Glee Over

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It started as a normal day for Kurt Hummel until Glee Club does Gaga week.

"Oh my Gucci, this woman should hurry the hell up; it is only a tacky button for God sake. I have to get my 'Gaga' on". Tina lowers her head in embarrassment whilst clinging on to a mass of fabrics. "HELLO PEOPLE! Places to be, people to see. Will somebody serve me already?" Kurt crosses his arms over his chest and swings his bag around with impatience. "Kurt calm down, people are looking" Tina tries to walk away but Kurt catches her arm. "I know they're looking sweetie, I look fabulous!" A cashier opens a new till and smiles sweetly. Kurt leans to Tina "Now that's how it's done." Tina shakes her head and piles the fabric on the counter, along side Kurt's collection of accessories.

Meanwhile Brittany and Santana arrive at Hummel's place only to find nobody home. Santana drops to the steps while Brittany knocks on the door again calling Kurt's name "Kurt…it's OK it's only me…it's Brittany". "Brittany stop it, no ones home, just come and sit down. Trust lady face to be late to his own meeting". Brittany pulls out her phone and tries to find Kurt's number "Santana I can't find Kurt's number what is he saved as again?" "Oh that's easy look under Lady Face" "Oh I was looking for Gay Kid, my mistake."

Kurt and Tina head for the car as Pink's Stupid Girls soundtrack erupts from his pocket. "That's the blessing of personal ring tones…Brit's calling." As Kurt loads the car Tina answers the mobile. "Hi Brittany", "Hello…is this Kurt's phone?", "yeah it's Tina we're on our way to Kurt's" "Oh OK, see you in a bit".

Brittany ends the call. "What did he say?" says Santana impatiently "I didn't speak to him" replies Brittany "I spoke to Tina and they're on their way now". "Good I hope they're late because they were picking up food I'm starving!" Screeching can be heard in the distance and then breaks slam to a halt at the pavement. Quinn looks at Mercedes "My God Mercedes are you trying to kill us or something?" "No Kurt might of killed us for being late" relies Mercedes. Santana stands "If anyone's doing any killing it'll be me I've been sat on this porch for 10 minutes." Kurt suddenly pulls up; All That Jazz blaring out of his speakers. "Sorry we're late, a stupid woman, who teamed polka dots with zebra print may I add, held us up at the textile shop." Kurt breezes up the path, leaving Tina to carry all of the bags behind him, and opens the door. "We're ten minutes behind schedule…let's go, let's go, let's go".

Brittany reminisces the last time she was at Kurt's house everything was different. No man has ever looked at her the way Kurt did that day. No other man has helped her manicure her nails they way he has…

As they enter the basement Kurt spins on his heels to face the girls and asks "where's Rachel she did say she was coming over right?" "Oh she can't make it, we want to spy on Vocal Adrenaline and she found out who her…" Mercedes cuts Quinn short "QUINN maybe we should let Rachel tell them" Brittany looks confused "Tell us what?" "It's a family emergency" Rushes Quinn. Kurt claps his hands and pushes through the group "Ladies ladies, we haven't got all night. Now who can use a sewing machine…show of hands please?" Tina, Brittany and Kurt raise their hands and Brittany stands "I can sew buttons". Kurt glares at Brittany "Oh sweet Vivienne, this is going to take forever." He rushes to his desk, retrieves several outfit designs and hands them out. Brittany looks at her design "Can I have a duck on my head?" The group turn and stare. "We can't do a duck, but how about a lobster?" Kurt pulls a lobster out of his bag and smiles. Brittany walks over and collects the lobster "Well it's not quite a duck…" Santana becomes impatient "Brittany, ducks like water, lobsters like water, what more do you want?" Brittany takes the lobster from Kurt. She sits down and begins a conversation with the lobster in the corner of the room. Kurt rolls his eyes.

Mercedes whips out a measuring tape and begins to take the group's measurements, whilst Kurt and Tina set up the sewing machines. Meanwhile Quinn lies on Kurt's bed, massaging her swollen ankles. "It's very hard on my ankles carrying a few extra pounds you know." Santana turns to face her "ONLY a FEW extra pounds…you sure of that?" Quinn gives a dirty look at Santana and turns to Kurt "I've not eaten in an hour and I'm starving" Kurt throws his phone on the bed and shouts "Order something". Quinn taps out and number and Santana rushes over "give that here tubers, we want something edible. The last time you ordered we had a vegetarian pizza with pepperoni and popcorn!" She pushes Quinn over, perches on the edge of the bed and dials Pete's Pizza. "Hello, can I place an order please? We'll have 1 regular Margareta, 1 regular ham and pineapple and 1 regular pepperoni" Quinn sits up "Oh get bacon, gherkins and barbecue sauce on the margarita" Santana looks disgusted "Can I order a bacon, gherkin and barbecue sauce pizza too? Yeah that's right…and barbecue sauce! Make that an individual pizza. 20 minutes will be fine." She snaps the phone down and chucks it back at Kurt.

"Mercedes have you finished taking Brittany's measurements yet?" "Hold on white boy this girl won't stay still long enough" replied Mercedes. Kurt grabs his tape and heads towards Quinn. Brittany starts dancing, humming a tune quietly and heads over to stereo, rooting through Kurt's CD collection. She pulls Spice Girls from the rack and flicks to the 2 Become 1 track. As it plays she looks longingly at Kurt thinking back to the magical moment that occurred in this very room. Why hasn't Kurt looked at her in that way again?

Santana glares down at Kurt, who's taking her legs measurements. "Hurry up I've got food to collect and you're paying" She whips his wallet from his pocket as he leans to take the final measurement. "Who's coming with?" Mercedes, Tina and Quinn eagerly get up to join Santana "Brittany you coming?" asks Santana. "No thanks, I'll help Kurt to sew on the buttons". The girls leave in a hurry.

Kurt heads to his table and starts noting down the measurements. "Come and dance with me Kurt" Brit turns up the volume on the stereo as Spice up Your Life comes on. "I love this song!" He jumps to his feet and begins to twirl her around. She catches her foot on his and they tumble to the ground. She lands on top of Kurt and gazes in his eyes. Kurt's eyes show surprise, which is quickly followed by fear, as she leans forward for a kiss. "Woooooo…what the? What were you thinking? No. Don't answer that. Look at me." He pulls his hands from head to toe, standing tall. "I'm capital G…GAY" Brittany scrambles off the floor, looking confused, her eyes slowly welling up with tears. Kurt softens and sits her on the bed "listen, how can I put this? I am a dolphin in a sea of sharks. You want a shark and I can't be your shark." "Oh, I always thought you being Gay was just a rumour." He smiles and taps her hand "No it wasn't a rumour sweetie". "Oh OK then" she jumps up and carries on dancing. Kurt shakes his head and heads back to work.

Minutes later the girls enter the room laden with boxes and bags full of goodies. "Who's hungry?" shouts Mercedes. They lay the food out and get stuck in.

To be continued….

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