There's Another World Inside Of Me, That You May Never See

Title comes from the song When I'm Gone, by 3 Doors Down.

It is AU, you have been warned.

Elements came from the film Moulin Rouge, but main idea came from The Jeremy Kyle Show, of all things, ha! Yeah, I like those shows...

The streets of Raccoon City were not nice places to be, especially at night. The air was cool, with droplets of rain occasionally falling.

A young woman with short brunette hair, wearing a deep red coat and tights stepped out into the street. She glanced around the deserted street, and flinched slightly at the dim flickering of a streetlamp. She tugged down her coat, lowered her head, and began to slowly move. A delicate tear tickled slowly down her fine features, leaving a small trail of mascara.

She came upon a group of men lunging and shouting words of abuse at her,

"You alright, love!" One tried to grab her, his hands gliding over the back of her coat,

"Come on, just a quickie." She ran as fast as she could in skyscraper heels, maintaining her focus on the ground. She didn't raise her voice in protest, nor even glance at them; she didn't want to give them any form of satisfaction. She knew her house was close, no point arguing with them. She was more than able to hold her own, but against a group, she didn't see the point in even trying.

Suddenly, she thumped into to something. Hard. Her momentum sent her flying on the ground, and she realised she had bashed into a person. When her head stopped spinning, she looked up and caught eyes with a tall, handsome man looking very apologetically down at her. He put out his hand for her, and smiled slightly. She looked at his hand cautiously, trying to judge his intentions but his genuine smile brought her comfort. She grabbed his hand and he carefully brought her up.

"Are you okay? You should watch were you going." He let out a slight chuckle, and brushed some dirt carefully off her coat.

"Yeah, I'm fine... I'm sorry," She smiled and glanced behind her slightly.

The man caught this movement, and looked around to see the group of men. He frowned slightly, now knowing why she was in such a rush.

"It's no problem."He flashed a grin, "But you really shouldn't be walking the streets alone. It isn't safe, you know."

"Yeah." She shivered slightly; the moisture from the ground penetrated her coat, and made her even colder.

"I'm Chris Redfield, by the way." He smiled sheepishly, which made her giggle softly.

"Jill Valentine,"

"Do you want to get a coffee, get dried up, you look freezing" Chris said awkwardly.

Jill paused, contemplating his offer. He said it himself, it wasn't safe, however his sweet smile seemed so honest.

Jill nodded, and smiled. The two began to walk down the street, Chris noticed Jill shuddering. He removed his duffle coat, and placed it gently on her shoulders. She was surprised, and then thanked him quietly. Jill wasn't used to the sincerity in his actions. In her eyes, chivalry was dead, she thought men were only kind for one reason, but Chris appeared to be genuinely concerned for her. He looked at her with kind, innocent eyes, not ones blinded by lust.

He led her into a small diner, in the back of the city. It was dimly lit, with few people in it. It may not have been the nicest, but it was warm at least. They sat down at a table, and Chris ordered two coffees.

"So, what were you doing out so late?" He asked innocently. He knew as well as anyone that the back streets of the city were not places for people to just dander.

"Oh, you know...Just wandering?" Her statement came out as more of a question. She had only met the man; she wasn't going to scare him away with her true reasons.

"Oh, okay." Chris didn't want to pry; she clearly didn't want to tell him.

"So, what do you do?" Chris tried to pick the conversation back up.

The question brought back memories for Jill, back to the day her father was arrested.

"Jilly, I'll be out soon, don't you worry. Daddy ain't going anywhere." He placed his hands on her cheeks, as he was lead quietly away by the officer.

A tear fell from Jill's eyes, and crawled slowly down the curves of her face. Her father was involved in a robbery, and now he was going to pay for it. Dick Valentine wasn't a bad man; he did what he had to do to give his daughter a good life. After the death of her mother, Dick didn't know how to raise Jill properly while trying to maintain a good income, so he was led to a life of theft.

For a 17 year old, watching your only blood relative be taken away was heart breaking. She was left in the care of a family friend, Albert Wesker. She never liked the man, always gave her the creeps, but for some reason her father trusted him.

Once she turned 18, she needed to get a job, she needed the money. Wesker said she could always get set up with his business. She knew what his "business" was, and never wished to be a part of it.

However, with the sudden death of her father, shortly before her 19th birthday, Jill saw no choice. She had no parents, no friends, no house, no job, she had nothing. As far as she was concerned, her life had no meaning, she had lost all hope. The only light remaining was coming from one, Albert Wesker.

"Okay, I'll try it." She bowed her head, and shuffled uncomfortably.

Wesker smirked. "Good. I'm sure you will be impressive." His eyes penetrated her every being, he was nothing short of evil.

"You go to clients I arrange for you. Any money received goes through me; I'll give you your pay. You do exactly what I tell you too, no complaints. Understood?"


