Author's Note- Yea i know its short but i might add another part or something i just had to get this out of my mind!

Let's play Harvest Moon


Sonic: Then stop yelling and go play the game! Nobody is on the Wii at the moment.

Ami: :D Chase here I come! Make me food.

Sonic: Wtf? It's a game you cant really eat his food.

Ami: Luigi!

*Luigi walks in*

Luigi: :D yes?

Ami: Make me cookies! *points*

Luigi: *salutes* Yes Sir! *runs out*

Ami: Wait I'm not a sir!…Dang it he is already gone.

Sonic. Hehe

Ami: *glares*

Sonic: You NOT the white wolfeh!

Ami: I will be someday! *holds up fist*

*game starts*

Ami: Chase! *hugs TV*

Sonic: If Chase was real he'd hate you.

Ami: Why do you think that?

Sonic: Cause you almost chose Luke over him.

Ami: It's not my fault I like blue hair and energetic people who weild axes.

Sonic: But you don't like Firion From Final Fantasy 2? He somewhat fit your discription.


Sonic: O.O uh ok no then.

Ami: Ok time to take care of Milky! *walks outside* Gill stands there blushing.

Sonic: Uh….

Ami: Chase will hurt you….RUN GILL RUN!

Sonic: WTF? Isnt Gill married with a kid?

Ami: I'm just that fabulous!….but I cant believe Gill would cheat on Luna…

Luigi: I cant believe its not butter! *holds up butter*

Ami and Sonic: ._.

Ami: anyways…I almost forgot! *goes to the mine district*

Sonic: Wtf all the stores are closed on Thursday.

Ami: *perv tone* but I'm not going for the shops.

Sonic: O.O uhh….am I gonna regret asking?

Ami: *normal tone* Nah I'm just gonna talk to Bo and Luke.

Sonic: You cant marry Bo yet you still get his hearts to 10?

Ami: He looks like naruto! . Bo let me marry you! Our kids would look cute!

Sonic: . so yelling "our kids would look cute!" helps?

Ami: It helps the PAIN! *fake cries*

Sonic: Ok whatever…

Ami: No NOT WHATEVER! Your just jealous you didn't have an awesome super cute romance experience with Kathy!

Sonic: Well you jealous cause Kathy is nice and doesn't be mean. AND our kids look cute!

Ami: *gasps* Are you suggesting that my kids are UGLY!

Sonic: ….Just your 2nd kid…

Ami: eh…your right…But Ike is SUPAH cute right?

Sonic: Yes :D

Ami: Yay for cute Kids!

Luigi: aww

Ami: . you really need to get a kid Luigi.

Sonic: When did he get there?

Luigi: The cookies are done!

Ami: OM NOM NOM! *devours the poor defenseless cookie*

Sonic: ._. it stood no chance against that moster cookie masher…


Sonic: Isnt that supposed to be brownies?

Ami: *stares* EVERYTHING tastes better near Kratos even Raines cooking.

Luigi and Sonic: *gasps*

Sonic: Well I don't feel like playing ToS so how about LoZ?

Luigi: But LoZ freaks her out.

Sonic: Not everything is as happy as ToT

Ami: how about LoZ: TP?

Sonic: No! OoT or nothing!

Ami: Wow we use a lot of abbreviations…

Authors Note- Ok here is a small guide and yes we really use these terms.

LoZ- Legend of Zelda

ToT- Tree of Tranquility

LoZ:TP- Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

OoT- Ocarina of Time

Hope you liked it!

~Preview for the next Let's Play~

Ami: Link I love you!

Sonic: *Gets caught from the shadow master*

Ami: O.O *screams and closes eyes*

Sonic: *gets caught by Re-dead*

Ami: *screams and hides behind small bear*

Sonic: *Runs into shadow temple*

Ami: *screamed once more and ran out of the room*

Sonic Ahhh...that never gets old.