Edward and Bella attend challenge day, as Edward learns that his son Blake has things to say to him that aren't things he wants to hear, he realizes that he needs to apologize and make a change for the good of his family.


As I walked out of my bedroom, I looked around the messed up apartment, there was needles everywhere along with beer bottles and cans, the floor was concrete since they sold the carpet for money. I hated life but was unable to do anything about it. Elizabeth was on the sofa, high on drugs, I hate to say that she was my mother but she is. My disappointment of a father, James, was in the kitchen, eating left over pizza from last night when all of there drug addicted friends came over. I was always scared of them, frightened if the would hurt me.

"Edward, get in here." James said.

I walked barefoot across the cold floor, watching out for anything that might hurt me.

"Yes dad." I said, once inside the kitchen. I didn't like calling them mom and dad but I had to act as if I liked them or else James would shoot me with his gun.

"I want you to get a pan of bread and a chocolate bar, from a shop. Then come back here and clean the kitchen." He told me, I nodded. "Remember don't act suspicious when stealing. Oh and there is a few needles that I want you to bring to flat number 111, there in here." He pointed to the cabinet.

I nodded and went to my room, even though I was nine, I still walked a mile to the supermarket through gang land, this is were the toughest gangs hanged out and talk, occasionally shooting at people, sometimes killing.

I sighed unhappily and walked to my room, I pulled on my only pair of sweat pants and sneakers, closing the apartment door, leaving my mother past out on the sofa.

I walked down the road with caution, I kept my hood up and walked past a gang that were on the other side of the fence.

"Hey you." One of them call, "Come here." I turned and looked at him, my heart skipped a beat, I was scared, they usually left me alone.

"Yes?" I whispered.

"Aren't you James's boy?" He asked.

"Yes." I relied, my hands sweaty.

"Where are you going right know?" He asked.

"My dad asked me to get bread and milk from the store." I said, my voice nervous.

"Buying or stealing?" He asked, leaning against the fence, his friends continuing to play basketball.

"Stealing." I whispered ashamed.

"That's fucking cool man, what age are you?" He asked.

"Nine, ten next month." I smiled.

"Have you ever been caught?" I shook my head no. "Professional stealer, they don't make them anymore." He laughed. "Well on your way home, I would like to talk with you more." I nodded and waved goodbye. I walked on, my palms drenched with sweat.

Once at the shop I went to the bread isle and then picked up the milk, I tucked the milk into my hoodie and the bread swung visibly by my side. I waited until the shopkeeper wasn't looking and walked out, they didn't even notice.

I walked back to the place where the man was and saw that my dad was there. I walked up to him and he smiled at me, blowing his cigarette smoke into my face.

"I see you met my friend Jay. Nice guy ain't he." I nodded, James lifted my arm and pulled up my sleeve, I sighed, knowing what he was going to do. He burned me with his cigarette twelve times. "Now fuck off." He spat in my face. "This is my fucking gang and if you come near it ever again, this fucking bullet will be in your fucking head. Do you fucking understand?" He held the gun to my head. I nodded, "Good, now the kitchen better be fucking clean when I get home." I walked off shaking.

As I got back to the apartment, I cleaned as well as I could and then went up to flat 111 and delivered the needles, all I got was a punch in the face as I handed them over. I cried my way home and once at the flat I rubbed my eyes, even though it hurt.

James was home and him and Elizabeth were kissing and taking off clothes but when they heard me James got up. "Fuck off." He slapped me across the face. He punched me several times in the face and kicked me three times in the ribs, he burned me on my neck, shoulders and arms with his cigarette and then took my arm in his hands and kicked me out of the flat.

I sat on the floor holding my arm that felt as if it were broken. I let my tears of pain fall and all to soon I was being dragged by James. He sat me on the kitchen counter and I looked at my mother, she was strapped to a chair and tears rolled down her cheeks.

"You keep those fucking eyes of yours open." James yelled at me.

He pointed the gun at Elizabeth and she screamed out, "Shut the fuck up you whore." James pulled the trigger and I watched as it hit her in the head, blood squirting out onto the wall, her head fell back at her body went limp.

