Okay, I know this may sound like the typical run-on-the-mill love story, but I'll try to add some twists and turns. Would you believe me if I tell you that I have planned this crossover ever since 2004? Yeah it's been 6 years and it's only now that I got the chance to write this fanfic down, mainly because I had no idea what fanfics were before. This is an experimental fanfiction. Meaning, I only made this story to check on the reader's reaction towards the nature of my story and the pairing before I put on my "real" fanfiction which I have formulated six years ago when I was still ten years old :D

Um, the pairing is unusual, I know that. I know some of you might go ranting on Sam/Tim Scam or Alex/Martin, or even Martin/Diana, whatever else you readers invent. But I just want to say that I've had this plot and pairing even before the crossover was introduced, and I wouldn't let six years go to waste by disregarding my plot and wanted pairing. Oh well, it's just that opposites attract. I know it's cliché, but it's just that. So, please don't ever tell me to switch pairings or whatever. Instead, I'd appreciate it more if you comment/review. Flame it up! I'd be most happy to read what you think of the story.

A/N: I'd be doing attitude adjustments especially on Martin's character. HUGE character adjustment. So please bear with me. Thank you!


Samantha "Sam" is considered one of the smartest girls at Malibu University. She is very beautiful but is never really particularly good in socializing and dating. She loves normal things girls would do such as shopping and hanging out, especially with her best friends Alex and Clover. She has a sister who died five years ago in a mysterious fire. Some say that it was an accident, however, evidences proved that it had been a planned crime all along. None of the secret agents and super spies could solve the mystery behind the deadly fire.

One night two years ago, her life changed forever during a masquerade ball, as a total stranger captured this beautiful lady's heart. But as fate would have it, she never got the chance to know his name or see his face. Now, she knew he was lost forever out of her knowledge. Meanwhile, unexpectedly, she found out that her parents had planned her an arranged marriage from the day she was born and she wasn't very pleased with it. Will their relationship sail through rough waters constantly? Or will she learn to open up her heart to this guy whom she detested from the very beginning?

Martin is a rich, no-good, immature, and popular guy who earned a reputation of being such a playboy. Throughout his life, he has been surrounded by luxury, cool cars, a huge mansion, popular friends, pretty girls, and all the fame he could get. His father is a scientist, at the same time, his family owns chains of Hotel Suites throughout California and Connecticut. He has a sister named Diana who studies in London. Life couldn't get better for him, until the day he found out that his parents from the very beginning has gotten him an arranged marriage, leaving him in despair for the fact that he's being forced to be detached from the world he used to revolve in. Life will never be the same for Martin ever again, as he is bound to one girl for life. Will he break through the bond that was pre-arranged? Or will he finally learn what it means to find true love? What will he do when he finally uncovers his masqued Cinderella?

Additional characters:

Clover, Alex, Jenni, Tim Scam, Jerry Lewis, M.O.M, Billy, Diana, and some additional fictionals