by embracinglightanddark

The Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were filled with lively chatter as many alumni caught up with their former schoolmates. A young woman of 27 looked around the Great Hall with a wistful smile. She stopped her silent observation as she noticed that someone was calling her name.


She smiled at the redhead man approaching her and hugged him briefly.

"Ron! I miss you! How are you?" She said with a smile still playing on her face.

"I'm great! How about you?" He exclaimed enthusiastically

"I'm great as well! Where's Harry? Ginny?" She asked excitedly, "Are they here?"

The redhead laughed at his best friend's eagerness and motioned for her to follow him. She followed him towards her other best friends while making small talks along the way. Hermione smiled as she saw a messy black haired man up ahead, but before she reached him someone hugged her tightly and she got a glimpse of a long red hair. The person drew back their hugged and Hermione smiled at her and said, "Ginny!"

"Hermione!" The redhead girl said back with as much excitement and for the second time that day, they hugged again.

"Hey! What about me?" Harry Potter mocked whined at the two excited women.

Hermione proceeded to hug him as well, and after all of the enthusiastic greetings, the four of them start to fall in a light-hearted conversation.

"So, tell me about you guys!" Hermione said, "I know you, Ginny, married Harry here. Harry you and Ron worked as an Auror while Gin is in a Quidditch team."

"Well, that's pretty much it from us." Ginny laughed lightly, "How about you? After school you just disappeared!"

"I'm sorry about that." The brunette looked apologetic and guilty, "I went straight to Australia to restore my parents' memories and they turned out to like living there, so we all decided to move there. I worked at the Ministry there for 7 years before moving back here."

"And by the way 'Mione, you've changed a lot! Look at you!" Ginny exclaimed at her beautiful friend. Gone was the bushy hair and now it was replaced with silky curls falling delicately on her shoulders. Her face now seemed more mature and wiser. She was also wearing an expensive looking dress robes that accentuate her full-grown body. Hermione blushed as her friends started to compliment her beauty and they laughed good naturally at her embarrassment.

The foursome continued their conversation happily when someone approached them with a drawl.

"Weasel. Potter. She-Potter. Granger."

As the blonde man drawled those words, the rest of the alumni was triggered and began to look at them. The alumni felt a bit nostalgic as they witness an unfolding of another insult war between the former Gryffindors and Slytherin.

"Go away, Malfoy! Don't you have someone else to bother?" Ron yelled, his temper rising.

"As a matter of fact no and I was not about to start an insult war like the good old days. I was merely being courteous by approaching you and was thinking of greeting you all." He ended with a smirk plastered on his fully-grown face.

"I find that hard to believe, Ferret." Ron said mockingly.

"It is a shame, Weasley. I cannot reply your insult. My wife would be sorely disappointed if I did." The alumni gasped and spoke with themselves about this new revelation.

"Surprising that someone want to marry a prat like yourself." Ron sniggered jeeringly.

"Not surprising that someone does not want to marry a person such as yourself." He bit back and then turned his gaze where Harry Potter, She-Potter, and Granger were standing.

"Good afternoon to you, Potter. She-Potter. Granger." He smirked while tipping an imaginary hat.

"Afternoon." The Potters said.

"Afternoon, Malfoy." Hermione mockingly emphasized his name.

"Are you sure you want to mock my family name? Still a little firecracker, aren't you, Granger?"

Hermione sighed, "Go back to, Pansy, now."

"And why should I?"

"Isn't she your wife, Ferret? The Pug and the Ferret. Nice touch." Ron piped in, "Or maybe not a pug. A frog? Oh, I know! A She-Ferret!"

"I don't know you like insulting your best friend, Weasley." Draco feigned a disappointed sigh.

The alumni started to murmur to one another, they were curious to know about the woman who managed to wrap the Slytherin Sex God around her finger.

"What do you-" Ron was cut off when Draco shifted his gaze towards Hermione.

"Are you going to stand for this, love?" He asked softly, a tone the alumni deemed impossible for him to use.

But then the alumni's gaze including her three best friends stared at her expectantly whereas the woman in question just rubbed her temple. As she did that, they saw a glint coming from her hand. Trying to look closely, they gasped when they spotted a silver band wedding ring on her ring finger.

"Honestly, Draco." She just said frustratedly then turned to her gaping best friends and former schoolmates.

"Yeah, we-" Hermione was cut off by her husband wrapping his arm around her waist, which made their schoolmates gasped then gaped more wider if it is possible.

"So to answer Weasley's question. I married the beaver." He smirked approvingly at his schoolmates now permanent goggling, while his wife that he held on his arms shook her head at him, but with a small smile playing on her lips.

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