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Soon, a lot sooner, in fact, than any of them had expected, the sleigh touched down at the North Pole, just outside Santa's workshop. Mrs. Claus, a rosy cheeked old lady with her white hair tied up in a bun, was outside waiting for them, accompanied by two elves.

"Hello dears!" she greeted cheerily as they climbed out of the sleigh. "My husband told us you were coming. Thank you so much for filling in after he was injured.." she paused, eyes turning to Sophie, who had buried her tear-stained face in Faith's shoulder. "Oh, what's the matter with this little one?"

"She fell out of the sleigh tryin' to grab the presents" Faith explained. "We caught her, but I think she blames herself for losin' 'em. Actually, she does kinda have a habit of blamin' stuff on herself.." Faith mused, turning to Tara. "Maybe you should do somethin' about that."

"I don't think there's much we can do about that" Tara sighed. "Unfortunately, the 'blaming yourself for stuff that isn't your fault' gene is something that Sophie's inherited, from both sides."

"Well, I'm sure a nice cup of hot cocoa will make her feel better" Mrs. Claus smiled. "Come inside and we'll get her some, the elves are just finishing up the new sack."

Sophie got her hot cocoa, and, as she sipped it, sitting in a small chair near where her Mother and Aunties were chatting to Mrs. Claus, the little girl did begin to feel a lot better. But just as soon as she was feeling better, something happened to send her into a fit of panic once again. You see, Tara had set Lily down on what she thought was a bench while she talked to Mrs. Claus. But what Tara had thought was a bench was really a conveyor belt, and this conveyor belt sudenly began to move before Sophie's eyes, carrying her little sister away.

"Mama Tara!" Sophie cried, jumping up and tugging on her Mother's sleeve.

"Not now sweetie, I'm talking to Mrs. Claus."

"But Mama Tara.."

"Just sit down and finish your hot chocolate" said Tara, "And I'll be with you in a minute." Sophie's eyes widened as she saw a a hatch open at he end of the conveyer belt, and, deciding their wasn't any more time to waste trying to get Tara's attention, she leapt onto the conveyor belt, seizing her baby sister around the waist as they disappeared through the hatch.

"Uh, T?" said Faith, glancing around worriedly a few minutes later when she realised she couldn't hear Lily babbling, "Where are the kids?"

"Oh, they're just.." Tara began, her eyes widening with panic when she too realised that both of her children were missing. "I left Lily right there, on that bench!"

"You mean the conveyor belt?" said Mrs. Claus.

"Conveyor belt?" yelped Faith and Tara in unison.

"Mhmm" Mrs. Claus replied, pointing. "It leads to the main factory, right through that door." Before she had even finished the sentence, Santa-Faith and her remaining little helper had bolted for said door.

"You left your baby on a conveyor belt!" Faith yelled at Tara in disbelief.

"I know" Tara groaned as they ran. "I feel like such an idiot, Sophie tried to.."

"You're supposed to be a good Mom!" Faith continued, interrupting. "How the hell could you leave your baby on a freakin' conveyor belt?"

"I am a good Mom!" snapped Tara defensively. "Even good parents sometimes make mistakes, Faith. It wasn't like I knew it was a conveyor belt when I left her there, did I?"

"Okay, sorry, I'm just panickin' a little here.." The pair burst through the door into the main workshop, to find Sophie and Lily both playing in a pile of wrapping paper, giggling.

"Hi" smiled a nearby elf, gesturing to the children. "Are these yours?"

After their minor panic attacks over the conveyor belt, Santa-Faith and her Tara-elf collected the replacement sack, and managed to complete gift-deliveries to the rest of the world, while Sophie and Lily, exhausted by the night's adventures, fell asleep in the sleigh on the way home. And, it just so happened that our heroes arrived home at exactly the moment that their wives returned from picking up their friends at the airport.

"What the hell?" yelled Buffy, gazing up at the sleigh as she climbed out of the car.

"It's Santa!" cried Andrew excitedly, before a confused look spread over his face. "Faith is Santa?"

"For tonight, yeah" Faith chuckled as she climbed out of the sleigh. "But the real one's laid up on the couch inside with a sprained ankle. We had to deliver the presents." Buffy and Willow glanced at each other, then squealed excitedly and rushed into the house, with Andrew close behind them. Giles, who seemed very, very, confused, decided it was best to simply follow. "Gee, thought that would have taken longer to explain" Faith shrugged.

"Faith, Tara, thank you both so much for your help tonight" said Santa, hugging the two women as he prepared to leave. Willow, having become quite adept at magical healing, had fixed his ankle. "And be sure to thank the children for me when they wake up" he added, climbing into the sleigh.

"We will" Tara smiled. With that, the sleigh took off into the night, Santa calling and waving down to them.

"Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!"

"My wife saved Christmas" Buffy grinned, linking arms with Faith as they headed back towards the house.

"My wife helped" Willow pointed out.

"But my wife was Santa."

"Well, my daughter fell out of the sleigh trying to save the presents!"

"Yeah, but my wife's sleigh driving saved your.."

Tara and Faith glanced at each other, smiling, as their wives continued to argue. The truth was, they had saved Christmas together. It was one of the first things they had really accomplished together as sisters, and for that reason, neither one of them would ever forget it.