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I sat on the bench with Alice, I looked t her and she looked at me, we both were miserable. Our eyes were rimmed red and raw from crying. I sighed and looked at our parents. Dad held mom while she cried. Many people looked at us with sympathetic faces.

I watched as the police talked and my mom broke down in sobs.

"Do you think he is still alive?" Alice whispered, looking at the sea.

The harbor was full of people, many just watching and gossiping about what happened.

"Yeah, if I know one thing about Edward, its that he doesn't give up without a fight." I said.

She smiled, "Yeah, that's true."

I nodded and held her small hand in mine, going home that night was awful we all didn't sleep for two days, we all looked for Edward, in the woods, outside of Forks, at the beach.

He was nowhere. I felt horrible though, we made a stupid plan and I was the one that should have distracted that guy, not Edward.

Everyone was saying it wasn't my fault but I still think it was.

It was our third day and we were at the harbor, Alice and I sat in our usual place and we watched our parents listen to the police. I looked at the dock.

Someone was running, I didn't know who it was. Alice got up to have a closer look. "Edward . . ." She whispered, "Mom dad Edward's in the sea with that bad guy." She yelled.

Everyone ran to the dock. Edward was struggling as the guy held his arms and dunked him.

Mom said something and suddenly she was in the sea and so was dad, Charlie and a few officers.

My dad brought Edward to land and shook his body. "Edward . . . Edward wake up." He yelled.

Mom was weeping, Edward looked awful, his lips were blue, his eyes black from the lack of sleep and he was pale, he was lifeless.

My dad did CPR but I don't think it was working. "Wake up Edward." H kept chanting.

I felt tears run down my face. The paramedics took over and I watched as they pumped stuff into him and stuck needles in his arms. I looked away, not wanting to see it.

Alice was crying and I saw the ambulance be loaded, mom and dad in it. Charlie looked at us, taking our hands. We followed him and he sat us in the cop car, blankets over us as we were shaking. I hoped Edward was okay . . .