I didn't know how to react, all I did was stare at her, the blood pouring out of her, it was on the floor, beneath my feet and I watched as it went flowed onto James's sneakers, the white shoes instantly becoming red.

I looked at him and he threw the gun across the room, "You will understand later in life why I killed her." He whispered, he walked out the door and left me sitting on the counter.

No emotion was running through me, I felt numb. I looked at her body and my body began to shake. I heard police sirens and then I heard a man and women's voice yelling at me, I turned my head, a tear rolling down my battered cheek. I couldn't move, even when they were telling me not to. I saw a few others look at me and Elizabeth, shock on there faces.

"What's your name?" One of them asked.

"Edward." I replied slowly.

"Can you just sit there for one more minute? I will get you help, okay." I nodded and a few minutes later a tall man came in, he walked slowly towards me, "Edward?" I nodded, "I am going to help you, will you come with me? I wont hurt you I promise." I looked at him for a moment.

I got on my knees and crawled forward on the counter, hugging myself to him, I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, looking for comfort, I lay my head on his shoulder and let my tears of fear and pain stream, his arms encircled me and I tried to keep my arm straight as it hurt. I saw James handcuffed and lying on the ground, "Edward did this man shoot the women in there?" The stranger asked. I nodded.

I got put in a car and then was strapped in, "Where are you taking me?" I asked, crying.

The tall man bent down, wiping a bit of his blond hair from his eyes. "I am Carlisle and I am a doctor that is visiting the children's ward in Seattle, the police got a call and I have been sent here with them to help you. I am going to bring you to the hospital and get something for your arm and I will contact your family members . . ." I cut him off.

"NO-" I screamed, "There just like him, they hurt me." I cried, my tears coming full force.

"Okay, shh . . . It will be okay, I will make sure of that." He hugged me, he buckled me in and I reached for his hand before he closed the door.

"Are you going to be my doctor at the hospital?" I asked him.

"If you want me to be." He told me and I nodded.

The drive was long and I notice that we were in the rich part of Chicago, well that's what James called it. I had been here a few times, even though it was just that James could steal from houses. I sighed sadly and I watched as Carlisle stiffened.

"Are you okay Edward?" He asked.

"I am just beginning to feel the pain." I whispered.

"We will be at the hospital shortly, and I will get you a room and I can get you something to manage the pain." He whispered.

"Thank you." I said, I didn't know if I should say it because Elizabeth always hit me in the back of the head for saying it.

"No problem." We pulled up in front of a huge building and Carlisle got out opening my door for me.

I got out slowly and Carlisle patted my back lightly.

He brought me to the children's ward and I got a private room. He got a chart and started writing.

"Edward would you mind removing your shirt, I just want to see the bruises." I did as he said and cried out at the movements.

I looked down at myself and saw cigarette burns all over me, and my ribs were bruised and swollen, and my chest bruised, a foot mark appearing. Carlisle sighed sadly as he looked over me. A nurse came in and counted the cigarette burns, she lightly rubbed a cream over them and bandaged my ribs. I got brought down to the x-ray room and they scanned my ribs and arm. My arm was broken but my ribs were only bruised. I got poked with needles and asked questions I didn't like answering.

When I finally got to go back to my room, I felt as if I were going to collapse, I lay on my bed, Carlisle was sitting in a chair reading a book.

"Do you live here?" I asked.

He smiled, "No I live in Washington, a small town called Forks."

"What are you doing in Chicago?"

"Well Edward, I am here to help you. What they did to you was wrong, but what your father did was . . ." Carlisle trailed off.

"He is not my father, even if I am his by blood, it doesn't mean I am his, right?" Carlisle nodded.

"Did he kill your mother on front of you?" I closed my eyes, remembering Elizabeth.

"Yes, but she isn't my mother, not by love anyway." I sighed.

"Do you have a family?" I asked.

"Yes, I have three children and a wonderful wife. I have a twelve year old son and a nine year old daughter,