And with that, Jill Valentine was in the escort buisness. She hated her job, she felt guilty every time she attended a client. She couldn't leave, Wesker was not a forgiving boss, any complaints whatsoever, and he wouldn't hesitate to lay hands on her. She was a strong woman, but she was so caught up in the way of life, she couldn't leave. Even if she could, where would she go?

"I don't really have a job." She didn't want to tell him, she never told anyone. She was not proud of what she did. "You?"

"I'm a police officer actually." Jill giggled at his revelation. She wasn't expecting that, her image of police officers were middle aged, balding, overweight men. He smiled, she had a cute laugh.

The two continued conversing, however the night was getting later.

"We should probably be heading home, I'm pretty tired." Jill yawned.

"I agree," Chris got out his wallet, and paid before Jill got a chance to complain.

"Do you want me to walk you home?" He was concerned for her well being.

"Nah, it's alright, I just live around the corner anyway. But thank you!" She smiled. Her house was further away than she said, but Chris had done enough for her, she was sure she'd be alright.

"Okay. We should do this again sometime." He gave a lopsided grin, which melted Jill's heart.

"I agree." She got up and gave him a friendly hug. She slipped her hand down his back, right down to the rim of his jeans. He tensed up slightly, confused by her actions. She continued moving southwards, and placed her card in the back pocket of his jeans. She pulled away, and winked, walking away. He blushed slightly, and brought out her card from his jeans, chuckling quietly.

Chris arrived on time at the RPD the next day. A large smile plastered over his face; he couldn't help but think of the night before. Chris never had much luck with love, and recently just stopped trying. But Jill was something different; she had a certain aura, a certain something he just couldn't place his finger on.

"What's got you so happy, Redfield?" Chris looked up to follow the voice. Sheva Alomar was sitting, legs crossed at one of the desks in the office, a playful grin appearing on her darker features.

Sheva moved over to Raccoon from Sunyani, Ghana two years ago. She applied to join the RPD, and ever since, had been partnered with Chris Redfield. The two hit it off quickly, and had great teamwork in the field. Chris would admit that Sheva was nothing short of beautiful but he saw her as a mere friend.

"Nothing," Chris shrugged off her question, but his goofy smile remained evident. He placed himself next to her at the desk.

Sheva nodded slowly, not believing what he had said. They remained quiet for a while, Chris gazing in the distance.

"So who is it?" Sheva piped up, she knew that smile - Redfield's could be read like a book.

Chris turned to face her, and cheeky smirk appearing on his lips.

"Just someone I met, you wouldn't know her." Chris was teasing Sheva; he knew she wanted to know all the gossip, but he wouldn't give it to her.

"Ah. So it is a female?"

"Huh? Of course it's a female."

"Oh, so the rumour of you and Mr Scott Kennedy was false..." Sheva loved teasing, and gained much satisfaction when Chris's face beamed red.

"Wha... I don..." Chris stuttered, he looked around and whispered, "I'm not gay."

Sheva burst into laughter, while Chris remained terribly embarrassed.

"I know Chris; jeez you are so easily wound up."She continued to giggle, and Chris frowned with mock-anger.

His phone began to vibrate, as he read his message.

"Oh look, it's from my FEMALE friend..." He smiled. Sheva stopped and pointed to the phone,

"Wait...does that say Leon?" Chris glared at her, as her devilish smirk reappeared. "Are you going to ask her out?"

"...Maybe." Chris wasn't shy, he just didn't want to move too fast.

Sheva sensed his hesitation, and snatched his phone out of his grasp. She frantically dialled Jill's number, while Chris was leaning over her to get it back.

"There you go, it's ringing," She gave the phone back to Chris.

"What?" He placed the phone to his ear, and heard Jill speaking. He shot up out of the room.

"Oh! Hey, Jill. You okay?" He sounded out of breath.

"Yeah I'm fine; you asked me that about two minutes ago in your text." Jill was slightly confused, but happy to hear his voice again.

"Oh yeah," Chris ran his hand through his dark locks nervously, "So I was thinking, if you're free tonight we could go out for a meal? Nothing big, just catch up."

Jill smiled on the other end of the call, "You asking me on a date, Redfield?"

"Depending on your answer, yes."

"Okay, tonight."

"Oh! Good, 8 o'clock? I'll pick you up." Chris was slightly shocked, it wasn't great notice.

"Done, and thank you. My address is 22 Grove Boulevard. See you there handsome,"

"Okay" they hung up and Chris beamed.

Once Jill set down her phone, she smiled sweetly. She had never met someone like Chris, and was thoroughly excited. She hadn't been out on a proper date for years. In her job, the one thing you don't do is fall in love. Clients come first, always. This realisation hit her, and her smile quickly turned into a scowl.

She walked towards her diary, and saw she had an appointment for tonight with a long running client. She got out her phone, and texted her boss saying she was sick.

Jill reached out for a marker, and scribbled out the appointment. Jill had never lied to get out of an appointment before; she knew what Wesker did to those who refused to work. But, Jill wasn't going to let anything get in the way of her date. However, she would pay for her stubbornness.

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