered-chocolate (I picked it up on one of the Hogsmeade trips for him and kept forgetting to send it to him.)  Anyways, Draco was right, the look on Ron's face was PRICELESS!  He came storming over with a thunderstruck Harry, and Herm who was staring at us with eyes so wide I really did think they were going to fall out.  After Ron screamed at the top of his lungs for nearly five minutes asking what-the-bloody-hell-I-was-doing (he didn't let me answer the question either) Draco finally stood up, clamped his hand over Ron's mouth, and cool as a cat told him we were having a picnic.  Mione started to choke.  Then he sat back down, put his arm around me pulling me close, and fed me a grape.  I've never seen Ron turn such a brilliant shade of blue before!

Finally Hermione had to drag a furious Ron, and stunned Harry away.  The rest of the picnic wasn't quite so eventful.  There was a scene where some 1st year Hufflepuffs came over and spied at us from behind a tree, obviously hearing about what enemies we were and completely baffled.  Draco chased them away after a few minutes.

Remember when I said the best part was when Ron saw us together?  Well I lied, there was one thing that was better than the whole day put together. 

I got my first kiss.

I know, I know, technically Justin gave me my first kiss, but if that was what Draco considered a kiss, I don't know what Justin was TRYING to do.

It was like I had been blind, and when Justin kissed me I started to see shapes, and in shades of gray, but when Draco kissed me…

It was like the whole world suddenly came pouring into my eyes.  Where I had been blind before, I could now see perfectly, every shape's edges were sharp, every colour was vibrant!  I'm not just saying this either!  I don't exaggerate. 

Anyways, after the first kiss Draco kept finding reasons to kiss me again.  Short kisses, long kisses, soft kisses, butterfly kisses.  I don't think there was one minute when he wasn't touching me or kissing me in some way!  The perfect end to a wonderful year at Hogwarts, if you ask me!

Oh, and did I mention that Sandy took the news of who my pen pal was amazingly well!  She squealed and giggled, called me lucky… all those good things!  Then she thanked me for dating such a hottie!  Her theory? 

"If you can't date one of the hottest guys in the school yourself, the next best thing is to have your best friend dating one of the hottest guys in the school!  Then you'll have an excuse to be around (stare at) him anyways; he's dating your best friend!" 

Well, I should go start packing.  I'll probably write once we get home!  'Till then.


P.S. Did I mention that Draco is taking me out the Monday after we get home?  He won't tell me where he's taking me, but he said to dress nice, just not dressy.  He's picking me up six in the morning.  (We're going so early so my brothers can't attack him when he comes and picks me up!)  I can't wait!

Random thoughts… some days are just too perfect to put into words.

Ginny Weasley, who would've thought?  Not me!  It's okay though; she's not like Ron, or any of the rest of the dream team.  Hell, I think she might have made a good Slytherin, or at least a Ravenclaw!

Hmmm, what WILL father say?  He never has liked those Weasleys, not that I blame him, they are a rather stuck up lot.  Except for Ginny of course.  Hopefully I'll be able to talk him out of doing anything drastic, like disowning me… if not, I'll just ask mother for help.




Hmmmm, I miss her already.  I've never kissed such an innocent girl before.  I could almost taste it on her lips.  So sweet… she was a pretty good kisser too, but I think she thought I was better.  Actually, I know she thought I was better.  She's probably right.

Ginny was practically melted in my arms when I kissed her.  That's a nice sensation, to kiss a girl until she is so mindless she can't even tell up from down.  It's even better when you have a chocolate-covered-chocolate in your mouth (she really knows what I like) because than you have the two best things in the world!  A beautiful girl – who you've completely fallen for – melting in your arms, and a delicious piece of chocolate – that the girl brought you – melting in you mouth!

Ahhhhh, what a day, what a day!

And another perfect day is on the way!  I just have to make sure I can get tickets for Monday!  Tickets for what, you may say.  Well, you will just have to wait and see, dear voices in my head!  

I wonder if she's ever gone to one before?

Draco Malfoy always gets what he wants!  (Sometimes however, he has to wait until the thing he wants dumps her boyfriend and the school year ends.)  But that is not the point; the point is Draco Malfoy ALWAYS gets what he wants!  And he did!

Sigh, I suppose I should start packing and then… yikes, look at the time!  I have to get down stairs to the Great Hall!  The feast is about to start and Slytherin finally won this year!!!

So while I eat, how about you burn… my dear random thoughts!

Nice knowing ya!

-Draco Malfoy

Dear Mum and Dad (or whoever reads this note first),

I've gone out for the day!  Don't worry; I won't get into any trouble (well, at least no illegal trouble…)

I'm out with my boyfriend.  I'd tell you where we're going, but I don't know.  He wanted it to be a surprise!  Don't worry, I'll be back before eleven tonight!

Oh, and don't try to find me.  Ron… THAT MEANS YOU!!!!!!!!  I'm on a date with a guy I really like!  If you ruin it in any way I WILL kill you.  Any of you! 


Lot's of love,


Dear Mother and Father,

I'll be out for the whole day; I should be home some time around eleven.  If you need me, I'm sure you'll think of some way of finding me and ruining my wonderful day!  Have a good day, and let me have one too!

Oh, and I've borrowed twenty galleons, father.  (You owed me some anyways.)

I promise I won't destroy anything valuable while I'm out!

Yours truly,


Well, that's it… IT'S OVER!!!!!  ::Dazma breaks down sobbing, and voice 18 pats her on the back sympathetically::

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!  ::still sobbing bitterly::

I'm gonna miss writing this story!  ::Still sobbing…::

But I'll have the sequel up when I come back from Mexico!  ::and sobbing…::

That will be pretty soon.  I'll be back on the 15th!  ::sobbing…::

Just imagine, one whole week with beautiful golden beaches, and sparkling crystal oceans!  ::sobbing lets up a bit::

And I promise the sequel will be good!  ::stops sobbing; voice 17 asks her if stealing a car would make her feel better::

I'll miss you guys!  ::Dazma nods her head enthusiastically, at voice 17!  Voice 18 knocks them both out cold with a bat::