Glee Over

Chapter 4

Kurt glanced towards Brittany, who was still on the floor, he walked towards her and picked her up because of the broken mug and she had nothing on her feet. He placed her on the kitchen counter; glancing towards the three girls by the doorway he starts shaking his head at them, then begins picking up the broken mug.

Santana looks to where Brittany is sitting on the kitchen counter and wonders what the hell happened. Feeling eyes on her, Brittany looked up to see all three girls staring her way, she slowly looked away and back towards Kurt, who had just finished cleaning the mug up, only to notice that he was bleeding. She gasped in shock, she had hurt him, and Kurt spun around at the gasp, glanced questionably toward Brittany and then towards his hand, which was collecting a pool of blood.

Starring in shock at the blood on his hand and starting to feel a bit dizzy, feeling the world tipping over and the ground becoming a lot closer, he grabbed the closest thing to but lost his grip. The world had gone black and he had become noticeably pale after he noticed the blood. He continued to sink to the floor.

Waking up to silence and glancing around to see where every one was, Quinn slowly struggled to her feet. She walked towards the stairs hearing noises. Making her way towards the kitchen she found what could only be described as a scene from a horror film. Looking around at Kurt who was on the floor, lying next to a broken mug, she saw blood smears over the floor and a hysterical Brittany on the unit top…"What the hell happened in here?"

Brittany was crying uncontrollably and being comforted by Tina. Walking over to the sink and filling up a glass of water Santana tipped it over Kurt. He spluttered and started to come around. He took one look at the blood, only to pass out again. Mercedes walked towards where Kurt was slumped against the counter, she looked at Tina, who was comforting Brittany and said "Okay let's get this cleaned up before trying to wake white boy up again". Between Mercedes and Tina then carried Kurt out of the kitchen and towards the living room, where they placed him on the couch. They were closely followed by a sobbing Brittany holding an ice pack.

"Okay who's going to tell me what happened in here? I've been gone for 20 minutes and looks like a blood bath in here!" said Quinn, as she looked in at the kitchen. Santana looks over to Quinn "Oh shut up tubbers, if you give us a hand to clean up we'll tell you what happened". Tutting and picking up a cloth Quinn began making light work of cleaning up whilst Tina and Mercedes scrubbed and cleaned. "Lady lips and B were in the kitchen, something happened, a mug broke and Kurts in a state. " Quinn looked at Santana and rolled her eyes "I can see that for myself!"

Brittany appeared at the door, looking startled. "This reminds me of Harry the goldfish" everyone looked at Brittany. Mercedes stood up "what's this got to do with a goldfish?" "One day Harry went to the big pond in the sky...I poked Kurt, just the same as I did Harry and he is not moving...I don't want Kurt to go down the toilet too!" Brittany burst in to tears. At that moment they heard grumbles coming from the lounge and Kurt stumbled in to sight holding his head. Brittany swung her arms around Kurt's waist "Kurt, you came back to us!" She slowly backed away "Does this mean that you're a zombie? I don't want you to eat my brain." Kurt shook his head in confusion and headed back to the kitchen, reached in the cupboard and took 2 painkillers with a glass of water. Glancing up at the clock he took a long breath in "time's pushing on...we've got outfits to finish...let's go everyone." Kurt disappeared into the basement and the group followed him down.