Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, but I do own Sophie, baby Lily, and Echo the puppy :)

AN: 'Tis the season, so here I am, starting my Christmas fic for the year. The plot of this fic is partially inspired by 'A Flintstone's Christmas'.

It was Christmas Eve in the Scooby household. The front and backyards were both covered in thick blankets of snow, so it seemed like the gang was going to be in for a perfect white Christmas. At least, they would be if Buffy and Willow could make it to the airport and back before morning.

"How could Giles be stupid enough to book a flight here on Christmas Eve?" said Buffy, annoyed, as she and Willow walked to the car.

"He isn't" Willow sighed. "But Andrew is, and Giles was stupid enough to leave him in charge of booking tickets for them to fly here for Christmas. But we can't be too mad at him, I talked to him this morning and he's just as annoyed as we are." Willow sighed again and turned around, crouching in front of Sophie, who stood nearby with Tara who held Lily. "Promise you'll be a good girl, and go to sleep when Mama Tara, tells you, 'cause you know Santa can't come until you're asleep."

"I know Mommy Willow, I'll be good" said Sophie. "And don't worry if you're not back when I wake up tomorrow morning, I won't open any presents without you. We'll wait, won't we Lily?"

"Wai' for Ih-oh, wai' for Ih-oh!" Lily giggled, clapping her little hands. Willow stood, smiling, dropping a kiss to her younger daughter's forehead.

"You be good for Mama Tara too."

"Tawa, Tawa!" Lily craned her neck to look at the woman holding her.

"Yep, that's the one" Willow chuckled. She moved to give Tara a quick kiss, then quietly snatched the car keys from Buffy's back pocket and climbed into the driver's seat. Buffy glared at her, then turned back to Faith.

"Traffic's gonna be a nightmare" she groaned, giving her wife of a few months a goodbye kiss. "Don't bother waiting up for me."

"You know I'll still do it anyway, right?" Faith grinned.

"Yeah" Buffy smirked. "Just don't go running off with Santa Claus or something while I'm gone."

"Not a chance, B."

A little while later, Faith, Sophie, and Tara, with Lily in her lap, sat watching Christmas specials on T.V. Connor and Dawn were upstairs, doing God knows what. Just when Tara decided that it might be time to put the girls to bed for the night, they heard a very loud crash on the roof, 'causing Echo, who had been sleeping by the couch, to bark wildly. This crash was soon followed by a yell of panic, which was then followed by a large red and white blur falling past the window, landing in a large pile of snow. The group, led by Faith, rushed outside to investigate. Sticking out of the pile of snow was the legs and rather big rear end of someone wearing a pair of velvety red pants which looked like they belonged to a Santa suit.

"Great, one of those freakin' Christmas cat burglars pretendin' to be Santa Claus" Faith frowned, moving to pull the person out. "You picked the wrong house, buddy. Tara, I'll hold him while you call the cops."

"Uh, Faith" said Tara, wide eyed and nervous, gaze tilted upwards. Lily, looking in the same direction, clapped and giggled, while the look on Sophie's face mirrored Tara's.


"I don't thinks he's pretending" said Sophie.

"Why not?" Faith frowned. Tara and Sophie wordlessly pointed to the roof. The Dark Slayer looked up, seeing a brilliant read slay, a large sack stuffed full with gifts sitting in the back. Eight reindeer were harnessed to it. Faith's jaw dropped. "You've go to be kiddin' me."

"Santa!" Lily giggled.