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"Geez, what do you want now? Can't you see I'm busy here?" growled Vanitas as he held Ventus in a headlock. "Just leave, would ya?"

"N-no! Don't leave! Save me from the monster you call a boyfriend!" The messy-haired blonde boy cried out to the girl dressed in white standing before them. "Please, Naminé—ow!"

"You don't get to talk until you give me your money, loser."

Naminé pouted and continued to bridge her fingers together. "But, Vanitas, you said we'd talk about—"

"OWOWOWOWOW!" Ventus cried when Vanitas began to pull his hair.

"Could you please shut up? I need to take care of this major nuisance."

The blonde girl narrowed her eyes. "…Fine," she said with a frown as she walked off.

"Uhhh… Hey, I think she's mad. You might wanna go and talk to her— OWOWOW!"

"I said no talking," Vanitas muttered as he pulled Ven's hair.


'I really have no idea what makes me like him so much. He's nothing like his brothers—nice, friendly, open to actual emotion. But Vanitas is…just…completely ignorant when it comes to what others want. Ask him for something, he'll snap at you and make you go away. But if you ignore him, we'll become starved for attention. In that way, he's the equivalent of a child or a cat… If everyone ignored him, God knows how he'd react.'


The dark-haired devil slammed a hand down on Naminé's desk. "There you are? I didn't see you this morning. You trying to avoid me?" He asked with an arched eyebrow. The blonde girl remained quiet and kept reading her book. He tolerated the silence for a moment before he snapped his fingers in front of her face. "Oy. Speak."

The bell ran and Naminé got up from her seat, leaving Vanitas sitting on her desk.


After school, Ventus hit the ground hard after a punch from Vanitas. But instead of whaling on the blonde, as usual, the raven turned his attention to Naminé.

"What the fuck? What's wrong with you? You been ignoring me all day!" She walked past him without a word. He made a gesture, as if to try and choke the blonde girl, but he only walked back over to Ventus and proceeded to kick him in the ribs. "Damn! It! Nami! You're! Pissing! Me! Off!"


Vani, 06:04 PM: Hey.

Vani 06:09 PM: What's up ur ass?

Vani, 06: 14 PM: Nami.

Van, 06: 19 PM: ANSWER ME!

Nami, 06: 20 PM: …

Vani, 06: 22 PM: ? What's that supposed to mean! Just tell me what's wrong!

With one press of a button, all he messages were deleted from her cell phone's inbox.


Vanitas slammed his fist against Naminé's locker door, slamming it shut. One hand gripped her shoulder tightly as he leaned towards her, amber eyes glaring into hers. His mouth twitched before he growled and grunted, "I'll take you to the damn prom…!"

"Yay! Thank you, Vani!" Naminé exclaimed with a smile as she hugged the raven-haired boy.

"What the fu—! Don't call me that!" He shouted while his cheeks blushed bright pink.


Why did I do this fic again? Oh, yeah. I wanted to experiment. I doubt it's any good, but what the heck. I needed to calm myself down. Review or not, I hope you at least read it.