"Sea or space?"
"Ooh… Tough one. Probably space."
"Okay, stringed instrument or wind instrument?"
"String. I can play a little guitar."
"Nice. Okay, what's your favorite subject?"
"That's easy, I love art. But I also really like rhetoric."
Hermes smiled. If only she knew. She was pure Grecian, right down to the core.
"So what about you? What do you like to do?" Anne looked up at him as the two walked.
"Oh, alright. I love to run, but that's pretty obvious, I guess." He smirked. "I like pulling pranks, honestly! Even on my own boys, though I'm a bit nicer to the girls."
Anne did a double take. "You have kids?" He didn't look a day over 20.
"Heh, sure do! You'll find that pretty much all the gods and goddesses have had a love life or two."
She felt her heart sink a little, and Hermes caught the mildly disappointed expression on her face. "Hey, relax, Little One. You wouldn't wanna be with me."
"Who said I wanted to… I mean-" She started to sweat as she stammered awkwardly.
"Chill, it's cool. I've been around enough ladies to interpret their never-ending moods. Besides, I think you'll be surprised once we get to our destination."
Anne ran her fingers through her curly brown hair. "Which is where?"
Before Hermes could speak, the two heard the clatter of horses behind them. They turned to see Hades riding on a chariot, pulled by two extremely thin, bony horses. "Back off, fly boy! She's mine!" He shouted at them, furious.
Hermes grabbed Anne's hand. "C'mon kid! Time to run!"
"What? I-Ack!"
Hermes yanked hard and took off faster than any athlete Anne has ever seen. After realizing that she was tripping over herself trying to keep up, he pulled her up onto his back and continued to run. Anne looked back again to see Hades gaining speed and catching up to them. "Hermes! He's getting closer!"
"Drop the girl, I own her!"
"Geez, he doesn't stop, does he?" The two were close to a lake at this point. "Hope you like water!"
Hermes turned sharply to the right towards the water and continued running. "What are you doing!" Anne screamed. There was no way they would make it. Or was there?
Running into the water, Hermes slowed, but still carried Anne on his back and ran. Hades followed in after them, his gaze as intent and malicious as ever. He wasn't fazed even as the horses struggled to splash through the water.
"Yo uncle! We need your help!" Hermes shouted.
"Who are you talking to? We're the only ones out here!"
Hermes looked back at her and winked. "Just watch."
Suddenly the water rose in a single area and a man standing on a pedestal was revealed. He was tall and burly, and held a trident in one hand. "Hermes! Good to see you. And your friend." He smiled warmly.
Anne was puzzled. "He's your uncle?"
"Anne, meet uncle Poseidon! God of the sea!"
"Nice to meet you!" Anne shouted. "Can you help us?"
Poseidon nodded and raised his trident. Hades was following more closely behind now. Poseidon stamped the trident on the pedestal and water began to shift back and forth, stronger and stronger, and washed Hades out of the chariot while Hermes and Anne were propelled forwards toward the opposite shore.
"Leave them alone, brother. You shall not have the victory today." Poseidon, noting that his work was finished, nodded and stamped the pedestal again, and it lowered back into the sea.
Hermes ran onto the shore and laughed as he let Anne down. "You okay?"
Anne laughed and fell to the shore. "I'm awesome!"
"Well come on, before Hades catches up again. We're here anyways."
"Where?" Anne looked around her. The two were at the base of a tall mountain.
"Grab my hand." Hermes held out his hand, which Anne took, smiling. Hugging her close to his side, Hermes flew rapidly upwards into the sky, passing wispy clouds and flying birds. After just a minute, Hermes landed on a cloudy balcony at the top and let Anne down.
She gasped as she stood before the enormous, ornate palace surrounded by gardens and clouds all around the mountain top. "What is this place?"
Hermes leaned over and smiled. "Welcome, Little One… To Mount Olympus. And here comes the big guy right now!"
Anne turned to see the tall, muscular Zeus come walking over, followed by his wife Hera and several of the other gods and goddesses.
"The day has finally come…" Hera was tearing up as she smiled.
Zeus smiled even with his big brown eyes. Anne looked up at him and she almost thought she recognized him. "I… I get the impression someone is supposed to tell me something?"
Zeus nodded. "Of course. And now, you can finally know who you really are, Little One."